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Coldcrow? Use a bow/x-bow/Magic, don't stand still, watch for projectiles, Hire a frost hireling.
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I don't think I can hire anything at the moment. And I'm pure melee, unless you can use ranged weapons as a Werewolf.

I kind of thought she'd be easier than Blood Raven as well. So yeah, will the Cave level respawn? Because that is a biiiig place and I don't want to clear the whole thing up to Coldcrow again.
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if you saved/quit and then went back in to get your gear back, then yes, EVERYTHING has respawned. and all the maps have been regenerated!
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Ahh, crap. But the Den of Evil never respawned!

Oh well, looks like I'll just have to level grind.tongue
55 WillKeaton10th Jun 2012 01:48:51 PM from Alberta, Canada
Well I tried to Install Diablo 2. Everything wehnt fine until it came to instaling the "speech," then it crashes. Every time. Well, every time except one. That time the install got as far as "input disk 3" but then it didn't eject disk 3 properly and the computer froze. Doesn't matter if I do a minimum or full instal it always crashes on the "speech" part.
56 Blissey110th Jun 2012 01:50:34 PM from a random Pokčcenter , Relationship Status: I know
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your disks are probably borked.

Do you have a battle.net account? If you do, you can enter your cd key there and have the ability to download the game anytime you want.

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57 Sabbo23rd Jun 2012 08:29:33 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
In Diablo 2, what controls how much items can be sold for at shops? In the first act of Normal mode, the maximum is 5000, and seems to increase by 5000 each act thereafter... until the first act of Nightmare, where, from what I can tell, it maxes out at 30,000 (And I've gone as far as Nightmare Act 3 to test this). Is 30,000 really the maximum I can sell stuff for?

And a different question: What are the kinds of things I should be storing in my stash? For Normal difficulty it was primarily comprised of items worth too much to sell, but now I'm not so sure that that was the best idea. For example there has been one item I've kept since Normal Act 2 due to its sell value, but if 30,000 is the maximum, I get the feeling it would be a waste to keep it around any more. (It is a staff, while I'm currently using a barbarian)
58 Balmung23rd Jun 2012 09:37:07 PM from Omaha, NE, Free American Empire , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
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Get a buddy, go online, and use that to shuffle it over to a Sorceress.
59 Sabbo23rd Jun 2012 11:46:11 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
Yeah, that'll work for one staff. I'll go make a list of my collection... I'll probably make a new post to do so
60 Sabbo24th Jun 2012 12:48:26 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters

Damage: 4-13
Durability: 38
Required Level: 30
Slow Attack Speed
+1 to maximum damage
+2 to Frozen Orb
+1 to Blizzard
+50% damage to undead
1 socket

Damage: 2-8
Durability: 30
Required Level: 18
Normal Attack Speed
+80 Poison damage over 4 seconds
+1 to Chain Lightning
+2 to Lightning
+50% damage to undead

Damage: 6-13
Durability: 40
Required Level: 24
Normal Attack Speed
+2 to Meteor
+50% damage to undead

Damage: 13-24
Durability: 50
Required Level: 24
Fast Attack Speed
4% mana stolen per hit
+1 to Holy Shock
+50% damage to undead

Damage: 11-25
Durability: 60
Required Level: 24
Normal Attack Speed
+40% enhanced damage
+54 to attack rating
+1 to Holy Shock
+50% damage to undead

Damage: 2-8
Durability: 15
Required Level: 24
Normal Attack Speed
+2 to Attract
+50% damage to undead

Damage: 3-8
Durability: 16
Required Level: 30
Very Fast Attack Speed
+1 to maximum damage
+1 to Revive
Increased maximum durability by 13%
+50% damage to undead

Damage: 2-4
Durability: 15
Required Level: 24
Fast Attack Speed
+2 to Attract
+3 to Poison Explosion
+1 to Life Tap
+7 to mana
+50% damage to undead

Shield (Necromancer Only)
Defense: 45
Chance to Block: 28%
Durability: 20
Required Strength: 38
Required Level: 24
+10% faster hit recovery
5-14 poison damage over 3 seconds
+2 to Decrepify
+1 to Blood Golem
+2 to Bone Spear

Amulet (Currently being worn)
Required Level: 27
+1 to Necromancer skill levels
25% better chance in finding magic items
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@Blissey1: I actually had little problem with Blood Raven as a Barbarian, but Coldcrow can go straight to Hell. I think I died at least four or five times to her arrow-slinging Cold Enchanted ass, which is murder on a pure melee character — it slows you down immensely and gives you no goddamned defense against the four to five buddies she's got, who can turn you into a pincushion at their leisure. I eventually had to sprint past them to get my shit back (getting killed sucks in Diablo II), and then kite her adds away from her and kill them one by one before going after her for some much-needed revenge.

