Fun things you do with rich characters.:

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[up] Is lulz not good enough of a purpose? tongue
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The Mythbusters tend to also do things for the lulz, by extremifying the factors beyond the realm of reality.
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Two of the main characters in my story are demon brothers that have also earned their fortune through the "live very long due to supernatural means and watch your investments grow for eons" method.

The older of the two, who was cut off from the majority of the family's treasures due to a greedy nature, still has enough to buy a collection of authentic samurai katanas, the parts needed to build a few hotrods from scratch, and his own Quirky Miniboss Squad.

The younger one is the head of a corporation that has grown large enough to be deemed an independent country (though bribing some political leaders helped), invented teleportation machines and a lapel pin that analyzes people's minds in order to instantly translate whatever you say into the native language of the listener, and bought his way out of jail after accidentally blowing up a continent while attempting (and succeeding) in bringing a person with superpowers back from the dead.
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