Death of God:

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26 Night10th Oct 2011 07:43:27 PM from Jaburo , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
The future of warfare in UC.
You say that like morality isn't personal to begin with.
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I mean he's more likely to be subjective, personal, and selfish, rather than altruistic, objective, and giving.

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the idea of killing the chrisitan god kind of scares me, isnt he supposed to be a realitywarper?

any god with that kind of power even in lesser forms is really deadly
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Trying to kill the Christian God would be impossible, not to mention suicidal.

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The future of warfare in UC.

The best he's ever done that we can't dismiss on lack of evidence was Sodom and Gomorrah. That barely counts as a party trick to someone with nukes. There also hints of limits to his power in the Old Testament, references to iron chariots and the like being enough to turn it aside.

The actual miracles, too, have degraded with time. To cure the sick, the blind to see, etc. no longer hold the power they once did. Many have been surpassed. To raise the dead is the only truly impressive one left. Other gods and goddesses have suffered similar fates. The day will come when none of them will have matched the works of human hands, and then what?
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I'm not quite sure I understand what you're trying to do, but what about this:

This guy is unhappy with the world with this goddess in it, and thinks that there is definitely some room for improvement. One day, he comes across an idea that the goddess can be killed. Maybe one of the following happens:

  • He witnesses a satirical play in which the goddess is killed at the end;

  • The empress dies, and this gets him thinking that maybe death can reach further up the food chain;

  • Something happens to show that the goddess is vulnerable to something;

  • The destruction of something very indestructable, such as a powerful fortress-city, gets him thinking that anything, or anybody, could be destroyed;

  • Somebody jokes about killing the goddess;

  • Somebody recruits this person for the job of killing the goddess;

  • Perhaps the goddess herself gained power after killing her predecessor;

If any of these help, let me know.
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Not sure if it'll help with the immediate question, but this might give you some ideas:

One anthropologist talking to a Sioux shaman many years back once asked about the current whereabouts of the Great Spirit; the shaman laughed and told him that, considering how long ago the Great Spirit had performed his miracles, he had probably died of old age in the interim.

I kind of love that anecdote.
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Does God actively interact with your universe? As in, people actually know when he makes something happen? Maybe the character doesn't like the decisions God made.
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