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You know were their ever fics where the creator or writer says, "Hey, lets remove what was fun about Doctor Who, My Little Pony or Magic School Bus and create a dark, gritty drama out of it"? I know I had these thoughts in my head lately and I wonder if I am sadist? I know the point of shows like Doctor Who is that they are fun lighthearted shows that entertain and teach but I just cannot ignore all the potential horror, the cruelty that heroes display and how some aesops don't match the story. I mean there fan works that already show the not-so-nice aspects of their world already but is really disturbing that I am thinking like this?

I don't hate such fun characters and sometimes I root for them but sometimes I want to see some characters die cruel deaths or get broken in some way. I hope it isn't wrong for me to think is but are there fics with this kind of premise?
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...I don't think people write dark things because they want to make it less fun.
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but is really disturbing that I am thinking like this?

Absolutely. It's not wrong, but certainly anyone who's into Dark Fic is going to disturb me (and some other people) a bit.

Dark Fic, incidentally, is the page you're going to find what you're looking for on.

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Not really that disturbing. Behind every good story is an eloquent sadist.
I find Dark Fics in general to be very annoying. While I can appreciate something like Imperfect Metamorphosis as a good piece of writing, I really hate the pointless and repeated application of It Got Worse as an impetus for the plot to happen. A good story shouldn't require everything to go to shit in order for stuff to happen.

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[up] Conflict's gotta escalate, yo.

Yeah, I like Dark Fic. It's fun for me, though I haven't figured out why yet.
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I'm with Riotous Rascal (as if the first post didn't let you know that). Conflict doesn't necessarily have to escalate to make a good story, and while I actually like escalating plots myself, there's no need for that to overlap with It Got Worse constantly happening.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that it's a Pet-Peeve Trope, if only because I read so little fanfiction in general. But I'm not a fan of Dark Fic, and I will freely admit that the people who like to apply it to things like My Little Pony give me a mild case of the creeps.

It does become a Pet-Peeve Trope when it happens because the author thinks True Art Is Angsty, though. There's nothing wrong with angst, but it is by no means the only way to make a story interesting.

Edit: Also, what exactly does the title have to do with anything?

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I've had ideas for Dark Fic before, but usually, it's been less about "darkening up" a story to make it less fun or whatever, and more about me wanting to explore the implications of a Sugar Bowl world or address implied themes. Like, for example, for a long time, I've had an idea for a Monster Rancher Dark Fic about the sexual abuse of Pixies, but that's because it's hinted it game that they're very popular with men, with all that implies. And I rarely write Downer Endings, so the ending would be good, with the Pixies escaping and the abusive trainers taken into custody.
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You can't take the fun out of it. We'll always have schadenfreude.

In general, though, I find dark fics boring simply because they're endlessly predictable. Even an attempt to shock or horrify comes in a predictable fashion. When somebody in an otherwise balanced, reasonable story suddenly drops the rape/insanity/murder spree card, that's different, when somebody drops the same card in a dark fic, that's normal.
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I might be into Dark Fics but I am not entirely grimdark. The wolrd isn't going to explode when I walk outside but at same time, I cannot say it has beena smooth for me or anyone for that matter.
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I might be into Dark Fics but I am not entirely grimdark.
If what you say is true, then why is it that almost everything you talk about here, all the threads that you make, entirely dedicated to tearing things apart and playing one-two-three grimdark bingo?

You really should think about what you are before replying.
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I don't see dark-fics as taking the fun out of things. Darkness and horror are valid things to enjoy in fiction (not so much in real life).

That said, there's a lot of disparity among this type of stories. Some things I like; others I don't. "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is actually set in a theocratic dictatorship", I'd read that. "Let's have this character torture this other character in graphic detail for fifty pages", not so much.

Note that the above paragraph is purely my opinion.

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You know were their ever fics where the creator or writer says, "Hey, lets remove what was fun about Doctor Who, My Little Pony or Magic School Bus and create a dark, gritty drama out of it"?

--whistles innocently--

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See also: Nuzlocke Comics. It pretty much takes the Pokemon Journey and treats it as the blood sport it is.

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