Anyway, I'm finished with Act 1. Andariel nearly did for me with her goddamned poison, but I managed to bring her down. Good thing I had the antidote potion I randomly picked up on hand.

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Two gun. You are going to hate. hate.    HATE    Duriel in act 2. I am so sorry for the inevitable rage that will ensue.

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See now I'm really off put about resuming Diablo II now. xD
Ooh, a thread about these old games. I've spent many days on these, though not really on a very high level. I beat it on Hell only a few times, but I did beat Nightmare quite a few times.

I think Diablo II is the most fun trying out various unconventional builds. I played a few of the more optimal ones, but mostly, I just did whatever was fun. I think the most fun was when I built a sorc tank. I usually stood in the melee tanking while the barbs ran away... I did a lot of sorc builds, actually. Another fun one is the energy shield one, which is just about the only build who benefits from putting points into energy. Don't need any health.

I did one werewolf druid. The focus I had was HP and leech. I had relatively bad defence, but the massive HP-pool soaked it all up anyway, and my health regen was enough to fill it back up. Oak Sage and Carrion Vine were the only summons I used, the rest in Shape Shifting. Fury was the main attack, with boosts from Lycantrophy and Feral Rage.

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Got back into the game after some time away and rolled an Assassin with which I have finished Act I. She's a straight up Kicksin, using Tiger Strike to build up power and then Dragon Talon to destroy her enemies. She can't AOE worth a damn and she uses up a lot of mana, but she is awesome against single targets, and those finishing kicks do a LOT of damage, to the point that the Countess and Andariel herself, who both gave me trouble as a Barbarian, went down quite quickly. The Smith was a little tougher to bring down, but that was because I was using Cobra Strike, which focuses more on leeching life and mana with the Dragon Talon than dealing straight-up damage with Tiger Strike. I suspect with more points in Cobra Strike, it will be useful for tanking those real bastard bosses later on in the game.

My current weapons (other than the boots) are two rare Wrist Blades, one courtesy of the Horadric Malus and the other found in the Catacombs, before which I mainly used a claw-and-shield style. I also made judicious use of ranged weapons (I have a set of Replenishing javelins which are quite nice as a secondary weapon) against certain enemies like Pitspawn Fouldog from the Catacombs that led to multiple deaths on my Barbarian. I think I only died twice on my Assassin, both times to elites, one in The Cave (this was someone other than Coldcrow, and I mainly died because I didn't hit my potion button fast enough to stay alive) and one in the Jail (a Cold Enchanted Bone Mage with more minions, who did not get the chance to kill me again before I went all Mage Killer on their sorry asses). I also made a point of throwing every gem and Rejuvenation Potion, as well as every gold piece that I racked up in the course of my dungeon-crawling and other adventuring, into my stash, as well as certain items I would need later (such as the wrist-blade that would receive the Horadric Malus treatment).

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Hi, guys! I have been playing Diablo and its sequel for weeks. I beat the first game as all three characters. I managed to beat the second game as a Barbarian, and then beat the expansion pack Lord Of Destruction with the same Barbarian. grin

I agree that Duriel is definitely That One Boss. Since I was playing a Barbarian, I had to fight him up close. I think I was killed 5 or 6 times at least! How on earth do you beat a boss like that without getting killed?

Oh, yeah, and I noticed how the article for the first two Diablo games makes it sound like every player character went Ax-Crazy or pulled a Face–Heel Turn. I diagree. Okay, yes, every player character in the first game went bad, and you had to kill them off with new player characters in the second game.

But...I have checked a number of websites on the characters of Diablo II, and they more or less state that next to nothing has been stated on the fates of the second game's characters. There is some information given for some of the characters, though:

  • Barbarian: Funny enough, the Barbarian in the third game was supposed to be the Barbarian from the second game, all aged up to be a Badass Grandpa. For some reason, Blizzard dropped that idea. There is speculation that Qual-Kehk is the male Barbarian and Charsi is the female Barbarian in the third game. If you have played the second game, you should know what I'm talking about!
  • Necromancer: Hey, did you know that this guy took on an apprentice, and you get to meet the apprentice in Diablo III?
  • Sorceress: Some say that Isendra (apparently that's her canon name) went on to train a certain Wizard that appears in Diablo III.
  • Assassin: There's some who think that the playable Assassin killed the Sorceress and is going after the Wizard next. That may be Word of Dante, however.
  • Very little has been said about the Paladin, Amazon, and Druid.

