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"...The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken."

Matthew 24


The deep past.

"There is a traitor in our midst." Gisan-14123 declared, staring at each and every one of the Loyalist commanders that looked him uneasily in the eyes. Someone here is not to be trusted. Our greatest stronghold has been compromised and is under siege."

A murmur entered the room now, one of worry and fear. If that heavily guarded bastionhad "But-but-" stammered another commander, his voice unsteady. "Surely our greatest... projects-" there was a clear indication that 'projects' was not the most fitting word for the items that were there "-have been safely exported offworld?"

"Our nearest fleet was crippled as part of the insertion strike. Rebels are laying waste to the capital as we speak. We are preparing to destroy our weaponry, and our agents are doing that as we speak..."


Communications Hub 23412.

The name "Communications Hub" was a misnomer, though Tairan-1512 as he stared out at the blossoming explosions that swept the capital, its crystalline spires easily smashed asunder by a rain of carefully plased fusion fire. After all, the planet had been devoid of any communication equipment for centuries now, its crust hollowed out to make room for panoply of weapons testing rooms and research laboratories. Something of great importance was being tested here, that much he knew. His... informant, for lack of a better word- a deeply entrenched holdover from the days of Drastos’s command- had told him that much. It did pain him somewhat to rely on such underhanded methods, but the ends did justify the means...


Communications Hub 23412, underground.

Stavree-99983 hurried through the underground catacombs, clutching the item in his hand. The crystalline labyrinth shone with strange effulgence, even now as the planet fell around it. Another explosion rocked the corridor. Despite the fact that the ceiling above shook constantly from the bombardment, it was clear that this one had emanated from within. Already, Stavree realized, the warriors and scientists were detonating the vaults that held a century’s worth of weapons and other associated horrors. Nothing could be allowed to fall into enemy hands, to be used against their former masters.

The small, innocuous item he held now was the only one that would escape the destruction of its brethren. It was too risky to detonate, this weapon. None of them were aware of its full power, and all the simulations, hastily run as the enemy closed in, projected grave consequences for everything around it- and then some. All these years of work, thought Stavree, wasted. We had a weapon that could win the war, and now, when we need it most, it cannot be used. He pushed past the other researchers and soldiers, all of them hastily sealing doors and bulkheads, destroying everything that could conceivably be thought as a weapon or utility, ensuring that the world would be a wrecked and ruined hulk. Others had already teleported to safer coordinates, while the less fortunate had been forced to rely on spaceships to get clear. The majority of them had perished en route.

The docking bay, he noted with relief, was just ahead, and his liaison had arrived right on time. The ship itself- a simple civilian craft, colored crystals twinkling, was waiting, its lone crew member, a young military pilot, known as Quev-69521 standing patiently beside it. "Do you have Sifuri?" Quev asked hesitantly, looking around to make sure that nobody was watching their exchange. Nobody was to know about this- officially, Sifuri had been destroyed with the rest of the monstrosities they had created. Sifuri was to be delivered to Loyalist command and strategically guarded, to be deployed when no further option presented itself.

"It is here," said Stavree, slipping it into his hands- for such a dangerous weapon, Sifuri was nondescript and lightweight. "Once you are clear of the planet, jump to your preset coordinates. Our fleet will be waiting for you there."

"But what if-"

"-If you are caught, or otherwise boarded, it is imperative that you destroy the ship,” said Stavree sternly, looking him in the eye. “This is a dangerous mission. It is imperative that Sifuri does not fall into enemy hands."


"Good. Hurry, before we are found out," ordered Stavree, already rushing back the way he had come, another explosion punctuating the former calm. There was still, after all, much to be done...


Tarain smiled grimly as he watched Communications Hub 23412 go up in flames, the crystal spires melting and twisting in the incredible heat, if they had not already been destroyed by the orbital bombardments.

"Has our liaison arrived?” he asked his head lieutenant with a twinge of anxiety bubbling up beneath his calm façade. The lieutenant who furiously interfaced with the nearest control panel, the machines humming as they clicked and calculated.

"We’re picking up a single ship leaving orbit, Commander.

"Good. That should be it." he said, turning to the window and nonchalantly observing the starscape, scarred with the horrors of war and debris of the latest attack. He could at least take satisfaction at the fact that, with Sifuri in his hand, the war would soon be over.

"Correction, sir... we are picking up two ships, one pursuing the other."

