Consequences - A Noir Serial Novel:

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Hi. Some of you will have chatted with me here before, although I'm not hugely regular. I finished a novel, the style of which fits well with the old pulp serialised novels, such as The Maltese Falcon. I'm choosing to stick it online, updating one chapter a week. It's a modern Noir, written third person with a large cast, and its by someone doing a dissertation on Raymond Chandler, so he knows his stuff. Check it out if it appeals, and spread word if you like it.

Thank you.
Could we get a premise or something? That would be nice.
While some of the sentences seemed a bit stilted, there are some great lines in the prologue, and I will be watching out for the coming chapters.
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[up][up] I don't see why we really need one. The first paragraph seems to sum up what the story's going to be about fairly well. So far, it looks like American Psycho.

I should add that it's great, though.
Thanks everyone. It'll update every Wednesday, but I'll keep posting in this thread too. Chapters to come will obviously be longer.
Update to consequences, introducing Roy Kyle, the character everyone who's read the whole thing liked the best:
I still have the same comments as last time, but I am glad to see that the story has started to pick up now.
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