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I'm playing it for the first time and I've gotten to a point where I can start Chapter Four if I want to. The question I'd like people who've played the game to answer is this: can I rescue Imoen from Spellhold and then go back and do the quests around the Umar Hills and Trademeet and so on? Or does it not allow you back in Athkatla and the surrounding area once you leave on the ship?

I mean, Imoen's in trouble and she's being tortured and shit, so I would like to get her out of there ASAP, and realistically it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for me to say "Oh, Imoen can wait a little longer, I should investigate these attacks on this Trademeet town first." Imoen's like my best friend, so she should be first priority. Also, I want her back in my party because she's a cool character.

But if the only way to complete those quests and thus make the most of my gaming experience is to do everything before leaving for Spellhold, then I guess that's what I'll do. And I'll keep reminding myself that it's only a game and that Imoen is a fictional character and that I shouldn't worry about her being in horrible agony for every second I delay.
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Yes. But it will take a while. There will a whole lot of new quest and side quests before you can go back to the main map, so be aware of that. And be sure to have the party members you want to carry through the game, for this reason.

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Thanks, I appreciate it. I think I've got a good party for that, since it looks like this:

-Me -Minsc -Jaheira -Viconia -Jan -Yoshimo

I would keep Yoshimo in the party no matter what, but I accidentally read something about him not living through this chapter, so that should make room for Imoen.
You don't have to worry because Take Your Time is in full effect in regards to Imoen. Like Heatth said, once you leave for Spellhold, you won't be able to return to Amn for a long time. The upside, however, is that once you return, you can finish up any of the sidequests you didn't do. I won't spoil what comes next, but keep in mind that Take Your Time will be in effect in regards to the main plot once you return as well.

It's also a good idea to finish up your party members' side quests (if applicable) before you leave since some party members will temporarily leave your party after a certain amount of time has passed. You don't have to worry about them bailing on you before you get back to Amn, but I've heard stories of people immediately losing most of their party upon return since the previously frozen quest triggers all reactivate at once. And if you're romancing Jaheira, make sure you've completed the Harper infiltration quest Xan gives you otherwise the romance will not continue.
Thanks! I'm actually romancing Viccy and I already visited the Harpers after they ordered Jaheira to bring me there (so that they could teleport me to the center of the earth, bastards! >_< ), so I think I'll be okay.

So far I've done the following quests:

  • Killed all the trolls in de'Arnise Keep and was named the new Lord of the place so that Nalia wouldn't have to marry that guy she hates. I haven't been back there since, though, and I'll stop by as soon as I can to see if there are any new developments.

  • Freed the slaves in the Copper Coronet and also the ones in the dry docked ship.

  • Solved the mystery of who was killing and skinning people, although the killer escaped.

  • Found the guy who was burying people alive and rescued the woman he and his accomplices were holding.

  • Worked for Renal Bloodscalp to find evidence against Mae'var and then kill him.

  • Saved Jaheira's life after Baron Ployer cursed her.

  • Made the circus tent safe again.

  • Rescued the guy who was mugged and poisoned, who turned out to be a Harper. Which led to Xzar approaching me, which led to the quest to rescue Montaron.

I think that's everything. Right now I'm trying to fight my way out of Spellhold after Bodhi decided to give me a "head start", and I found that yes, Yoshimo was working for Irenicus.
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There's a few other minor assorted things, but those are the main ones. After Spellhold you have the optional Sahaugin city, which you really should NOT skip (you get a component for the Equaliser Sword, the Gesen Bow (I think) and Crom Faeyr from there, then the Underdark. Within this you can go to the Mindflayer city, Beholder city, and a village of deep gnomes. The first two are absolute nightmares if you're too low levelled or have bad party set ups, I warn you now!

There's a potential for a good 10-20 hours of gameplay before returning to Athkatla. Also note that the Adventurer's Mart completely changes its stock when you return.

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Thanks. Well, I'm in the Sahuagin city right now. I haven't looked at the main page for the game in detail because I wanted to avoid being spoiled too much, but if the It Got Worse trope isn't there I'm gonna be amazed. I didn't use the portal out of Spellhold, so first I had to capture the Pirate Lord's ship, then we get boarded by these guys who are about to kill us for stealing their prized blade (which Saemon was generous enough to give us, what a great guy. Yeah, I know it's part of another weapon and I can use it later, but still), and then the Sahuagin attack the ship and sink it! It really makes you start to wonder if the rest of the gods hated Bhaal's guts and decided to make his son and daughter's lives miserable since they couldn't go after Bhall himself any more.

Anyhoo, I have another question. I've accumulated a lot of loot. As soon as I found a bag of holding in the dungeon I had to fight through I thought "Sweet! No more worrying about inventory space!" I was under the impression that a bag of holding had limitless space to store crap. Turns out: no, not this one anyway.

