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Proof Reader:

Mystical Monkey Master
I need a proof reader for my story, do I have any volunteers? I know my spelling can be very band and Microsoft word isn't really a big help.
Do you mean someone to take a look at grammar, spelling, and mechanics stuff? Or someone to act as a full-on editor of storyline and characters as well?

If it's the former, I'm happy to do it.
Mystical Monkey Master
Both actually. I kind of have my first chapter up already on But I'll defiantly have to do a re post ch 1.
Also known as Katz
Might want to furnish us with some specifics (word count, genre, etc).

Mystical Monkey Master
Word count: unknown (the proof reader be given the story in chapters)

Chapters: 30+

It's my all original power rangers story.
Also known as Katz
How can you not know the word count? In Word, it's just displayed at the bottom; in other programs, it'll be under Tools—>Word Count or similar. Also there are online calculators.

Mystical Monkey Master
1 it's all in one document

2 I don't have it on my phone it's currently in my gmail account

3 it will very between chapter to chapter
Or you could add up all of your chapters' wordcounts, divide them by however many chapters there are, and put that up as an average chapter wordcount.
Also known as Katz
Or you could select one chapter and the word count for the selection will display at the bottom.

Mystical Monkey Master
I'm on my phone right now so I can't even tell you how much memory it'll take up.
Mystical Monkey Master
ok so I have at this time I'm on page 5, 2458 words, and 2 chapters

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