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  • Elsa is a brash, arrogant, reckless twat: She's willing to put lives on the line with only an Indy Plot of hers, often improvising without any idea of how to go on. It usually pays off because she's a good tactician and can play Xanatos Speed Chess appropriately when things get really tough, but still.

  • Empress Sayuri refrains from pointless cruelty, keeps her State Sec in line, and most of the questionable stuff she does is in order to protect her stretched-thin, civil-war-prone, chaotic empire. She is paranoid, authoritarian and ruthless, yea: It kinda goes with the job. In her personal life, she's a peaceful, loving person. She's put in a position where only a Well-Intentioned Extremist can survive. Her bad judgment calls are explainable: The Swarm targets her worlds first and more extensively, her belief that the Thousand Suns' enemy powers are somehow weaponizing the threat is easy to understand.
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Anhelia: Well, she's undead, which is gross in itself, and sustains herself by sucking energy out of nearby people. She's been a walking parental-issues complex most of her life — mommy died giving birth to her, daddy died when she was eleven, and she's a mess; though ironically being dead is helping give her perspective. She's got a long history of being abusive to her partners, and having anger issues in general. Oh, and she's now a captain in the King's Inquisition, and that organization has a nasty reputation. It's entirely possible that despite being the Designated Heroine, she's working for the bad guys — or if they're the good guys, only by comparison.

Soot: Tormented by the inner contradiction of being built as both a Sex Bot and bodyguard, Soot solved things by killing the creator that loved her and running away. And then spending six hundred years filling the emptiness inside with meaningless sex, meaningless killing, and joyless hedonism. As a mercenary, she's taken contracts from all the nastiest customers; they pay better.

Yvgenia: A spoiled brat of a Crown Princess who enjoys abusing power, hurting people and avoiding any real responsibility.

Mindala: A pathetic little doormat whose need to make others happy extends to the point of pathology, and who is generally handed all the responsibility and none of the fun in any social situation because of it. Tends to gravitate toward trying to please the cruel, not the kind.
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Raymond is a show-off Drill Sergeant Nasty who Would Hit a Girl.

Tyra is a self-absorbed twit who's using Raymond's feelings for her to get her way.

Alana is a dumb bitch who keeps forgetting the important stuff.

Roy is a deadbeat who dumped his wife and six-year-old for a life of adventure.

... I haven't thought of the Big Bad that much.
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I: A perfectionist who turns to drink as a handy excuse whenever it is time to do something satisfying but not quite up to his moral standards. Full of lofty ideals, and very adept at ignoring them. Thinks that everyone ought to emulate his selflessness, regardless of their personal philosophies. Manipulative; convinced that most people he manipulates need to be manipulated because they are too stupid to reason with.

II: A self-absorbed hedonist who has decided to make up for an unfulfilling marriage by sleeping with anyone she finds remotely attractive, whether or not they are interested, willing, or spoken for. She does so to prove to herself that she can, rather than out of any compulsive need to be intimate. Uninterested in any human being who does not amuse or arouse her.

III: A pushover who will fight others' battles, but not his own. Lets women he loves get away from him because he convinces himself that it is for the best. Fatalistic.

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Forgotten Lore:

  • Zaran: Arrogant and airheaded person who puts on an appearance of niceness but deep down is a very violent person. Also, a demon.
  • Howard: Messes with powers beyond his understanding to gain more power.
  • Phil: Unremarkable person who gets into things way over his head.
  • Professor Armitage: Puts other people in mortal danger to solve issues he's unable to handle by himself.
  • The priest: A person who is taking the necessary steps to protect people from danger/A Knight Templar who tries to kill anything that he considers "monsters", regardless if they're actually done anything wrong (he does a Heel–Face Turn in the story, so both of those are actually correct in-universe).
  • The Herald of the Outer Gods: A being on a mission from higher powers, seeking to restore the rightful rulers of the world.
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For concision's sake, I'll just restrict this to my fantasy setting.

  • Tolliver: a spineless, effeminate coward who's left more than one person to die.
  • Vyce: The fantasy equivalent of a half-black Klansman.
  • Nika: A petty thief with no sense of honor.
  • Meg: A cannibalistic murderer who no longer considers herself human.