"Two?" Tarain said in shock, a surge of horror running through his body. His agent had been found out, clearly, and now Sifuri would be lost for sure. Indeed, two ships now came into view. A cruiser, an old and decrepit one, moving through space as best it could, was furiously trying to shake off a fighter, but it was clear that the fighter was winning, harassing its flanks and slowing it down.

"Prepare to fire, now!" Tarian ordered, pointing at the fighter and hoping that Sifuri was intact- and that its fearsome power had not been accidentally invoked.

"As you command."

A lance of energy streaked out towards the two ships, missing its target. More followed, none hitting their mark. The turrets of Tarain’s ship were simply too cumbersome and slow firing to hit such a nimble vessel. As he thought about this, wondering how to rescue his agent, a sudden blue light began to envelop the larger cruiser...

"...He’s preparing to warp! Someone contact him immediately! Tell him that it’s not safe to-"

-too late. As the ship stretched into an infinitely diminishing dot, preparing to warp to somewhere else in the universe, the fighter’s energy blast hit the ship. The explosion was catastrophic, several dozen pieces of wreckage still stretching into random points- after all, there was no telling where in what universe they would end up now. Tarain’s attempt to secure the secret Loyalist project had been a failure...

...and Project Sifuri was lost...

Taskforce Sifuri



It was still hard to believe that they were really seeing what stood before their eyes. After all, they had fought against them so long ago, and killed so many of their forebears that it was hard to believe that one would deign to contact them- via hologram, certainly, but still a strange occasion. We have need of your assistance, said his sudden ally, looking at them sternly.

"Indeed?" said one of the two, sizing up his potential employer astutely. " Why us, merely a pair of weary veterans trying to live the remainder of their days? You do have the Nomads, or the Trope-tans, the Hypotheses, or even the Tribewo-

" What my colleague is trying to say," said the other, stepping in front of the hologram, " is that you are aware of our actions in the war, as long ago as they may be. Have you forgotten what happened at Hub 23412?"

Irrelevant, the hologram cut in wearily, waving a hand as if to dismiss these concerns. My task involves Sifuri- here the two sat up and regarded the hologram more intently, as if both alarmed and intrigued by what he said. - and its recovery and use.

"Recovery?" said one incredulously, "Impossible. You know as well as we do that it was lost billions of years ago."

And my research has unearthed clues of its present location, and where it may be found. It is guesswork at best, but the wreckage of its ship has scattered across the universes. A careful observer would be able to piece these clues together and find it.

"So we must simply follow the clues and retrieve it?"

It is not that simple. Sifuri is not a mere piece of technology. Over the years, it has learned, adapted, changed... and now that it has pieced together why it was abandoned, it hates our kind, and any of us who stray near it will find themselves instantly destroyed. No, you must assemble a team to recover it, defuse its power, and bring it to me, and you will be rewarded handsomely.

" But-"

I have said enough. You must figure out the rest. The hologram faded away, the ghostly image of their employer disappearing from their ship’s bridge- before promptly reappearing, adding an afterthought. It is likely that next we meet I will be dead. In that case, you must use Sifuri as best you can, to fight the encroaching darkness. The hologram faded out again, this time not returning.

"If he wants a team, then a team of the finest logical minds in the multiverse I shall assemble," one said, "Surely they will be able to decipher the location of Sifuri and escort it to us".

"You are mistaken," countered his colleague. "The natural forces of the multiverse clearly outweigh mere technology. I will assemble a team of sorcerers and mystics. They will surely be more successful in their task than your meager group"

" Then do so," the other shot back. " We will not interact any more until Sifuri is found, and we shall let our teams do our work for us. Goodbye."


Science Team

Those who found themselves here would find themselves in a peculiar place indeed. It resembled a meadow, next to an ocean... but this particular ocean curved up and around them, meeting miles above their heads. The meadow, too, was similar. Judging by the slow but omnipresent rumbling of engines and the gentle gravitational force they felt- not Earth standard, but capable of anchoring them to the floor, it was clear that the group was aboard a spacecraft.


Magic Team

This group would find themselves in a similar beach- the only difference being that this particular beach was adjacent to a thick forest, one that simlarily arced into the sky and met miles above their heads.

