Lunar Demigod Powers:

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1 RedneckRocker8th Oct 2011 12:33:14 PM from None Of Your Business
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So I'm creating characters that are half-human children of deities based on the ones from the Hyborian pantheons (this is for my RPG group). They all have a few low-level "standard issue" powers, but I also wanted to give them powers that tied to their "spiritual" side. Some were easy (examples: A god of fire could be a Human Torch/Apollo mix, an ocean deity's kid would have aquatic based powers, and so forth).

However, one of the players in my group has a moon deity as their character's mother, and he's having some difficulty deciding what to give his character. I've suggested a few ideas:

  • Lunar-based enhanced strength & agility, like Moon Knight
  • Able to turn into a dire wolf
  • Control over darkness, like the Shade from Starman

Any other suggestions for powers? Bear in mind, the characters aren't over-powered; they ARE still half-human, after all. Plus, most of the characters have some degree of combat skill.
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Some control over water is the most obvious power. Or messing with people's minds.
4 animemetalhead9th Oct 2011 12:38:57 AM from Ashwood Landing, ME
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Sleep/dreams, probably toss in illusions in general.
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Control over the reflection of light.
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The moon is often assosicated with firtility.
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  • Seeing clearly in the dark, either in moonlight or always.

  • Influence over nocturnal creatures. And in the case of intelligent nocturnal creatures, some relationship between them and the demigod's parent that would benefit him.

  • Being able to sense the phase and position of the moon at all times, to keep better track of time while spending days underground or somesuch, or maybe to navigate when the sky isn't visible.

  • If he is more powerful during full moon, he is even more powerful during a solar eclipse. Possibly with a special advantage against solar demigods, too.

  • To elaborate on another suggestion; Making people sleepier to sneak past them, or making them restless from afar so they wouldn't get enough sleep.

  • Wire Fu power that pulls him in the direction of the moon for a limited amount of time.
8 JHM12th Oct 2011 02:06:17 PM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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Localised tidal and magnetic abilities, plus limited deflective abilities relative to light-based attacks.

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9 kamikamiya21st Oct 2011 08:09:44 PM from Here and Deviantart
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They could have a super-mode that would grant them enhanced powers at the cost of their sanity for a short time. You know, like lunacy
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