So I'm hoping to sell off some of this stuff, but wasn't able to find anybody ot buy it in Brynnlaw and there doesn't seem to be anybody buying weapons in the Sahuagin city either. How soon before I run into somebody who'll take the excess swords and gems and stuff off my hands?

EDIT TO ADD: Oh yeah, I almost forgot: SAREVOK! I found a list of possible party members on this site, and was very surprised to see Sarevok on there. It tells you where everybody can be found, and says "Sarevok will offer you a deal in your Pocket Plane." I'm not gonna ask what the Pocket Plane is, I'll just ask at what point in the game I visit it. Because I cannot wait to add Sarevok.

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There are merchants in the Underdark, which you will be going to soon. Also, you can install a mod to increase the space in the bag of holding, I think it's part of the tweakpack.

Regarding Sarevok - kind of a spoiler, but he appears in the expansion pack, Throne of Bhaal.

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Thanks Talby. I actually just found a Sahuagin priestress tucked away in a corner near the temple who seems willing to buy just about anything. So that's one problem taken care of!

And as for Sarevok, I was afraid that I'd have to wait until doing the Throne of Bhaal stuff to get him, but I guess it's not a big deal. It means I get to keep Jan in my party longer, and he's fun to have around. ^-^
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That priestess will buy things for more than she charges when selling for some reason - want infinite money? Sell, buy back and resell the same rogue stone many times. And be nice to the Spectator Beholder,he's friendly. You need either 14 wisdom or 14 charisma on the character talking to him for the best outcome though, and can't remember which it is.
My name is Addy. Please call me that instead of my username.
It's pointing out that, technically, he was specifically ordered to guard the chest itself, not its contents.

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Oh yeah, that Spectator Beholder was fun to talk to. I was wearing the ring that gave me 18 charisma, although Jan was the one who suggested to him that since he was supposed to guard the chest instead of what was in the chest, that it wouldn't hurt if we opened it. So then we got the tooth and he was like "That's it? Wow, you'd think the way they were talking about it, it was something really important. Well, back to guarding the chest." Then Imoen chimed in with, IIRC, "Hey wait, now that it's just an empty chest there's no need for you to keep guarding it, is there?" And he was like "Yeah, you're right, I can probably leave! There's no way the Beholder's council is gonna be angry at me for abandoning a useless empty chest! Okay, now I'm gonna go have some fun."

My character's got 13 wisdom, even though he's a fighter. Jan's got 14, and Immy has just 11, so it's probably charisma that makes the difference.

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Hopefully reading about my experience with the game has brought back some good memories for some of you guys. By now I'm in the Underdark, gradually working my way toward killing this thing that the Svirfneblin leader says is causing so much trouble.

Fought some drow, fought some Kuo Tua, released some prisoners from a magical prison, discovered some elementals that kept respawning, and finally after encountering a couple challenges I couldn't handle with the spells I had left, and encounteringn another that I needed to use Haste for (thus tiring everybody out) I decided to go to the Svirfneblin inn and get some sleep.

And that brings me to my next question, which I'll ask after I tell y'all that me and Viconia just had sex. cool

I had another dream, the one where the creepy thing that looks like Imoen tells me to abandon all my companions and embrace being the Slayer. Of particular note was that she said it would be as easy as "one, two, three, four, five!" So now I can change into the Slayer once per day. I experimented with that and found that it decreased my reputation, but other than that had no ill effects...that I was aware of.

I'm playing a chaotic good half-elf, and I want to get to the game's good ending. My question is: will changing into the Slayer too often—like five times—prevent that from happening?
Let's just say that turning into the slayer too much can put a serious damper on your future plans for living.

Other than that, the usual reputation loss penalties apply; stores will charge you more, good-aligned characters may leave your group and guards may ambush you.

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Okay, in that case I'll make it a last resort. Like if I've tried every spell, potion, scroll, wand, special item, etc. I have and STILL can't win a crucial fight and move on, then it'll be Slayer Time. But only then.

Most of my party right now is level 13-14 btw, so hopefully that's high enough to have a decent chance of survival in this portion of the game.
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There's a potential for a good 10-20 hours of gameplay before returning to Athkatla. Also note that the Adventurer's Mart completely changes its stock when you return

If I remember correctly, you can still access all their old stock, but you also get access to their "special customers" stock.
...eventually, we will reach a maximum entropy state where nobody has their own socks or underwear, or knows who to ask to get them back.
I look forward to seeing what the Adventurer's Mart has for me, and also paying a visit to Cromwell to get some cool weapons assembled.

Here's my most recent progress.