And to flip things:

  • The Tyrant: A burned-out former idealist who destroyed a corrupt society from the inside.
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Sure, I'm game. Here are the protagonists from three of my projects.

Logan Ambrose: A xenophiliac wimp who let himself get captured and tortured before turning the Eastern Seaboard and Britain into charred landscapes of ash and glass (which he got away with).

Baird: A mean-spirited highland youth who murdered an officer of the law and a teenage boy before going on the run with a wanted criminal who also happens to be one of the most reviled (literal) monsters in history.

Kurono: A borderline sociopath who doesn't care about anything besides his adopted sister (who he's sleeping with) and pursuing a pointless quest of revenge that leaves dozens of new orphans in its wake.

And the antagonists...

Field Marshall Taggart: A true patriot who protects the world from aliens who want to help commie pinkos overthrow America.

High Inquisitor Gannon: A soft-hearted man who seeks to integrate his native culture into a modern and highly efficient empire while protecting humanity from monsters and heretics.

Colonel Woods: A decorated war hero who liberated a strategically critical moon from the batarians.

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Jason is a somewhat jaded, aggressive and nihilistic son of a bitch punk ass. he also is criminal with all the stuff he was tied up with in illegal avenues after he retired from the Militia forces. Speaking of his service, he was a reckless person who was given medals for essentially cutting people up instead of shooting them, a barbaric tradition; rewarding people for risking getting shot to slice em'.

Also, he's a vile and sinful occultist who is going to hell. He claims to worship a blasphemous god of sex and decadence when in fact he worships a god so vile that all the other freak occultists committed genocide against his people's hell bound asses.

And did I mention, he has a foul mouth and nearly misogynistic attitude towards woman? He advocates breaches of the Geneva convention like using napalm and mustard gas, and is an anti-American terrorist! Who cares if he is 'defending his home'? The colony is the property of America!

Oh god i sounded like someone from the bible belt there, scary, and since none of you have read the book yet it actually sounds like he might be really evil after all, despite in verse not even really being an anti-hero.

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Kaiya is a whiny ditz with a warped view of reality. Faraday is selfish, violent, and egotistical. Rutherford is opportunistic, smug, and unafraid to use people for his own means. Reina is batshit crazy, codependent, and hypocritical. Wow, that was easy.

Can I meet Reina? is she like bitchy crazy or just loony crazy? i don't like the former but i prefer the latter... i dont know why
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Here are a few that I find fairly amusing:

Philip is self-pitying, neurotic, deeply incompetent and bereft of any sense of tact; by contrast, Evan is supremely skilful, clever, even-tempered and polite to a fault.

Una is a ruthless, conniving jackass with no taste; Linus is exuberantly friendly, straightforward and exceptionally cultured.

Lieutenant Bartholomew is a misanthropic drug addict left his wife over an affair that went nowhere; Alexei is a humanitarian philanthropist with an impeccable sense of personal morality.

Timon is a sociopathic bastard with nary a kind bone in his body; Sixtus feels a deep and abiding empathy for all living things.

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Future Sentria, 50 years later.

Good Guys-

Aaron- A terrible liar who is keeping a secret from the one he's supposed to care about the most.

Karlo- Unbelievably naive, and Literal-Minded. Later on becomes a Cold Sniper when he's taught how to fire a rifle.

Natalia- A commanding officer who's let her authority go to her head. Her attitude is cold and stand-offish, and she cares little for her subordinates' individual wishes.

Richard- A silent, somewhat selfish man who goes into battle with his own agenda. He's a merciless killer who has no sympathy or remorse.

Bad Guys-

Raymond: A man who believes that what he's doing for his country is the best course of action.

Joshua: A very loyal subordinate of Raymond, and also his close friend. He's skilled with knives, and is shown to genuinely care for his boss and their cause.

Alexandra: A determined woman who achieves her goals her own way. She is known for her many victories for her side of the conflict.

(Oh no, I couldn't find any bad traits for one of my good characters! Is that bad writing? Dx)
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I'll try at a couple of my main protagonists. They're pagans so they technically care about "natural" and "unnatural" rather than "good" and "evil", but I'm definitely inclined to sympathize with them.

