The Disappearence Of Class 12C:

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It started as a normal field trip. To celebrate graduation, the seniors at LBJ High School took a field trip to the midnight caverns, caves famous for the fluorescent moss that grows on the walls. As they began to go farther down into the caves, they realized that something was very, very wrong. The air grew hot and heavy. Strange animals skittered across the floors and walls. Then the ground cracked beneath them. The class found themselves falling through a seemingly infinite white void. Many of them were ripped apart by unseen forces. Others simply disappeared. When they finally landed, only a few were left, deposited in the middle of a vast wasteland with no end in sight. They must try to find a way home; unfortunately, this world has other plans for them.

Okay, now we've got that shitty description out of the way.

So yeah, the characters are the surviving members of this incident, trying to find a way home. The world they're in is the Anderewelt, a Fantasy Kitchen Sink where the dregs of other worlds are deposited (Think The Dark Tower series). It's harsh and violent, ruled by many factions that are in constant flux.

Really it will be developed as we go. I don't have much of an idea of where the story will go, but it will cool. Trust me.

Characters are normal students. No crazy sociopathic assassins or Bruce Lee level martial artists, although they can be very skilled. You shouldn't feel the need to put an insane level of detail on your character sheet, it's fine to just let the character develop as you go.


Name: Andy Cohen History: Andy came from a rich family where he was always pampered and got what he wanted, and as a result doesn't have a good grasp on how the world really works. In sophomore year he became the Quarterback for the football team, and quickly became one of the more popular kids in school. Recently his been in trouble because his dropping grades mean he might be kicked off the team. Appearance: Tall and muscular. He has short blonde hair, brown eyes, and always wears his red and white letterman jacket.
Personality: Andy is, to put it bluntly, kind of a dick. He looks down on anyone he sees as not being his equal (which is nearly everyone), and treats most of the people at school like crap. He does have his positive traits though. He is a firm believer in honor and standing up for ones self, and never breaks a promise.
Skills: Excellent throwing arm. In very good physical shape, and a decent runner. Not particularly book smart, but he understands people and is good in social situations.
Other: Raised Jewish, but he's an atheist. Carries a pocketknife at all times.
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I'll try to play whenever I can, but it probably won't be every day

Name: Joseph Calhoun

History: Joseph (or Joe, as he likes to be called) is a forward in the school's soccer team. He's a history buff, with a focus on ancient weapons. He can often be found reading quietly to himself or practicing his soccer skills. He comes from a working class family, but doesn't mention it often.

Appearance: About 5'9'' with a trim body structure. He has medium length brown hair and a slightly faded scar on his right cheek.

Personality: He tends to fluctuate between good natured and stoic, but can get rather angry from time to time. He often avoids confrontation, as it makes him uncomfortable.

Skills: He was a scout as a kid, so he knows some basic survival techniques. He is a good runner and has excellent leg strength.

Other: Due to a soccer injury suffered last season, he walks with a slight limp. This doesn't hamper his running much, but can be painful at times. He has an ever-present toothpick in his mouth.

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Alright, that's good. You're in.
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  • Name: Kyle Kavanagh
  • History: Kyle is a bit of a delinquent, having learned how to fight a little on the streets. He is a rebellious young man who is mostly unsupervised by his parents, who much prefer random traveling and leaving Kyle in the care of the "Babysitter of the Week."
  • Appearance: A dark red haired handsome young man with dark blueish green eyes, he is tall and very muscular. He has a rather introverted look to him, like he would not want people looking into what he's thinking or doing. He is visibly shy and is not the type to easily socialize. He wears a short sleeved gray shirt, black jeans and boots, and an arm band. He has a light tan to him. He has many small scars from scuffles.
  • Personality: Kyle is, on the inside, an uneasy and rather socially unwise teenager who is the type to prefer being alone. Unlike most delinquents, he does not actively seek out fights, they more or less come to him. He seems to actually enjoy fighting, mostly because it spares him from having to deal with those people. He enjoys video games, and the one time you'll see Kyle open up and be a nice kid is when he's playing a game. He's actually kinda Adorkable when playing.
  • Skills: He's good at fighting, and is actually smarter than most people give him credit for being. For instance, he is good in biology and linguistics, despite really not looking like a good student.
  • Other: Kyle may be shy and put on a Jerk Ass Facade, but he has a good, golden heart.