  • I freed that mage who was imprisoned underground (after searching for the place he was buried I finally thought "Screw it, I'll just use the Freedom scroll where I am and hope for the best," and wouldn't you know it? He materialized a good distance away from me! Some range on that spell) and did the elemental quest for him.

  • I actually SOLOED the balor without turning into the Slayer. I did get desperate enough to try the Slayer against him, and he was polite enough to finally die. Then I did a search for advice in the fight and found some. So I turned the AI off, had my main character walk up to where he'd be equipped with a +3 axe and some good drow plate. (My AC is now -8 total! Sucks that this stuff is gonna disintegrate as soon as I'm out of the Underdark.) I moved everybody else away, and had the following spells cast on me: Bless, Chant, Protection From Evil, Chaotic Commands, Negative Plane Protection (not sure if that helped since this guy doesn't level drain, but decided to be safe since he's from another plane) and Defensive Harmony, along with quaffing some Oil Of Speed and a Potion Of Fire Giant Strength. Then I summoned the motherfucker, tore into him while making sure nobody else joined in (since I didn't want him to fuck with their minds and there was only the one anti-mind-fucking spell available to the party, and also because aside from Minsc's Flail Of The Ages none of their weapons did anything to him), and ended up winning. So I guess my party's sufficiently high level for this place if we're capable of winning against somebody like that.

  • Made the mistake of going into illithid territory. Got knocked out, captured, and forced to fight three Umber Hulks. Then got locked up again and told that the next fight would happen soon. I looked for ways to open the doors; couldn't pick the locks. I tried to save the game, and it said I couldn't save at that time. I waited around for the next fight until Viconia and Jaheira both started complaining about how we were standing still too long and thought "Okay fine, let's go to sleep!" And it said I couldn't rest either! I waited a little longer and finally thought "Fuck this, I'm gonna load an earlier game and come back when I get something that I might be able to bust out of this cell with." I'll try to figure this one out on my own, but if I can't then I'll ask for your help.

And now I'm off to see that woman who can get me into the drow city where Irenicus and Bodhi have gone.


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Well, now that that Matron Mother bitch wants me to get blood from a beholder, a Kuo Toa prince, or an illithid, I went back to the mind flayers, and figured out what to do to advance things. I tried both doors from my cell before the first fight and found them both locked, so naturally I thought that they'd both remain locked. Turns out the north one unlocks after you face the umber hulks, and I found the githyanki in there.

So now I'm fighting my way out of the illithids' place, although it's becoming kind of a bitch since sometimes one of my party will get one-shotted somehow; doesn't seem to show up on the combat log, and it happens even if I have everybody drink the potions that make them immune to psionics.

Can't wait to kill this brain and get the hell out of here.
And here's where I am now: got out of the Underdark at long last, and after an ambush by some Githyanki that allowed me to loot a silver sword hilt I seem to have everything I need to get both the Silver Blade and the Equalizer built. I got through Viccy's sudden revulsion towards me, which as you know turned out to be her attempt to push me away because the idea of being close to somebody only to possibly get betrayed by him later scared her. (I wondered at one point if it had anything to do with my drow disguise, since her hostility began right after we infiltrated Ust Natha, but no.) Now we're getting along beautifully. I honestly do feel a little bad for Jaheira, though, since in the beginning Viconia was treating her like shit and calling her a mongrel and a half-breed and so on (too bad there was no "Hey Viconia, I'm a half-elf too!" dialogue choice), both of them were trying to romance me, and when it came time to choose I went with the bitchy one instead of the nice one. I thought about writing another thread about the romance options, actually, although I don't know whether people would be interested in discussing that outside of the main "Baldur's Gate" thread or not.

Anyway, with me back on the surface now the elves are telling me to wander around and find whatever help I can to join them in taking down Irenicus, as well as getting back the lantern-thingy so that they can get past his defenses. Even though I'm supposedly dying slowly, I'm gonna get as many quests finished as I possibly can, on the assumption that I have unlimited time despite what the storyline says is happening to me. Actually, fuck, even Irenicus was surprised that my condition wasn't what he thought it'd be with this Slayer thing, so what the hell does he know anyway?

I met up with the Companions Of The Hall and asked for their help, which should be cool even if it means less XP from killing things. (The quest XP will still be up for grabs, I assume.) One thing that surprised me was that when somebody—Bruenor I think—said "To the Abyss with ye!" or something to Regis, Wulfgar chimed in "I've been there. Nothing special." The guy was tortured for six years straight! I'm amazed he's even still sane, let alone able to joke about it.

Killed a party of Jerk Ass Harpers. Fuck you, Harpers. Fuck all of you. Jaheira is too good for you.

Right now I'm in the middle of the quest to cure the daughter of Jan's old girlfriend.

