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Yesterday's episode was pretty nerve-racking. I am, for once, glad that Covers Always Lie. This was definitely Mr. Finch's episode.

It started out with a POI named Mr. Peck, who seemed to be an employee of a financial company. Reese discovers, with some investigating, that Peck is actually an employee of the NSA. The next you know, Peck's life ends up being taken apart piece by piece. It gets to the point that someone in Washington, D.C. actually sends a 3-man team of black ops assassins to kill Peck. Why? Because Peck had come across some strange things in reports and asked too many questions. That might sound disproportionate, until you find out that Peck had discovered the existence of Finch's machine, which is at least a state secret and something he's not supposed to know about. It Got Worse when he actually figures out what he found, and Fridge Horror hits him like a truck!

Well, at least that plotline was resolved without too much trouble, and without having to kill Peck! I mean, can you imagine what would happen if the entire public found out what he did? It would be Paranoia Fuel and panic everywhere!

Do you think "Sibilance" would qualify as Arc Words? I mean, I know it refers to a hissing sound, but that doesn't seem to help in understanding the significance behind it!

Reese manages to find out that Finch had a girlfriend for 4 years, but he broke it off due to an "accident" of some kind.

So, 7 or 8 people in the world know about the Machine? Talk about a small group! Okay, so Harold Finch and John Reese know about it. Nathan Ingram knew about it, but he's dead now...I think. Alicia Corwin knows about it, and she seemed to be pretty active in this episode, considering that she overheard Finch say that he built the Machine, which she evidently did not know. I wonder what will happen from that? The bigwig from Washington knows about it. The person in charge of the Witness Protection Program knows about it. I think one or two people have not been identified as being in on it. Do you think the homeless lady from the episode "Risk" is in on it?

The season finale is coming up, and I, for one, am really interested in seeing what happens there! From the look of things, Fusco and Carter might end up having a discussion.

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I've got to say that if the powers that be ever release a soundtrack to the show, I would buy it in a millisecond. Nina Simone, UNKLE, and this week, David Bowie, someone really has a nice ear for putting the right music to the right scene.

Having Carrie Preston, Michael Emerson's wife as Finch's former fiancee was a very cool reveal.
[up] I know, she's got nice red hair, right? grin

I sure liked how that Peck guy (who I consider The Woobie) pointed out how the Machine should require an organization 5 times the size of the NSA to work. Obviously, they must have come up with new techniques or something if it's only less than 10 people...a number of whom happen to be in very high positions of power!
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So, does the finale support my theory that the Machine really is an AI of some sort?
[up] It's possible. I just don't know either way! smile

It's about time Zoe Morgan made a reappearance! I wondered if she was a one-shot character.

HR has been taken down. Carter and Fusco now know that they're working with each other, despite it looking like Poor Communication Kills might have happened. Alicia Corwin had a little discussion with Finch, and got killed off afterwards. Dr. Turing, the psychologist they're trying to protect, turns out to be Root. Root is a Psycho Psychologist (if she ever was one to begin with), a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, and seems to have a serious Yandere thing going on with Finch. Whatever the case, she snatched Finch. Do you suppose Root knows about the Machine's existence?

An interesting bit of trivia to share with you: "Turing" can be associated with Alan Turing, a man who came up with fundamental principles for thinking machines (Artificial Intelligence?), or it can be associated with a programming language that carries the name. Coincidence?

That last scene with Reese talking straight to a camera, and answering a call at a pay phone before the episode ends right there does raise questions. In a previous episode, Reese had scene Finch talking at a pay phone. Who or what is on the other end of the line?