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A green haired boy walked through the streets of his city, Pensee. He headed for the item shop in his town, known as Recettear, run by the fairy known as Tear. (Or so he thought, when in actually, it was run by a girl named Recette.) He walked through the door, and sold the two a treasure that he found. "Hey, buy this from me." And then bought some food and sweets that he could use to recover his energy. "(Good to see she's keeping the arcane in circulation.)" He thought. He walked out of the shop once it was closing up.

Upon walking out of the shop, he found himself on a beach of some sort. Which was next to a forest for some reason. "HUH!? WH-WHAT IN THE CRAZY CRAP CRACKERS!? That... Where... HOW?!" He stuttered as he saw that he was not in Pensee anymore. He looked back, but didn't see the item shop that he exitted.
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A small blue robot lying in the meadow grew and changed shape until it was the size of a human child. It sat up, and looked around the bizarre location with a quizzical expression.

"What... happening?"

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Greetings true believers! Spider-Man fan Fusion here! Now most people don't know of this era of our favorite wall-crawing arachnid's life but I have discovered it and am going to tell you! What our Average Neighborhood Spider-Man doesn't know yet is this isn't your average neighbor hood space-ship or day!

Our nebbish arachnid will now awake so until later True Believers! EXCELSIOR!

Spider-Man awakes. "Ow my head... Shouldn't have let Tony pay for the drinks..."

He sees the wrapped around ocean. "OK you're kidding me. Tony took me to the beach and then left me with the worse hangover ever?"

He notices the meadow. "What. Where am I?"

He stands up and notices the robot child. "Hello... Who are you and why are you in a tiny robot suit?"

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A door appeared before Calliou and a clawed foot belonging to a seven-foot-tall draconic humanoid kicked it in, holding two large paper sacks. The scales visible were shining like they were made of precious metals. He walked forward, not seeming to notice he wasn't wherever he came from. It shut the door using its tail.

"Okay, guys, I'm back from the plain of Caffeine and Party Snacks, and I got some feed for my minions..."

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Sec was having a bad day.
Well, it was a historic day. He had become a Human-Dalek, the first of the new breed of Dalek. Daleks with emotion, without the desire to kill everything.
Too bad the rest of the Cult disagreed with him on that.
Right now, he was on his hands an knees on a stage, in New York, November 1930. The Doctor, his former enemy, now his only ally, was standing in front of him, waiting to be fired upon be the two Daleks, Jast and Thay, that flanked Sec. The Dalek-Human flanked the Doctor and co.
Sec smiled. The Doctor had just called him the smartest Dalek to ever live.
His cult kept on rambling about New Skaro being Earth, the survival of the Dalek race, and all that stuff that Sec could now classify as bullshit, and exactly what he wanted to lead his race from.
Sec spoke, just once, trying to reason with his former minions.
"Listen here my Daleks. If you choose death and destruction, Then death and destruction will choose you."
But his Daleks could not be swayed. Just as one was about to blast the Doctor, Sec leaped in the way, taking the blast.
Oh, it was agonizing. This was what he had done to countless people? If his race had come to fruition, any weapons would've been set to instantaneous, not drawn out to increase the pain.
Sec's life began to flash before his eyes. The Time War, The Void, Torchwood...
His mind rested on a well-buried set of memories. His time as a prisoner of the Nomads. All the challenges. Werewolves, Mars, becoming a human female, the goblins, Tokyo, Thor...
His mind settled on one memory to end his days, a memory of a conversation, between Fawful, Zod, Osborn and the others, on the fact that they all had enemies who dressed in red and blue.
Just then, Sec awoke to the scenery of the spaceship, a meadow and an ocean.
Through his one eye, he could make out two shapes. A robot and a man clad in Blue and Red.
Sec nearly laughed at the coincidence.
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Quote jumped in victory. He and Curly Brace had defeated both the doctor and Ballos, saving the day, and preventing the demons from destroying the island. A job well done, if he didn't say so himself (He didn't, by the way).

Of course, there was always a catch. Nothing ever came easy for the diminutive scout robot. As Curly Brace signalled the Sakamoto clan, telling them that the danger had passed, Quote heard the familiar sound of teleportation. The scenery around him began fading. He tried to call out to Curly, but no words came. The last thing he saw before everything went white was Curly reaching out to him.

Quote found himself on a... beach? Something was amiss though. Gravity was screwy, and he heard engine noises, like he was back in the bowels of the floating island. Looking about, he found others here. It seemed he hadn't been the only one dragged here.

He just hoped he wouldn't have to deal with another Demon Crown.

