Ever had that one Great Idea in a Dream....:

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The Puzzler
Most of my dreams involve someone dying or nearly dying, (it is usually me dying) so I can't say that I got any great ideas from it.

However I get great ideas for a stories while daydreaming and listening to music.
Has ADD, plays World of Tanks, thinks up crazy ideas like children making spaceships for Hitler. Occasionally writes them down.
A couple of my biggest story ideas are adaptations of dreams, actually. One of them is very faithful, the other... uses an interpretation of the dream as the basic premise. Sort of.

I've also had ideas that I thought were good but forgot them soon after I woke up. Some days ago I had some kind of semi-nightmare which included two very scary (at the time) situations. I can only remember one of them, and not very well.


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My novel in progress, Counter Soul, is based on a dream I had two years ago. It's the most complex of any of my stories.
I do, quite often.

One time, I passed out while studying, had an excellent idea, woke up and jotted it down before going back to sleep.

When I woke up, I read it and it said, 'James and Margaret turn out to be the same person'.

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