I know a little bit of what's coming up, since I had been carrying around the teddy bear for the one ghost of the halfling child ever since I set sail for Spellhold, and was eager to give it to him and get the quest done/free up a slot of inventory. So I went to the Graveyard, thinking Bodhi would be considerate enough to wait in her tomb for, bitch ambushed me and kidnapped Viconia. Since I didn't want to take Bodhi on until after I'd wrapped up a lot of other stuff, I said "Screw this," and loaded an earlier game. Well, now I know to prepare to face the vampires with a five-person party when I finally do. (Ten, counting Drizzt and his friends.) Good thing I've got Jaheira around to heal and buff. And Minsc can cast Bless too, of course.

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Got Daystar? Makes the vamp battle a doddle.
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[up]Not yet. I've got the Mace Of Disruption for what that's worth, and right now I'm doing the dungeon in the Windspear Hills, fighting my way to Firkraag. After finally killing some golems that were giving me trouble (IRON GOLEM!), I'm facing a roomful of vampires. So that'll be good practice I guess. >.> I hate, hate, hate level drain, and I hope those are the last vampires I have to face here since I only have enough Negative Plane Protection spells for one fight and I have just one Restoration scroll left.

I was also surprised to see, when Jaheira cast Detect Evil, this:

"Tazok - Evil"

TAZOK?! I killed him in the last game! Well, it'll be interesting to see what he's doing here, I guess.
Tazok? More fodder to be brushed

I just did Firkraag's dungeon a short time ago. I decided to fight him, even though I wasn't that high level. (this was before going to Spellhold) Party consisted of: Me, (mage) Keldorn, Anomen, Viconia, Yoshimo and Nalia. I buffed everyone, summoned lots of monsters, positioned everyone and prepared for a tough battle... and then Anomen cast finger of death and killed Firkraag in one hit. Quite anti-climactic.
[up]Yeah, Tazok was surprisingly easy. And I'm glad that there's a way to kill that asshole Firkraag. I just learned his big secret, and after freeing Garren's daughter I went back to try and kill him.

I had Viconia cast Gate to summon the pit fiend. Unfortunately, I guess my Protection From Evil spell didn't buff the skeleton warrior I summoned, since he attacked that first. Then Firkraag seemed to one-shot him.

Here's another question: before I even started the game, I accidentally read that one of the guys you fight when you arrive in the Windspear Hills—the paladins—was Ajantis. But so far I've seen no mention of him, nor was there anything on any of the bodies to indicate that he was one of them. Did I miss something, or have I just not done enough exploring and conversing with people in this zone?
Do you have Anomen? If he's in group, he recognizes Ajantis and comments on it.

I think every recruitable party member from the first game makes an appearance or is at least mentioned. Funny how they all made their way down to Amn.

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[up]Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, although there are several exceptions: Kagain, Shar-Teel, Kivan, Yeslick, Alora, Eldoth, Skie, Xan, and Branwen. Considering how many recruitable people from the first game die in this one, all of those people were probably wise to stay up north.

As for the stupid dragon, so far I've managed to beat him once in several tries and that was with my character being the sole survivor of the party (with two or three people I liked getting torn to shreds and thus unrezzable). Amazingly, I did actually manage to Slow him one time, which would've been great if I'd acted quickly enough to capitalize on it. Bastard keeps saving vs. Finger Of Death from Viconia. >.<

My typical strategy has been this, btw: summon big earth elemental, little earth elemental, little air elemental, invisible stalker, then cast anti-fear on the whole party and the summoned things, plus Protection From Evil, protection from fire on all the party members (not enough spells for the summons too), group Haste, Bless, Chant, Strength Of One, then summon a demon which immediately attacks Firkraag, then send in the elementals, then send in the party. Good enough to injure him, but usually not enough to kill him.

Anyway, now I'm gonna search for tips on how to beat him. The big earth elemental seems to last a while and it'd be nice if I could summon two of 'em, but I'm not at that point yet. I thought about having Jaheira call her fire elemental, but since this is a red dragon I was skeptical as to whether that would hurt him. I guess I have nothing to lose by trying...

EDIT: Oh yeah, about Anomen. Haven't got him; I'm saving him for when I play the evil path with my female character, since apparently he's the only one you can romance as a girl. (At least without mods.) My current party is: Me (a plain old fighter), Minsc, Jaheira, Imoen, Viconia, and Jan.

For future reference, when I go evil I'm thinking of the following party makeup. Tell me how well you think this'd work:

  • Me (a bard, not sure what kit I'm gonna choose yet)
  • Korgan
  • Anomen
  • Edwin (as soon as I can get him)
  • Cernd (primarily to heal, since based on his 12 Wisdom it doesn't look like Anomen can do it all himself)
  • Imoen (when I can get her, possibly Nalia before that, or Keldorn if I can count on him to not attack the evil people)

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