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Sec, normally, would've been pissed off to high hell if he had been captured by the Nomads again.
Today, however, was different. They had saved his life. If there was one thing he wanted to do, it was survive. So he would do as he was told, lest he suffer the consequences.
He began to move towards the others, thinking about how to introduce himself.
They do have medals for almost, and they're called silver!
The robot hesitated. The strange man in the red and blue costume seemed to think he was a human, and he knew that revealing his true nature would only cause problems. He spoke with a Japanese accent, and his voice had an computerised lilt to it.

Yes. Ro- I am wearing a robot suit. Not REAL robot. That crazy idea!

He looked around at the improbable spaceship, curious but not overly shocked. For all he knew, this was perfectly normal for a ship's interior.

How did Ro- I get here?

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Makuta Krika or Krika as he would rather be called looked around him.....the swamp of Karda Nui was certainly a strange place; here or there a ripple would form, a tentacle might stretch out or an eye appear: hinting to the vast swarms of mutated Rahi that called this spirit forsaken place home.

And to think that we made it like this...

Krika shuddered, there was no longer any pride in the name of Makuta and he hated that.

yet we cannot be what we were not made for.

Krika's musings were interupted by a tentacle lancing out of the water and grasping on the floating heel of the Makuta. So famished Rahi must have thought the Makuta was a nice looking meal.

Which a gasp Krika was pulled into the foul waters of the swamp, the mutagen in the water immediatley setting to work.

there was a sharp flash of electricity, all that showed of the Rahi's demise but the damage was done.

Krika activated his mask power, repelling himself from the water.


On board the ship containg the magic team, the surface of the ocean rippled, bulged then spat out what looked like the ghost of some mutated insect.
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Schuyler "Sky" Tate was in his quarters, tired after a day of morning exercises in handling SWAT Mode weapons in order to get used to them after Commander Cruger had send B-Team for additional training.

Sky decided to sleep anyway. It's not like the commander or Jack or the others are going to look for him.

Sky woke up while yawning to see that he was in a meadow next to an ocean. But as the SPD cadet looked all around carefully, he realized that he was not at his bed.

"Where the hell am I?!" Sky examined himself and saw that he was in his full SPD officer uniform and not in his civilian clothes when he took a nap a while ago.
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Meanwhile, in the depths of the underworld...

Koragg stared into the face of his boss and accuser as he gloated on how he and his other member, Necrolai, have done so much better than he has ever done. Koragg tried to show that Imperious was more traitorous than he would ever be, but Imperious simply hand waved those accusations. Imperious gloated about the time that he was able to catch Genji, a wish granting cat, and was able to flood the world with dark magic and void it of those Power Rangers, and showing memories of what had happened to prove it. Soon, the memory faded away as Imperious brought about his point.

"Which is more than I can say YOU have ever done!" Imperious said. Koragg had enough.

" You dare CHALLENGE me?" Koragg said to Imperious.

"Yes..." Imperious said almost instantly, as if he wanted this fight for a long time. Fortunately for him, Koragg also waited for this moment. Koragg looked over to see that the two Hidiacs still have his sword and shield.

" Sword or no sword, I will fight you... RIGHT NOW!" Koragg said as he made a fist. Soon, a flash of red engulfed his vision as he recalled a baby.

" What?" Koragg asked himself as he soon disappeared from the Underworld. Imperious looked at the disappearance, and giggled in glee.

A purple circle appeared on the ground of the beach. A purple armored figure emerged from it. On his shoulders were a gray head of a wolf. On his chest, a golden W. The visor on his helmet was also in the shape of a W. The W stood for something that was lost in translation. He held a sword and shield, with the sword locked inside the shield. He looked around.

" Where am I? Is this a trick from Imperious?" Koragg asked.

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Caillou stumbled backwards at the sight of the dinosaur thing. "GAH! What the!?" Panicking, he pulled out his divine staff and prepared to unleash a Sparkburst on the thing until it died. However, the thing then began speaking. Caillou cautiously lowered his staff in bewilderment. "Huh? What's going on?" He burst out. Then an insect-like creature appeared. "WAAHHH!! Is this a dungeon!? What kind of crazy dungeon is this!?" Caillou panicked. This thing didn't appear to be sentient. So Caillou aimed his staff at it and prepared to fire...