You'll all be happy to know that Person of Interest has been renewed for a second season. Yay! grin

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Would be hard to consider Zoe a one shot character since she already appeared twice this season.[lol]

I had been wondering if Root would show up since all the other major players were in this episode. Never thought Turiing would turn out to be her though. As for who's on the other line, Reese had just petitioned the Machine for help so I expect that's what it is. Unless it's Root with demands.
[up] Oops, sorry! I guess what I'm trying to say is that Zoe Morgan seems like an interesting character, and I think she could have a bigger role.
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My mother's pet WMG was that the machine was an AI. I had considered the possibility as well, but considered it unlikely. Now I'm not so sure. Anyone else think the machine is now self aware? If so then it puts a lot of the shots where action is shown through security cameras with the little notes everywhere in a new perspective.
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There have been multiple instances that support the theory that the Machine is an artifical intelligence. Besides, it would be hard to gauge hostile intent without some degree of intelligence.

It also follow's Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics.
[up][up][up][up][up] Root definitely knows about the Machine's existence. It's most likely why she's gotten hold of him—because she seems like the type to want more information about the all-powerful Big Brother of technology.

I can explain how I know—the whole season finale I was bugged by the fact that the psychologist's box was yellow whenever the Machine was watching her. It made no sense to my brain. After all, I thought that the Machine only did that for Finch, Reese and Nathan, and even then I didn't know why; I thought it was because the latter two were recognized as working with Finch. But with the help of some ideas from fellow tropers and the Internet in general, I think I've figured it out. The Machine gives the people who know about its existence yellow boxes. That's why Carter and Fusco's boxes are still white, and why the psychologist, now better known as Root, had that yellow box the whole episode—it was like the Machine was trying to warn the AUDIENCE that she was more than she seemed.

I also think Root was really a psychologist. If you think about episode 13, "Root Cause", it explains why she knew so much personal stuff about the people she was hiring to kill the congressman.
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I never got the significance of the yellow boxes until now. The machine flagging who knows about it makes a lot of sense.

Root being a psychologist possible. If nothing else she knows a lot about how to manipulate people. I just wonder what she want's with the machine. If she had access to it she could do a lot of damage.

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Ahoy, mates! All hands on deck! Person of Interest has started airing season 2 episodes last night!

Reese finally finds out how Finch gets the social security numbers. He answers a phone, and a robotic voice gives him Word Salad. Then he figures out that the WS is code for library books that each have three-digit numbers. He puts three library books together in order, and presto! The social security number of the person of interest is acquired!

Then we get to see those individuals in Washington who know about the Machine discussing Alicia Corwin's murder, and they bring up Mister Pack, the National Security Agency guy who figured out the Machine's existence and had to disappear somewhere. These guys seriously want to keep the Machine's existence a secret, and they'll stop at nothing to achieve that goal. Reese is going to have interesting time with these guys, that's for sure!

They show Finch and Root. Root is one manipulative, stone-cold killer if I ever saw one! She is clearly an Evil Counterpart to Finch, and Finch ended up admitting that they are Not So Different. At the end of the episode, she reveals her goal: she doesn't want to control the Machine, she wants to set it free! I have no idea how she plans to achieve that, and I wonder what would happen if she did! surprised
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Did you guys catch the new episode last night? Boy, that one sure had its share of twists and turns! At least Finch is back where he should be! grin

The episode had some interesting moments with The Oregon Trail and Flowers for Algernon. Is it really possible to win that game that fast? I'm just curious.

Has anyone compiled a list of the people who knows (or knew) of the Machine's existence? I ask this, because it's getting rather difficult to keep track of the names and their roles in the whole thing!
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Finch and that dog. I'm dying from the cuteness.
[up] It's good to see you back, man! I bet Finch and Bear are going to have lots of fun together! grin

Do you see a Gambit Pileup coming? I mean, let's see... Kara Stanton is using Mark Snow to find out about the Machine and the people behind it...and the CIA apparently didn't know that Snow was missing. Root is trying to set the Machine free (somehow) and she has killed a number of people involved with the Machine already. That No Name Given guy high up in the government is trying to keep the Machine's existence a secret. Carter is determined to get to the bottom of Alicia Corwin's murder, no matter what. That has GP so written all over it! smile
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I love the scene at the end. I can see other people looking at them and thinking "Oh what a nice gay couple and their dog".
[up] Well, I would say Heterosexual Life-Partners, but as far as anyone else would know, they are gay! That, and the Ho Yay references that occasionally come up certainly give that impression, right? smile
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[up] & [up][up] To be completely honest, I thought Reese was going to grab Finch's hand when they were walking down the street.