Asbrand the Stuttering is a frothing religious fanatic, with very few inhibitions against killing, and he is a raving ego-maniac who has set it as his life's goal to impose his outdated and barbaric religious beliefs on an entire people (the Danes). He completely disregards the advice of anyone who isn't at least 5/6 as badass as he is himself (excluding practically everyone), his lack of interest in the Finnish language and culture is insulting (If I could be arsed to link, the last would be Arson Murderand Jay Walking), and his attempts to involve himself in the grand scheme of things, as a mere teenager, indicates that he most definitely does not know his place.

The only thing that saves Sláine of Ulster from being called a total ego-manic is that he's actually slightly less so than Asbrand, but he's still full of himself to the point of silliness (his habitual self-introduction is four lines long!), at times actively pursuing the epithet "Sláine the Preposterous". He's not only a killer, but also an assassin (Asbrand at least always does the frontal assault) although it can't be said that he doesn't always take credit after an assassination. And he's disturbingly fond of torturing people, and more often just to induce fear than in an honest attempt to extract information. His attempts to wrestle control of the Dragon-Slayer teams away from their lawful host, the Wizard Kinead Mac Domnal, are appalling, his frequent interference in the politics of Ireland is intolerable, his fondness for his much younger sister is HIGHLY questionable, and he goes out of his way to cover up the fact that during his teens and early twenties he was a practicing bisexual. His womanizing attitude (picked up after he became a celebrity hero and thus lost interest in other men), wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, and in particular his abandonment of the slave woman who's the mother to his son (let alone the presumably multiple other children he doesn't know he has) is unpleasant. Also, his tolerance towards Christians (and, if you are so inclined, towards Moslems) is terrible, and his adherence to the "ethics and style" of the "Open Druid" movement are horribly modern and wrongheaded.

Maybe I'll do one of the "bad" guys, the historical Olav Tryggvesson, at a later time. He's basically a Lawful Evil Nazi Paladin, so it's a bit of a challenge to find nice things to say about him.

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A murderous, borderline psychotic vigilante serial killer with strong anti-government leanings, Jonathan Sandusky is wanted in every province of the Carthian Empire. Ever since breaking into the home of the Madrigal Overseer and killing him, as well as massacring his guards, Jonathan has, in his time, disrupted police attempts to thwart a bank robbery, been involved in the sinking of an aircraft carrier, destroyed at least two office buildings, robbed a train carrying dangerous chemicals, hijacked a vehicle containing a WMD, and played an integral role in the terrorist attack that forced Flight 428 to land on Route I-45.

His is withdrawn, severely traumatized, and has a hair-trigger temper; he once cut out the tongue of someone who criticized him. His respect for authority is low. Mocking him can earn you a brutal beatdown with a shovel at least. His driving style verges on the insane, disobeying traffic laws left and right and shooting at chasing police cars. He is almost always armed and always extremely dangerous, able to easily take down as many as a dozen men sent to remove him from society.
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A cocky rebel who breaks rules just to annoy people. Dreams of being a hero but actually couldn't give a shit about helping and responsibility, only glory and admiration. Impatient, reckless, stubborn, hotheaded and lazy.

A nagging, wishy-washy stick in the mud who caves to peer pressure like a sand castle to the sea. Craves popularity and is willing to suck up for it. Hates change, fearful, unconfident.
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Darwin's Soldiers:
  • Heroes:
    • Gustave Chiumbo - A violent sadist who flies into a rage at the slightest provocation.
    • Dr. James Zanasiu - A fanatic who has no respect for laws, other people's property or sometimes even lives.
    • Alfred Byford - A somewhat slow man who does most of his thinking and talking with his fists.

  • Villains:
    • Dr. Johnson Zenarchis - A visionary scientist who wishes to help shorten the duration of wars.
    • Keegan O'Neill - A brave and loyal man who will stand up for his ideals and friends even in the face of danger.

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A smug, arrogant bitch too in love with her own power. She is very much aware that she is several orders of magnitude more powerful than anyone else and will rub it in the faces of some people she comes across. But, when brought down a level, she can barely stand being as weak as a normal human.