If the armored wolf figure didn't show up first. Caillou stepped back, but wasn't as surprised as before. Mainly cause the element of surprise the sudden appearances carried was now lost on him, and that this thing seemed to be sentient. "Who... where the carp am I!?" He exclaimed.
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Quote walked toward the group of people who were on the same beach. One was dressed in a skin tight outfit of red and blue, which seemed to be covered in cobwebs(?). The second was (from first glance) some sort of specialized combat robot, just as Quote was a scout.

Quote walked forward, careful to keep the various weapons strapped to his back from being obvious. He waved his arms to get their attention, hoping they were friendly.

Quote was around four foot tall, with pale skin and black hair. He was wearing a black tank top which clung to his thin body, as well as red cargo pants, a green scarf, and a red and white hat. If it weren't for how loaded down with equipment he was, or his unusual skin tone, he might have passed for a teenager.
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Koragg looked at the boy. If he had actual eyes, he would glare them at the green haired boy. " Perhaps YOU should explain this infernal pit to ME!" Koragg said to the boy.

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Anytime you think Ash has a clear chance of winning, just remember that the writers caused his water type to be defeated by a Blast Burn.
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Sky stood up and began to walk around, using his Delta Morpher to communicate with his comrades.

"Commamder Cruger! This is Sky Tate! Can you hear me?"
"Exit muna si Polgas. Ang kailangan dito ay si Dobermaxx!"
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On board the magic team ship.

Krika did not hit the ground, it was not possible since the atoms that made up his body were rapidly drifting apart.

No nonono

Krika began to rapidly absorb heat to keep himself from disappearing from existance.

It worked and Krika collapsed to the ground; to the anyone present it might have looked like a giant mutant insect just materialised out of thin air. Krika got up shakily on his stilt like legs,a third arm on his back raised itself, holding a type of weapon nobody except a Makuta would recognise.

Strange......it seems that the mutagen in the swamp waters have..

Krika looked round, startled at the sudden change in scenery.

Where in the name of Mata Nui am I?

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Spider-Man blinks. "SUBTLEEEE... I see you ARE a robot then... Don't worry. I'm not mad. Until you try to shoot me but that's a different story."
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"When peace has returned to Hyrule... then it will be time for us to say goodbye..."

The beautiful girl with the head of flowing golden hair, elegant in her regal splendor, closed her eyes as the light slowly faded from the place above the clouds, silently saying her last farewell, a sky-blue ocarina in her hands.

Goodbye, Link of Hyrule.

She turned her head and sighed, making to depart - she had many things to do. A kingdom to rebuild. A people to lead.

But still, she couldn't put what she had done out of her mind. She had lost him forever.

She would never see him again.

Just as the first tears sprung to her eyes, the scene changed.

On a certain beach, far, far away, a male figure landed in the sand, clutching a harp, his piercing red eyes wide in shock, no longer tearful. She wasn't above the clouds anymore. She...


Sheik looked down at his hands. Sure enough, the pointer fingers were bound with white bandages, and his forearms were covered in the tight-fitting blue sleeves of his Sheikah outfit, wrapped in a similar fashion.

She - no, he - was Sheik again. But why? Where was he? Why was he on this beach?

He looked up, sensing something in the air. Strange. There were several other beings on this stretch of sand. He walked towards them. It would be best to keep his identity hidden for now, he rationalized. Already he was assessing the situation, thinking with a clear head.

A slim, male figure, his unkempt blonde hair hanging out over the headcloth that covered his head and his lower face swathed in loose folds of white fabric, wearing a skin-tight white-blue bodysuit with the red emblem of the Sheikah on it,a single, stylized eye, crying a single tear, and many bandages wrapped around various parts of his costume - stepped into view of Koragg and the others. His piercing red eyes regarded them cooly and observantly.

When he spoke, it was low and melodious, though rather distant and muffled by the cloth that covered his mouth. "It seems that you are in the same predicament as I am," he said.

"Where are we? And who are you?"

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Wild Horse
"Hoo... Lessee here... I should probably buy some more eggs. Haruna'll whip up something good." A grey haired teen in a school uniform said, walking down the night time streets of Tokyo with a grocery bag in one hand and an umbrella in the other. "I'm getting sick of ramen, and Yuu probably wants something sweet..." He mused, enjoying the breezy night air. Being a zombie, he was unable to tolerate direct sunlight or high temperatures for a long amount of time, so he savored the night and twilight. Just then, he saw what appeared to be a crawfish wearing a tux in the distance, stalking someone into the alley. None of the other people seemed to have noticed the sneaky red thing, so Ayumu sighed. "What a drag..." He then followed the thing into the alley and a definite THUD could be heard, with the teen walking out of said alley in a few seconds. "Hmph... I remember when those things used to be hard..."

