How long have you been working on your current story?:

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Wow, well I came up with the idea for mine... over nine years ago. Since then, it's been worked and re-worked so many times, it would be completely unrecognizable from the original story I had in mind. I've been writing the story on and off for the last five years, but I've had to start over quite a bit since then.
My current projects?

A Game of Time

eh, started it less than a year ago, worked on it for 3 days then quit. It's a short story, but I figured out how to fix it and will soon. It's a story about a guy rematching a guy with a complex at a game of chess. he uses the complex to distract him and make his timer run out, wining the rematch. Itsbetterthanitsounds.

It's not exactly almost done, but given that it's only 1 or 2 thousand words, it would only take a week at most to perfect. I just hadn't gotten around to it.

Star Wars Fanfic

Originally part of some roleplay i was doing on this one site, but after I left the site it sat a long time. More recently about a month or two ago I revisited ti and have decided to scrap it and use some of the elements to craft a masterpiece fanfic. It's about halfway done.


yay! its debatable when i first thought of it; the archetype for the main character Jason was in primitive formations as early as the 5th or 6th grade. I was jealous that my older brother was writing some stories so I made my own character.

I first started writing it as an actual story however in the 7th grade. I divide the different redos into v1 v2 and v3

v1 of Nightmare was called Jason Vs. Neo-Jason: The Fight for the Cosmos, Earth, Pyronia, and more...

That one has a very shoen-like space opera with a lot of angst, rule of cool, and a modern weapon AnachronismStew. The protagonist and antagonist BOTH were RealityWarpers and the main plot centered around Jason tying to stop his half clone from taking over the Universe. Meanwhile the other was always trying to figure out how to control their powers in order to outdo the other one.

v2 wasnt named anythign really, the reality warping was seriously toned down and it focused more on the spaceopera and character development and interactions.

v3 kept a loosely similar premise, but in a realistic way. Pyronia was taken away, and the plot was now on Mars. The main Character's Archetypes were kept. Also I added many things like precursors and conspiracies, but the basic struggles of the main character were somewhat the same. I only too the essence of v2 and redid it.

Out of all the characters from v2 (a number of which were from v1), Jason, November (originally Neo-Jason aka Neo), Logan, Lee, and William remained. One character, Johnathan, was later reincarnated in the form of a different character altogether, but in a very subtle way.

I'm currently on v 3.5, a moderately significant redoing of the premise and plot, but otherwise has the same foundation of v3, but as some other major parts are re-done I decided to go back to my roots and take a few inspirations from v1

So that means Nightmare has been worked on since I was 13. Gosh! That means it's bee almost 7 years!

At least the story has come a far way since then

EDIT: ''' I ACTUALLY HAVE A VIDEO TRAILER FOR V1 IF ANYONE WANTS TO SEE IT. its only 3:16 long and i can make it so that only those with a link can see it.

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Wow, well I came up with the idea for mine... over nine years ago. Since then, it's been worked and re-worked so many times, it would be completely unrecognizable from the original story I had in mind. I've been writing the story on and off for the last five years, but I've had to start over quite a bit since then.

That's how my shit went. The original ideas, titles hell even the name of the main protagonist all changed from their original inceptions, some good, many bad.

I may still use some of those leftovers as a Development Gag in various things.
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For the sake of not flooding this thread with story ideas, I'll only list ones that have actually made it onto paper in some tangible, readable format:

Always a Hero: I first got the idea in early 2009, right around the time we added the Victory-Guided Amnesia trope. Looking at the page, I started to wonder: Hey, I wonder what would happen if a hero given victory guided amnesia after their first adventure suddenly had to be called back for some reason? I quickly scribbled down a plot idea—a former Kid Hero is suddenly summoned back to the Magical Land of their youth after having forgotten it, and ended up using it for NaNoWriMo that year. I half-completed the book in Na No, and then in mid-2010, went back and finished it. The main changes were:
  • The villain was originally a generic Evil Overlord called "Thanatos," but I knew that was cheesy to stay. He became a cloth-themed wizard named Arabesque, and eventually ended up inspiring a recurring theme in the Suenyaverse stories: Heart Is an Awesome Power, and general aversion of Superpower Stereotypes.
  • Originally, The Lancer, Mariselle, was supposed to primarily be The Beastmaster. She instead became The Medic, and the beastmaster aspects shifted to heroine Cora.
  • Two characters, Boysenberry and Jasper, completely shifted roles. Originally, Boysenberry was Cora's closest friend and endlessly loyal Fairy Companion, as well as her advisor, while Prince Jasper was a clingy, useless hanger-on whose Inferiority Superiority Complex eventually lead to him becoming a rebellious Sour Supporter who almost completely turns on the heroine before the end. In the final story, Boysenberry became the angry grudge-holding bastard and Jasper became a sweetly Adorkable White Prince. Still works, though, because he became a male inversion of many Princess Tropes.

  • Lit's Green Earth: Concieved of in early 2010, as an indirect sequel to Always a Hero. But since I wasn't done with Always a Hero, well, I couldn't start it. I began it in January 2011, and finished it in mid-2011 due to spotty writing dedication. So about 6 months in writing. Unlike Always a Hero, I planned it more closely from the beginning, but it did undergo one main change:
  • In the original conceptualization of the story, the primary focus of the story was going to be on the heroine Angeline's godawful relationship with her parents, and their manipulation of her. The book's "curse" subplot was intended to stay in the background for most of the book until mushrooming at the end. Like with Boyse and Jasper's characters, though, that flip-flopped—the book became focused on the curse, with Angeline's Character Development and Abusive Parents on the back burner until exploding at the end.

  • Wordkeepers: Originally concieved of as "TK Academy" way back in 2003. In 2004, though, it changed into its current form. Me and my buddy were inspired to writing a Wizarding School story due to seeing the Halloweentown movies on TV, and I started right about there, in October 2004. I completed the first draft of the first novel in 2006, June-ish. The first draft was awful. Most of my friends loved it. I'm planning on rebooting it and doing it all over again starting in probably December? After Na No this year, anyway.

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Let's see, the last one I actually did writing for was my Help Needed Series, which I had the idea for about halfway through high school, so a good 5-6 years before I finally scrapped the whole thing.

My current project has been floating around in various forms since 7th grade, so going on 9-10 years now. The original draft was a short story that got morphed into a Forgotten Realms Fan Fic halfway through, and now it's basically a Mahou Sensei Negima! fic with the Serial Numbers Filed Off.
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