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What genre is this?:

Accelolita's Butler

It says it's a school life/seinen/sports, but it's that most people don't really think of Game Show in a school setting as a sport like football or something.

I'm planning to make a Game Show Tournament Arc story on a middle school setting, but I'm not sure what exact genre I would call that.

The hero is an ordinary Cute Shotaro Boy who is Good with Numbers but sucks at everything else. On the day he and his Cool Big Sis took the entrance exam for a local middle school, he saved a young girl from getting hit by a speeding car, leaving him Not Quite Dead.

While in coma, he had a vision of his Disappeared Dad giving him a MacGuffin that holds the memories of all its past wielders, turning him into Cursed with Awesome when he recovers just in time for his first day in middle school as he manages to ace all subjects including those he used to suck at before.

So the resident Obi Wan recruits him and a bunch of Ragtag Bunchof Misfits on their way to lead their local middle school to a nationwide quiz bowl championship.

I had a few concerns about the setting and the characters which I will discuss in detail later.

 2 nrjxll, Wed, 21st Sep '11 9:14:10 PM Relationship Status: Not war
...I don't really have the energy to give the "stop thinking in tropes/genres and just write your story" lecture tonight.

Accelolita's Butler
Oh, okay, then. I think I'll get more on the details when I'm not busy. Thanks.

 4 redcap, Mon, 26th Sep '11 8:56:13 PM from Why would post that?
Wants to be famous
This could a be a genre of its' own to be honest.
four one seventeen
 5 nrjxll, Mon, 26th Sep '11 9:30:00 PM Relationship Status: Not war
I agree: this sounds like it would best be classified as Genre-Busting. Not, mind you, that that has any impact, positive or negative, on the quality of the work.

Accelolita's Butler
That's great. Now I'm ready to write it, even just one chapter in it.

There's a big chance I'll write in Anachronic Order, then order the chapters and story arcs chronologically as necessary.

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