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I'm thinking about writing a novel set in Japan about a Korean cop going to Japan and getting paired up with an older Japanese cop. I'm not sure of any of the plot beyond this, but I know there's still tension between Korea and Japan because of Japan annexing Korea two decades before World War Two started. I've also heard about stuff like some people in Japan protesting because K-dramas are being played so much in Japan and they didn't want Korean stuff on tv.

How serious is this tension? I'm not Japanese or Korean at all, so I don't want to make light of a serious problem between the two countries, but I'm sure it'd affect the story just like racism against black people would affect a Salt and Pepper cop partnership. How much would all of that figure into this?
Not Japanese or Korean - but did come across this on the other Wiki recently:
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[up]Good plan, but I didn't want to ask just DRoy.

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I'm not Japanese, but I used to live there, and frankly, the impression that I got was that Koreans and Chinese people tend to get the worst of the general racism/xenophobia around there. For Koreans specifically, there's a lot of "they're stupid, they're backwards, they're untrustworthy, they have kimchi breath, their language is ugly, they steal all their best ideas from us and then claim they invented them" kind of sentiments going around. And many Japanese people will bring this up quite... casually, if that's the word. I don't know how to explain this exactly, but in the US (at least the northeastern urban/suburban areas where I grew up and live now) when people bring up racist opinions, they tend to do so with the awareness that quite a few people would find it unacceptable? Whereas in Japan there's no "look I'm being so edgy and un-PC!" attitude; it's more "of course I hate Koreans, who wouldn't?" Like they're complaining about the weather or something. Even when speaking to a (non-Korean) foreigner they seem to assume that of course you will agree on this point.

Mind you, I lived in a small town in Kyushu, and the general opinion in Tokyo when I visited was that Kyushuans were pretty old-fashioned and closed-minded. So someone living in a more cosmopolitan area might be better about it than the people that I knew — and of course it'll vary from person to person. That was just the impression that I got of the overall attitude in the particular area in which I was living.

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[up]Okay, that's very helpful, thanks. So it might be kind of like how some Americans complain about, say, "the Mexicans are coming to take our jobs" or such?

[up][up]Hello! You are Korean/live in Korea/both, right? Is there much anti-Japanese sentiment among Koreans as well?
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