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  • Name: Mary Sue Walker (She hates her name and usually just goes by “Sue.”)
  • History: Sue is a writer for the school’s newspaper, and she’s known for her gossip/goings-on column. She lives in an apartment with her widower father and doesn’t go out very often. She wouldn’t have gone on the senior trip if her father hadn’t pressured her into it. She can often be found typing out new articles for the paper and generally keeping to herself.
  • Appearance: She’s about 5’4” with long, mousey brown hair and dark brown eyes. She is usually seen wearing glasses, but she’s farsighted so she doesn’t have to wear them all the time.
  • Personality: Quiet and shy are two words that can be used to describe her personality. She doesn’t typically go out of her way to talk to others (makes you wonder how she gets her information for the school paper, eh?), but her writing style is blunt, honest, and to the point. As a writer, she calls things as she sees them, but she won’t even attempt to back it up if someone confronts her directly about it, choosing instead to either run away or ignore her confronter altogether.
  • Skills: She’s good at seeing an issue from multiple sides and making sense of it, then explaining it in the simplest terms possible. When she’s assigned a task, she stick to it with an almost robotic determination.
  • Other: Her father is a well known fantasy writer who goes by the pen name “Elliot Haynes.” He’s written a series of books called “The Nylan Stories.” Only a few students are aware of this fact.

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Among students who know literate terms, she is probably not getting any peace.

"Hey Mary Sue, been ruining any fandoms lately?"
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[up] That was the point, and the reason she hates her name. Her parents were trolling when they named her, apparently.tongue
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You're both fine. I guess now we just wait for one or two more people.
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Name: Richard "Rick" Pierce. (Prefers Rick)

History: A highly intellectual student, with an average middle class family. Nothing special has happened in his life, worth mentioning.

Appearance: 6'2, muscularly defined. Pale skin, azure eyes, short well kept black hair.

Personality: Rick, as mentioned earlier, is an intellectual who prefers using his mind over brawn. However, due to lack in self confidence, he has spent a large amount of his (short) life trying to keep himself in a physically fit form. He has a love of engineering, video games, movies, and classic literature. Holds the codes of Chivalry to heart.

Skills: Skilled Engineer and writer.

Other: Passive Agressive.

So there ya go, tell me what I need to change if anything.

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Name: Anne-Marie Chevalier

History: Anne-Marie is an exchange student from Quebec City. Her mother is a doctor, so she's pretty well off. Her father is a novelist.

Appearance: Tall-ish, a bit pale. Dark brown hair that reaches down to her mid back. She's rather well endowed, a natural C cup. She wears glasses, and can't see a thing without them.

Personality: Anne-Marie loves to read, and can often be seen in the library with her nose stuck in a fantasy novel. Just because she's a bookworm doesn't mean she's antisocial though, she enjoys attention and feels perfectly at home at large gatherings. She'll never speak ill of someone behind their back, but if someone wrongs her she isn't afraid to confront them face to face.

Skills: Anne-Marie is a skilled fencer (epee), and fluent in French and English.

Other: Anne-Marie often gives copies of her father's books to her friends before they're available to the public.
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I'd be interested in playing, but I'm in Europe, and so I would be out of commission from about 5 PM - 1 AM EST. If that isn't a problem, and there is still room, let me know and I'll send a character profile to you ASAP.
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[up][up] I like how our characters are almost polar opposites of each other.grin
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Should make for some interesting interactions
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And with Kyle there, I wonder how they'll view his silent bad boy thing.
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I'd say you should PM the GM.
You're all good.

Give me a bit before you PM I can't be here 24/7

BB: That's fine.

Setting up the RP/Discussion threads now.

RP thread

Discussion thread

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Had I thoroughly read the previous character sheets, I would have made a very antagonistic character. A sort of Token Evil Teammate

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Eh, my character's sort of doing that. More like token gigantic douchebag teammate.
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Yeah, your right. Plus who knows what could happen once the story begins to pick up smile
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Thanks! Here's my character sheet, and then I'll join the game!

Name: Alice Palmer

History: Alice has had a somewhat sheltered upbringing. Her family is close and loving, if not particularly curious about the wider world. Her father runs a small business in town, and her mother is a housewife. She has two younger brothers. Her family is closely connected to a local evangelical church.

Appearence: 5'4'', fit. Normally her longish-blond hair is slicked back in a ponytail. She wears a small, unobtrusive silver cross necklace.

Personality: Alice's philosophy of life might be summed up as "I've been blessed to be in this world, so I should make the most of every day." She strives to keep positive and upbeat at all times in her interactions with her classmates, teachers, and friends. If she were to be completely honest with herself (something that teenagers often fail at), she might have to admit that some of this attitude comes from a fear of confronting the darker side of life. Still, she truly is at heart a kind, loving person, trying to live out her values and her faith as best she can.

Skills: Having often gone hiking and camping with her family, Alice is very familiar with the outdoors. She is also a regular runner. She is an excellent cook.

Other: Alice has volunteered at a food pantry once a week for the past couple years.
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Signups reopened for The Disappearance of Class 12C!

  • What is this RP about?

A group of high school students who have been transported to a fantasy world. And not a happy fuzzy fantasy world, either.

  • Any more detail on the setting?

