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"It is nothing. The Lancel Empire is beyond please in knowing you enjoyed the gift" says Elena before turning to the other ambassadors "Well, then does anyone have any questions they wish answered? Otherwise... which District should we go see next?"
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"Whose be closest?" Stuart inquired.

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Brendan had left some time past.

The proceedings bored him and the decadence left an ill taste in his mouth.

He'd seen the highs and the lows of Lancel, and he knew all Babel's were built on the backs of others. Every luxury required maintenance, all glamour required a hundred to be exploited behind the scenes. People were mere commodities. Something had to be done or he would be crushed beneath the weight of it.

So he left.

He at once felt claustrophobic and agoraphobic as the seer scale and mass of it all lumped in on itself.

This did not help his sense of direction. The voices buzzing in English and Spanish and countless other languages.

Then he was greeted by a familiar voice speaking in Latin,

"Hello, what do we have here? I thought you'd still be with your tour group."

"You know it leaves me ill at ease. Is there ship here? I may take my rest there yet."

"You will insult the hosts, if you have not already. I should have been sent."

"You speak openly of things you should not think of Frater Iohannis."

"I was sent as a counter measure to you, to weigh against you and to insure you do not let ideals cloud your judgement. They had rivalry in mind when they sent me."

"It is petty minded however, brother. Foolishness that we have both suffered from. I ask you only to walk from my side in equal honour."

"Easily said as my superior," Iohnnis replied digressing, "But you were given it too early and I shall not let you falter. None the less, the Order is first. I shall take you to your proper room. I hunted down a map incase I needed to find you."

"Thank you Frater Iohnnis, I am glad you can put your rivalry aside."

"My rivalry is small and you will only see it if it will benefit the Order. If my friendship will benefit the Order, then you may yet see that as well."

"Li rai ked mille ma fil ti."

"Leave your dialects to your mother Rafel, and I shall lead the way."

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"I have no preference in such matters," said Zael Tofismet, his words partially muffled by his oxygen mask. "That said, whatever the next destination of this tour may be, I would ask that we make for it soon; this habitat's atmosphere does not agree with my companions."

The Locutus sweapt his free arm out in a broad gesture, indicating the imposing forms of his twin bodyguards. True to his words, the chitinous protectors were clearly not in the best of shape; their thoraxes swelled frequently and noticeably with every shuddering breath the creatures took, and their proud, gorilla-like posture had slackened somewhat.
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"Certainly, certainly, then let us head for the incredible Doturi environment... I do think today's guided visit should be able to cover all the main Districts" says Elena as she guides the group of ambassador's down another tunnel...

Two weeks later, Babel's Cradle

Another day in Babel's Cradle... the first weeks of the station's operation proceeded in a smooth fashion. All Ambassadors had been settled within their Embassies and now they had operative control over their own districts.

The Cradle also begun to receive more and more traffic as the first people of all nations to been giving authorization to move into the Cradle started arriving in their respective transports. The place was still new and not a lot of crowds had formed yet, but still, it was already a whole lot more lively.

And more importantly, for the first time since the inaugural tour, all Ambassadors decided to hold their first meeting to address the various issues of the Galaxy.
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"If I may, I would like to open this meeting with a discussion on laws of Warfare. While personally I hope we may soon reach a point where they will become unnecessary, I believe it is to all of our advantages to set clear boundries for the laws of combat and war. By doing this we may in some way move past the atrocities of old still fresh in our mind, and even should we fail to open the path to a new peaceful era, I hope we might ensure the safety of the innocent and ensure the dignity of soldiers. Most pertinent is the minimization of casualties amongst non-combatants; for that purpose, I believe a ban on assaulting civilian areas without warning using anything larger than small arms as well as using weaponry that may cause permenant harm to the planet should not be allowed. The deliberate murder of non-combatants goes without saying, of course.

This however becomes more of an issue amongst races such as the Kin and Euralian, without such a clear difference between the two for other races such as mine. I would be interested to hear their opinions on such matters."
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