In the vein of Root, I'm a little surprised that Finch was a hostage for only two episodes. I thought that arc was going to be a little bit longer, but I guess since there's just so many other things going on with all the other possible Big Bads, it would be hard for them to really focus on Root for a huge amount of time. We'll definitely be seeing her again though.

I don't know about you guys, but I kind of want an episode where Reese and Finch fail the save the Po I of the week. It's great that they have a really good success rate, but realistically, can they always save them? Although, two Po I's did die in 1x10, and I think the Po I died in another episode (but they were bad); but I mean something along the lines of, they have one innocent person to save and Reese messes up, or they don't get there in time, and they end up dying as a result. I don't think we've seen that before. It'd be a great plot twist for an episode; it'll look like Reese will succeed, as usual, and then BAM! dead.

...maybe I'm being morbid.
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[up]Oh I don't think the Root arc is over with by a long shot.
[up] No, I don't think it's over yet either. I meant specifically Finch being held captive by Root, because I thought that part would have lasted longer.
[up] I actually thought the whole arc with Finch being held captive would take the entire season! Looking back, I see that there's no way that would have been possible, so it's just well that it was handled briefly. smile

Do you think Nathan Ingram is dead? I say this, because we haven't actually seen or heard the circumstances behind it. Stanton was presumed dead, but it turns out that she's alive and in Tranquil Fury. I'm just saying that if Ingram is not 100% dead, that may not bode well.... <Shudders>
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[up] I have the feeling that Nathan is most likely dead, but we'll probably get the answer behind his story though flashbacks or something. It would be interesting, though, to see how Finch would react if he was still alive though. Imagine if the government guys all work for him or something.
[up] Like I said, it may not bode well.... <Shivers>

Okay, so here's a list of people I have so far who know about the Machine's existence:

  • John Reese
  • Harold Finch
  • Root
  • "Pennsylvania Two"/"Special Counsel": Some Fridge Brilliance to point out here is that Pennsylvania Avenue is where the White House is located at, and "Two" could imply that he's the number-two guy to someone else. Well, he is located in Washington, D.C. and seems to be high up in the government!
  • Denton Weeks: Now deceased.
  • Nathan Ingram: Deceased...or is he? Remember, nothing has been shown on how he died, and until they do, I will not believe he's dead!
  • Alicia Corwin: Now deceased.
  • Henry Peck: He's still alive, and Put on a Bus. Still, I wonder if he's going to return at some point. Hmm....

Alicia Corwin had said in a Flash Back that seven, I mean, eight people in the world know about the Machine's existence. Clearly, that number has changed with time, with people dying or being added to the list. I think approximately four other people of the Original 8 have not been properly introduced just yet!
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Did anyone see the most recent episode of Person of Interest?

I think someone's morbid wish of seeing the good guys fail came true. Poor Riley. <sniff> Even with the sins he had committed, it was so sad to see him killed off like that! sad

Also, I need to ask this: does Carl Elias really qualify as a Disc-One Final Boss? Sure, he got defeated and sent to prison, but did anyone really think that was the end of the story for him? Even in prison, he still pulls plenty of strings with organized crime. Finch struck a bargain with Elias, and Elias wanted one thing...a chess game with Finch, a worthy opponent.

That was an interesting No Ending with Reese confronting that one bounty hunter. Sure, they didn't show what happened, but I wonder if he's gonna kill the guy or ship him off to the Mexican prison where the serial rapist and Jessica's abusive husband are? Hmm....

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I don't think we're done with Elias yet. Also, did anyone else expect his terms with Finch to be something a lot more devious?

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