Befitting her hair color, she is dumb as rocks, with roughly zero skill in martial arts. Because of her intelligence, she is merely a pawn for the US government, ignoring international law because she can.

Despite her near-Godlike might, she chose to marry and settle down with a pathetic weakling of a man. Truly, she has no taste.
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Main Character: Judgmental asshole who fits everyone into his shallow worldview to satiate his stupidly large ego. Thinks of himself as a Manipulative Bastard but actually fails at every plan he tries.

Main Heroine: Determinator who lets nothing stop her and is very, very dedicated to her man.

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Anita: A Determinator Yamato Nadeshiko who cares more about her family than herself, working herself to almost physical exhaustion keeping the house clean for her single father and spending time with her friends. Has little to no self esteem, and when has attention brought on herself, will become an nervous wreck who uses loads of Self-Deprecation.

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This is surprisingly easy to do with major political figures in stories.

  • Vinicio Acquati: A womanizing Mad Scientist who will happily eschew any and all codes of ethics in pursuit of 'knowledge'.
  • Matthias Cline: An actor whose mental 'unwellness' and vision loss has left him an ineffective member of society.
  • Elijah Cline: An unstable, psychopathic madman- and terrible artist -who regularly teeters on the edge of snapping and needs to be cloistered away to protect society.
  • Raphael Cline: A weak so-called 'scientist' who dared to denounce God and yet can't stand on his own.
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The "good" guys

  • A sneaky cabal of mad scientists bent on overthrowing every legitimate government in the world and replacing them with an order of their own design.
  • A narcissistic billionaire who thinks money and power can replace love. Ignores democratically created rules because she can afford it and makes profit from debauchery that is only legal because the government is corrupt(ed by her). Completely hypocritical and maintains a facade of respectable business because it's more profitable that way. Would sell Che Guevara t-shirts "if the market wasn't saturated already". Has an unhealthy obsession with her dead mother yet didn't accept her choices even when she was alive because she "knows better". Trying to take over the world and not very subtle about it. Thinks these are her strengths, not flaws. Is an internet troll.
  • A schizoid sociopath who is so far alienated from humanity and everything good in life that she doesn't even realize what she's missing. Treats people like objects and gets away with it. Trying to take over the world.
  • A terrorist and murderer who is ready to ruin humanity's hopes of a better future simply in a childish act of defiance against his duty.
  • A politician who openly advocates lying to other people when trying to become an ethically better person. Involved in attempts to take over the world.
  • A ninety-year-old furry fan and a horrible judge of character who is nonetheless trying to take over the world.
  • A promisc- no, pansexual sl- no, let's try to look for something that could actually be considered bad... a drug user who drives a motorcycle with an internal combustion engine. Also probably a closet ephebophile and has no ambition because she doesn't have plans in any way related to someone taking over the world. Even slacked off a couple of days in the last eight years. Considers her own pleasure and convenience more important than even the lives of people she doesn't know personally despite being fully aware of it.

The "bad" guys

  • A sentient being who simply wants to help other sentient beings have values that lead to success instead of failure.
  • A hero of diversity who simply wants different values to be at least accepted in the future.
  • A martyr who willingly sacrifices his own future to defend justice probably 99% of humanity would agree with.
  • A doctor with a sense of ethics which doesn't allow her to perform a hysterectomy on an unhinged eleven-year-old.
  • A honest hard-working man who wants people to be more cheerful and who only urinated in an elevator once when he was really drunk.

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Ria is a complete doormat who is so indecisive she gets the people around her hurt and is too scared to ever speak up when she disagrees with someone. This also gets people hurt.

Evi is a bitter, cranky, bitchy elf who uses the excuse of neglectful parents to justify her mistreatment of her friends and family.

Veshkal is a dedicated family man who is tired of the persecution and exclusion of his people and seeks only justice for both his species and his younger sister, who was brutally attacked and disfigured by "good guys."
  • Noah: A self centred, egotistical, compulsive liar who would consider his own friends expendable if it meant saving his own life.
  • Christine: A selfish thief, who would stab her own fiance in the back for a good pay-check.

  • Virgil: An intelligent, sophisticated man who has a plan for everything. Cares a lot about his family.
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