I just find it hard to believe that the Diablo II protagonists went bad, when nothing had been stated or shown! surprised
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Well for gameplay advice the only advice I give for Durial is grind, More Health, Always have a town Portal Active, Have the largest belt you can full of Health Potions (AND THAWING POTIONS), And I think having a frost length reducer helps.

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Boy, I thought playing as a Barbarian in Diablo II would be easy, but I was wrong. To put it bluntly, you need to improve all four stats - Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, and Energy - to some degree.

I went with Polearm Mastery at first, because it seemed to create a lot of damage. But then I found out that you will rarely find a polearm that has fast attack speed, and it's a two-handed weapon, so you miss out on Skills like Double Swing and stuff that would help you out against multiple enemies...or one tough enemy like Duriel. I ended up going with swords and Double Swing, as well as pumping up Sword Mastery.

By the way, you know that old woman Akara in Act I of Diablo II? She can reset your stats and skills. But keep in mind that she will only do it once. I ended up using her resetting ability early on, but I came to regret it afterwards.

Figuring out what the most appropriate approach for your character is may add to replay value, but it sure is painful to do at times! sad
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Actually I suggest staying away from putting more than a couple points into Energy. And only putting points into Strength for weapons/armor requirements. Everything else should be pumped into Vitality.

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I agree that Duriel is definitely That One Boss. Since I was playing a Barbarian, I had to fight him up close. I think I was killed 5 or 6 times at least! How on earth do you beat a boss like that without getting killed?

lots and lots of kitting and plinking him with ranged weapons.

Seriously, Barbs have impressive ranged damage with Double Throw.

Oh and akara resetting skills was I think introduced in one of the later patches.

[up]yeah, if you're really having trouble hitting stuff, stacking Increased Attack Rating is always better than putting points into dex.

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So, I'm curious. When you play Diablo II, do you prefer to play it the normal way, or the Lord Of Destruction way? I played it normal for the first four Acts, and then played the LOD to get the fifth Act. I honestly can't say which I prefer.

Playing the game the normal way is actually simpler in some ways, because then you don't have to worry about all those Runes and Jewels that can appear with Gems. Is there a difference between the words "jewel" and "gem"? They seem synonymous.

Of course, playing the game with LOD does allow for more space in the stash (that stash gets filled up pretty quick), the ability to swap weapons (because it is painfully difficult to change from one weapon to another in the middle of real-time combat), and gives a more complete ending.

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Do you mean functionally, or literally?

If the former, jewels have set stats, they do the same thing regardless of what they're in, while Gems have different effects in helms, weapons, and armour.

If the latter, yeah, they're synonymous.

EDIT: Worth noting that I was pretty thrown when you asked about the different 'ways', since I never really considered them all that different.

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[up] Well, I was meaning the latter, but the former helps in seeing a difference between the two! wink

I also need to say that getting those armor sets are hard! I know it's luck of the draw, but after a while, it makes me wonder if I'll ever get any of them. sad
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Here's some trivia that might interest you...the characters in the first game were voiced by these people:

  • Bill Roper - Ogden the Tavern Owner, Diablo
  • Chris Metzen - King Leoric
  • Glenn Stafford
  • Glynnis Talken - Rogue, Gillian the Barmaid
  • Lani Minella - Adria the Witch, Wirt the peg-leg boy
  • Mark Schwarz
  • Max Schaefer
  • Michael Gough - Sorcerer, Cain the Elder
  • Michael Haley
  • Paul Eiding - Warrior, Pepin the Healer, Archbishop Lazarus, Narrator
  • Steve Brodie

I got this information from imdb.com, which some claim is not the most reliable website to find out who voiced what character. I hope someone can confirm who voiced the demons Gharbad the Weak and Snotspill, as well as who voiced Farnham the Drunk.

It might interest you to know that Michael Gough has consistently voiced our beloved Cain in all three Diablo games. When you consider that you're talking 16 years between 1996 and 2012, you know that it has to take real dedication to consistently voice a character over a period of time like that.
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75 Sabbo11th Sep 2012 07:01:21 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
What I love about old Blizzard games is hearing voices I know from Warcraft 3 (Which I played so much of)

Charsi the rogue blacksmith in D2? Night Elf Dryad. Feel free to listen for more, because there are quite a few.

imdb is cheating for this.

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