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Ask A Pony Tumblrs:

Love Saves
  • Ask Pinkamina: it's had some surprisingly deep drama, and now it's back to black humour... NSFW
  • Ask Octavia: it's really really cool. Awesome music recs in there too. Totally SFW.
  • Asc Vynil Scratch: funny as hell, nice music too. Totally SFW.
  • Ask Lady Rarity: cute. About as SFW as it gets.
  • Ask Lil' Rarity:... Pinkamina was funny. This shit is scary and creepy... and kinda cool in a horrible W 40 K way. NSFW.
  • Ask Princess Molestia: LOL. As in, very stupid, dorky, juvenile LOL, but I can't help but laugh. NSFW.
  • Ask Blueblood: He's basically 50 cent as a Prince. SFW but damn that guy is rude.
  • Ask The Pie Sisters: Very cute. SFW.
  • Ask Surprise: Idem.
  • Ask Smartie Belle: SO CUTE YOU WILL MELT.

edited 13th Oct '11 4:58:25 AM by PacificState

 2 Kuro Fox, Mon, 10th Oct '11 12:02:00 PM from under a rock
Forum lurking fox
Theres also Ask The Pie Sisters. Very cute.
Up on Melancholy Hill.
I like them. I like the Grim Dark ones myself.


What the hell is wrong with me?
 4 Red Savant, Mon, 10th Oct '11 12:16:54 PM from The Incipisphere
You should provide links as to which one you're talking about, Pacific. I imagine the Scratch and Octavia ones are the same ones I read, but there are a lot for both of them out there.
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 5 Kerrah, Mon, 10th Oct '11 12:24:14 PM from Helsinki, Finland
Pure cuteness
When I brought Ask Blogs up in the brony meetup this weekend, everyone thought I was gushing about awesome porn.

I like Ask Surprise, Ask Pie Sisters and the non-pencil Ask Twilight Sparkle the most.

edited 10th Oct '11 12:25:23 PM by Kerrah

Knowing is growing.
Lil Rarity annoys me on account of being a transparent Ask Pinkamena knockoff, and I didn't really like that one in the first place.
 7 Calnos, Mon, 10th Oct '11 1:12:01 PM from Nowhere Relationship Status: I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me
The Jossed
Here's the full list of blogs (or at least, a huge list someone is keeping updated), for the curious.

Some of the ones I think Needs More Love are Ask Smarty Belle and Question Zecora. I've also been keeping an eye on Ask Misty the Wonderbolt (yes, she's real, not an OC. She's also racist! :P). Kinda nice to see some kind of fanon for the other Wonderbolts.

edited 10th Oct '11 1:12:09 PM by Calnos

 8 Kerrah, Mon, 10th Oct '11 1:17:25 PM from Helsinki, Finland
Pure cuteness
What's the difference between taking the appearance of a background pony and giving them a completely original personality and just creating a new pony?
Knowing is growing.
 9 Calnos, Mon, 10th Oct '11 1:24:03 PM from Nowhere Relationship Status: I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me
The Jossed
On one side of the very blurry line is a character that actually shows up in the cartoon, and on the other is an Original Character.

At the end of the day all the Tumblr blogs are Alternative Character Interpretation anyways.
 11 Kerrah, Mon, 10th Oct '11 1:44:37 PM from Helsinki, Finland
Pure cuteness
Has anyone here gotten their question answered?
Knowing is growing.
 13 Calnos, Mon, 10th Oct '11 2:44:16 PM from Nowhere Relationship Status: I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me
The Jossed
I've asked as an anon and got answered by Octavia and The Pie Sisters (the one that starts with "So ladies...")

Maybe I should make a Tumblr account so people can believe me when I get questions answered :P
 14 Mousa The 14, Mon, 10th Oct '11 4:36:26 PM from Northern Virginia Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Artist, Writer, Ignored
God I love these blogs, especially the dark or creepy ones just because of how far of a departure they are from the actual characters.

The Molestia ones are the ones I love the most.

Vinyl Scratch's is also great too.
My Art |Bloggening

When All Else Fails, worry, that's the 14 way.
 15 kegisak, Mon, 10th Oct '11 7:35:17 PM Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
Element of Class
I've been thinking of starting up one of my own, in cannon with one of the fics I've written.

 16 Red Savant, Mon, 10th Oct '11 10:40:37 PM from The Incipisphere
I've started one, basically to work out my own headcanon and have fun with the few Ask blogs I follow (the K-COLT Ask Octavia and Ask Scratch, Mayor Mare's Public Relations Blog, a few others) but none of my questions have been answered yet. I wonder if I'm just not clever enough... or if the backlog really is that bad...
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 17 Kerrah, Tue, 11th Oct '11 8:37:49 AM from Helsinki, Finland
Pure cuteness
[up][up] What is your earliest human memory?
Knowing is growing.
Love Saves
My mother giving me a baby-bottle of milk and me complaining in tears that it was way too damn hot and burnt my freaking tongue. I didn't know how to swear, let alone how to speak, but damn if I didn't go all Mandrake-root on her.
 20 Red Savant, Wed, 12th Oct '11 6:30:35 AM from The Incipisphere
Seems being fastest at everything may not always be the best quality, I suppose.
This space for rent.
 22 Red Savant, Wed, 12th Oct '11 5:13:08 PM from The Incipisphere
Oh, wow. Did you guys know Megasweet did Ask Smarty Belle? Because apparently she does.
This space for rent.
 23 ABNDT, Wed, 12th Oct '11 7:43:05 PM from where you're not looking
You can't kill a stone....
Ask Lil' Miss Rarity: Ow, my neck. NSFW

edited 13th Oct '11 9:51:45 AM by ABNDT

Panhandling sign glued to hands. Need $5 for solvent.
 24 Kerrah, Thu, 13th Oct '11 4:40:35 AM from Helsinki, Finland
Pure cuteness
Please warn when linking to NSFW blogs. That name could well mean something innocent.
Knowing is growing.
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