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After having one game project seem to die out from under me, and having my next series of solo projects fail due to lack of time to make Art, Music, Vocals, Write a Story, Come up with a Design, and Program I thought, 'Why don't I just assemble a team on my favorite site?'

We would need a good amount of people, and then we could then decide on a big game project that will DAZZLE THE WORLD.

For our team we would need:

  • Artists (2D for sure, maybe 3D depending on the game)
  • Musicians
  • Writers and Designers
  • Programmers
  • Voice Actors

So, to make this thing work, I've devised a sign up sheet.

Name: Your name.

Desired Role: Artist (3D, 2D, or both), Writer/Designer, Programmer (Language(s)), Musician (Instrument), or Voice Actor (Gender).

Credentials: How much have you worked in this area? What do you know about game development? Have you ever helped in making a game before.

Examples: Show off some of your work!

Here's my sign-up sheet, for example.

Name: Mr. Morg

Desired Role: Programmer (Mostly C++ with SFML and C# with XNA, also a fair bit of general Java).

Credentials: I've been programming for about 3-4 years. I've made my share of demos, but never any really big games due to work overload. All my works been 2D, but I can learn 3D if need be.

Examples: I don't have anything uploaded to the net just yet, I'll probably pull something up in about 30min-2h.

Everyone, even those with no experience in making games, is welcome!

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Name: There are some who call me... "Matthew"?

Desired Role: Writer, Voice Actor (Male).

Credentials: I created a Final Fantasy (1-6)-esque role-playing game a few years back using RPG Maker VX, back before I lost the damn registration code, and No I'm not buying that again. I used to fancy myself a talented writer, but ever since I fucked up royally in the massive multi fandom RPG in this very forum, I'm not so sure: I'm in college, though, that's gotta count for something. I haven't gotten into voice acting, but from what I can tell it's pretty challenging work and I'd like to get into it.

Warning: Every solo project I've ever attempted, aside from school mandated projects, has wilted due to my frustration with my own lack of talent, and when it hasn't, it was destroyed half-way through through technical issues. I hope that with a team of people working with me, I can get out of this rut of stupidity and actually be able to put my name on something.

Examples: After twenty one years of life, I have absolutely nothing to showcase. It's pitiful.

Thank you for your consideration.

"I want someone fresh and happy to mercilessly torture."
I would be interested in doing a Voice part if you want. I am still learning on all of the other things (Except art which I will never likely get into)
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The best there is
Name: Rumetzen

Desired Role: Designer and/or writer

Credentials: None! I've sketched out a few designs in my free time but that's about it.

Examples: Does this count?

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