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The colts problem is pretty simple. Their offensive playbook is a complicated fucking animal. And Manning ate up ALL the practice time when he was active, so the backups NEVER got any sort of training.

You cant run a ridiculously complex offense that requires lots of practice and time to get used to running it and thrust it on someone who hasnt ever had time to practice and expect any result but abject failure.

In short, the Colts fucked themselves by relying so much on manning while ignoring the fact he's getting older and more injury prone.
177 Linhasxoc6th Nov 2011 06:09:16 PM , Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
What does everyone think about the Steelers' throwback uniforms? I'm not a big fan.

In other news, the Packers are still undefeated, both thanks to and in spite of their defense.
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I don't mind the throwbacks. They're better than the Packers' throwbacks.

Redskins still stuck. Giants are going to end up winning that division.

And Tebow was...serviceable. Still didn't have a good completion rate, but has a crapton of rushing yards. And won the game (which is what matters in the end).
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[up] Let's not give the Giants the division just yet. They've got a brutal schedule coming up, and Dallas is sitting at 4-4 and the Eagles at 3-4. A win tonight for the Eagles would put them at 4-4, and since both Dallas and Philadelphia have "easier" schedules than New York, it's very possible any one of those three teams could be fighting for their divisional spot in the playoffs at the end of the season.

And the Steelers throwback's reminded me of a giant bee. More than their normal ones do. At least they look better than the Eagles's 75th anniversary ones. They were so bad, they actually made the Packers throwbacks look wearable.

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At the very least we know it won't be the Redskins. sad
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Great job Eagles, choking away your 4th fourth-quarter lead this year. I've got to stop investing in these games. It's just killing me to see the Eagles get up like 20 points every game then somehow choke it all away again and again and again. At this point, I've honestly lost any faith that they can win the division or win a game against a team that doesn't suck.

At this point, I should just take back what I said in my last post. As long as the Giants win a few more, they're probably going in. And if they don't, it'll probably be the Cowboys.
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182 Linhasxoc8th Nov 2011 04:16:02 AM , Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
We are now back to a position where all of the wild card spots are filled by North division teams.

Hey, they did beat the Cowboys..who arent terrible.
So. How bout them eagles.
Fucking shit, cant even beat the Cards tongue
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186 adam85013th Nov 2011 02:01:59 PM from Springfield.
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I'm pretty happy about my teams this year. The Packers are kicking ass and the Ducks just upset Stanford yesterday (is there a CFB thread?).

What I still am amazed at is that Detroit no longer sucks and Indianapolis suddenly does. Someone told me that years of #1 draft picks has finally caught up with Detriot.

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5 fourth quarter come from ahead losses. 2011 Eagles=Season over because 3-6 teams DO NOT make the playoffs.

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Its fun to watch Vick fail and for the Cards to win.
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190 Linhasxoc13th Nov 2011 05:13:28 PM , Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
What I find particularly ironic about this is that this was the first game the Cards started without the quarterback they got from the Eagles.

Also, how about that ejection in the Bears-Lions game? Stay classy, Bears.
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I enjoyed the Baltimore's letdown game against Seattle... If they lose the AFC North because they can't beat teams like the Seahawks and Jaguars, I'm going to laugh my ass off.

And, while there's still hope that Houston makes it's annual "we don't really want to make the playoffs this year" run of 4-5 straight losses, it is interesting to see them in position to have their first playoff game be as a 1 or 2 seed...
192 MajorTom13th Nov 2011 06:36:23 PM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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Tim Tebow now has a .750 win record this season compared to Kyle Orton's .200. And that idiot of a coach in Denver thought Tebow wasn't worth playing.

Also, the 49ers are on fire this year after being dead last last year. They're 8-1.

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The "better" comparison is Tebow's .570 record(4-3) over the past 2 years compared to Orton's .121 record(4-14) over the same span...

Though, I suppose there's still hope for Tebow haters that the Broncos lose their next 11 straight games...
194 MajorTom13th Nov 2011 07:01:01 PM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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Don't count on it.
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195 USAF71313th Nov 2011 07:13:59 PM from the United States
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And the Bears win destroy. cool
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And Devin Hester is still ridiculous.

Wasn't he going to miss a lot of time with a bum ankle, though? Someone's not very informed with tne injuries around the NFL.
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@Tom: to be fair, half his "wins" come in the form of sucking horrendously for 90% of the game followed by a brilliant throw or two.
198 Linhasxoc13th Nov 2011 07:52:16 PM , Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
Also don't forget, both of Tebow's wins this season came against bad teams. I'll be more willing to entertain the notion that Tebow is a good quarterback when they win against a team that has a winning record. Furthermore, I'm not convinced that he can keep up this option-style offense without getting hurt.

Also: if the Jets pull off the win (which I find doubtful at this point), the Patriots are out of the playoffs in the "if the playoffs started today" game.
I'll entertain the notion he's a good QB when he can win games consistently without looking like shit for over half of it.
200 Linhasxoc13th Nov 2011 08:12:48 PM , Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
So, according to Wikipedia, the Colts have been officially eliminated from the playoffs: even if they won all their remaining games, they'd lose to the Bengals in head-to-head.

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