It's a land that seems to be populated by a mix of people, technology, etc., from different worlds, but not harmoniously. (Steven King's The Dark Tower series was part of the original inspiration, if that helps at all.) The part of the world our heroes are in is in the midst of a four-way war that has lasted for almost a century, and that shows no sign of abating. Let's just say it's not a good place to be a stranger in. (Basically, this is low fantasy: there are lots of strange creatures, cunning plots, and such, but magic has not made an appearence (as of yet, at least), and there's lots of grey rather than a simple good vs. evil struggle).

If you want more detail on the world, you should read posts 301-306, and discussion post 84.

  • What's happened so far in the plot?

The best thing to do would be to read over the RP, but for those who want to get a flavor first to decide whether or not they want to join in...

It was a typical high school field trip to the local Texas caves, until our protagonists saw their friends torn to shreds in front of their eyes and then found themselves lost in a strange world. Soon afterwards, they were captured by soldiers of the Queen of Spades, an aged monarch who is either very sly or demented (or perhaps both) ruling over an underground kingdom. Forced on the spot to come up with a cover story for their presence, the high school students claimed to be travelling storytellers, which seemed to please the queen — by which I mean 'having the queen decide to keep them in captivity for her enjoyment' rather than 'having the queen execute them'. Luckily (?), however, they got in touch with a spy of the Queen of Hearts, who said that his ruler was a fellow human (most inhabitants of this world are not) and therefore had an interest in the new arrivals. This provided an escape possibility for the students, and, with the help of a well-planned distraction of a fire at a ball, they have left behind their captors for now and are heading out for this new kingdom...

Also, there's a Viet Cong running around, for reasons unknown.

Sound interesting? Come join!

  • All right, let's get to the practical side. What sort of character can I play?

I see two possibilities, either of which is ok with me: 1) another member (student or teacher) of the original class 12C, or 2) a random human from Earth who happened to cross over into this world. If you choose #2, you will need to come up with a scenario for it in your character concept.

Notice, however, one important thing: this is an adventure for muggle weights. If you want to play a character with multiple extraordinary abilities, this isn't the place for you; there are plenty of other R Ps on this site that will let you do that, but it's not what I'm looking for here. If, on the other hand, playing as an Action Survivor having to thread your way through several hostile factions sounds like fun to you, well, come on in, as that's exactly what this RP is about! (I'm not saying your character can't have any special skills. Of course they can, but they should be something that would be within the reach of a normal person. 'I have some martial arts training' is ok, 'I'm Batman' is not.)

If you're interested in joining, give me a short description of your character (appearance, background, personality, etc.)

  • How will I meet up with the other characters?

I'll let you know more about this when you get signed up, but it will be either on the way to the Queen of Hearts's kingdom or in the kingdom itself.

  • Who are you? What happened to this Lolipod Distortion guy who started the RP?

I originally controlled one of the player characters, Alice. However, soon after the game started, Lolipod Distortion disappeared. Rumor has it he was eaten by a grue. Not wanting to see a good setting go to waste, I took over as a Game Master. I still keep control of Alice — I use her to pass along information to the other players about things they are seeing, or help smooth the transition between scenes — but I am no longer actively playing her as a character.

  • Any other rules, or things I should know?

Pretty much every rule I insist on (i.e. don't godmod) comes down to 'Don't be a dick, and have fun.' So don't, and do, respectively. Also, tell me if you want me to introduce some special plotting — I'm open to it, but I want to make sure it can be worked into the setting first.

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  • Name: Koutane Murakami? Not his real name. He was adopted by a Japanese couple.
  • History: He was involved in the most recent event of the transfer between worlds, but due to an odd variance in the event, he landed a year before the main group did. He was adopted again by a group of priests, and was inducted into their church, and very quickly showed aptitude in his tasks. However, is the diligent student all there really is to Koutane?
  • Appearance: Koutane is a tall and handsome teenager, he has a slight bookish air to him, enhanced by his light brown hair constantly looking a little disheveled. He mostly wears a black long coat, a black shirt, black cargo pants, and steel toed boots. His dark gray eyes have a certain frightening emptiness to them if you look too long.
  • Personality: He is, by most accounts, a very affable, nice and gentle priest in training, everybody from his school remembered him as being the person who was always helping with events and fund raising. He, however, usually procrastinated all assignments until the final day or even the final morning, and still got excellent grades, the reason being that it was "more thrilling that way." He always seems, though, very disinterested in everything, even when doing good deeds, he never seems enthusiastic about doing them. He just does what he does for the benefit of everyone and because it was what was expected of him. But, in secret Koutane can only feel alive and enthusiastic when he is orchestrating, causing, or witnessing pain and anguish. To him, evil is a very succulent forbidden fruit.
  • Skills: He is a skilled hand to hand fighter, due to his three years of training in several different martial arts. He is a skilled medic, and is good with medicine.
  • Other:
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Nick, I would probably prefer that people have only one character per player. If no one signs up, however, I would be happy to reconsider.
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Hmm, alright, he was just a character I really liked the idea of.

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