At that moment, a bright flash of light erupted from the ground below his feet, plunging him down.
He crashed down at the beach, produce spilt from his bag and rolling into the sand. Thankfully most of them were peeled, so their delicious innards could be preserved. At that moment something clicked into his mind. "Sand?!" He realized that a beach was bad news for him. Rolling to his feet, he stood up and attempted to run to the blessed shade of the trees to escape the direct sunlight by buying time with his umbrella. A few feet away from the shade, he stumbled and fell. He then steadily dried out until he resembled a mummy without bandages. "Mumumumuumum...." He gasped out, eyes bulging and skin becoming like human jerky. Too bad he didn't pack sunscreen or transform fast enough. He just hoped that a cloud or something could block the sun so he could regain some precious energy to escape.

That was then when he realized something. There was no sun. His skin immediately contorting back to normal complexion, he stood up and looked up, seeing nothing but forest. "Man, I'm a fool." He then went back to pick up his produce and umbrella, humming a little tune, happy he didn't have to fear the sun.

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Kribnefka, hearing all the new voices, dropped the paper bags. He seemed to grow a bit as he roared out. The earth seemed to shake with his words.


"Hehe. I've always wanted to say that. Anyway, um, I'm Kribnefka, nice to meet you all. Lovely umbrella, by the way."

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Caillou's expression on his face changed from panic, to aggrivation. "Do I look like I know anything about this place!?" He shouted at Koragg.

After Kribnefka introduced himself (Caillou had to fight to keep his balance.) "... I'm Caillou, a magician by trade." He introduced himself.
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Screw the Lion!

The first thing he felt was the soft, pillowy sand.

On his face.

If he were a normal person, he would have enjoyed the feeling.

Alas, he is not a normal person. This instead merely annoyed his greatly.

He raised his arm up into the air. He found that his arm did not feel sand until it was relatively high up. He put his other arm up. He then pushed himself up.

Atrocitus surveyed all that was around him. He was on a beach, facing an ocean. An ocean of blue. His anger was intensifying by the picosecond, because wherever this was is it was sure as Hell NOT Ysmault.

The "demon" picked himself out of the crater he was inside of, sand falling off his body. He continued to survey his surroundings, seeing some sort of forest behind him. This pissed him off even more, as the only plants on Ysmault since the Empire of Tears were the Fever Pods, and even those were recent.

He continued looking around, and then saw people in the distance. Maybe they will tell where I am, he thought.

He then marched right up to said people......


The gathered individuals would hear, even with the sand, very heavy stomping. He at the direction of the stomping, they would see a a very large and muscular red skinned being with sharp claws and sharp teeth wearing a black and red jumpsuit with rounded metal shoulder pads and some type of helmet that only protected the sides of his head. The only parts of him that were his black and red were his bleach white teeth and his piercing yellow eyes.

If his physical looks was not imposing enough, he emotionally looked like something that was already perpetually angry who was now legitimately angry and was about to kick someone's ass at the slightest provacation.

"Do any of you know where I am?" Atrocitus asked to no one in particular. "If this is Earth, I swear, I will rip out the heart of whoever dropped me here with my teeth I HATE THAT PLANET SO MUCH!!!" he screamed. If the immense wave of rage he just expelled was not apparent enough that he hated Earth so much, then the billowing aura of blood red energy that expelled from him would be.

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"... Sheik of the Sheikah."

The man curtly introduced himself to Kaillou and Koragg, before falling silent for a moment. At length, he spoke.

"This does not seem like Hyrule," he observed. "None of you seem Hyrulian. Where are you two from? Do you know where we are?"

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" You're right. I'm sorry." Koragg said to Caillou. He was obviously angry from the "trial" he had. He then looked at the "god"* , the ninja* , the insect* , and the monster who seems to be in a foul mood and making a grand entrance of frustration and anger.

"My name is Koragg, the Knight Wolf. I do not know who you guys are, or your intentions, but if you cross me or The Master, your fates will be sealed." Koragg said.

He then turned to the ninja again. "No, I do not know where we are. For all I know, this is all an illusion cast upon me by Imperious." Koragg said.

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