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Yes, I understand that just fine, but anyone who is casually browsing will look at and skip to the next page. With Elemental Powers I have done that several times. Plus, a Super Trope should list its subtropes, not explain them.
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The longwided explanation seems to be a holdover from a past era where supertropes were expected to explain their subtropes clearly, though probably not to the extent taken by whoever wrote Elemental Powers' description. Plus, besides the main four elements, only a handful of the other elements had a designated subtrope of their own; most of them are quite new, compared to the main four.
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Earth, Wind, Fire, and water I assume.
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Sauna of Death is kind of a mess. If someone wants to work on it, then great. If not, then I can get to it when I'm more awake and coherent.
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The Fair Folk has a very long description that pulls in more historical context and examples above the example line than any other page I've seen. Whilst that's contributed to the 2,266 inbounds, I think some should be moved to Analysis/. A sandbox of the old and new pages is here, and will be swapped in at some point if no feedback is given.

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Go ahead.
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Failed Dramatic Exit (just launched, but seems like a good trope otherwise) relies entirely on Example As Thesis.
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Personally, I think it works in this case. The example isn't that long, and the second paragraph provides a pretty clear description of the defining features of the trope.
Battle in the Rain: Starts off good, and all of a sudden I get a paragraph on the effect of rain on Real Life military battles. Who cares?

Permission to cut that whole Real Life section of the description? It isn't even descent Analysis material because it is entirely unrelated to the fictional use trope, which appears to be using the weather to set the mood for a battle.
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Ax it.
Involuntary Dance has very little description besides sorting examples into four types, which is discouraged anyway.
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Floating Head Syndrome kinda suffers from a serious case of "This trope is bad and people who use it are evil" (What happened to Tropes Are Not Bad?)

Seriously, with gems like "Generally felt to be a lazy approach (...)" (Okay, by who?)

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[up]Agreed. If it's a derogatory term (as the first sentence claims), then it should probably be an example-free fanspeak page. If it is actually (as I suspect), simply a term for a certain style of cover art, then the description should be neutral.

I've never heard the term outside of this wiki, and frankly have no problem with the style in general, so I'd support a neutral rewrite.
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[up]If it is a derogatory term, I think it would make more sense to rename it than to turn it into a fanspeak page, because this is a real cover style.
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@561: Lists of types are not a problem in and of themselves, it's the numbered arrangement (and the in-page examples are sorted by media, not type). I'll swap it out for a generic unordered list.

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Shameless Self-Promoter: It's better if I simply delete the current description. (In TRS for another issue)

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We do not "delete" descriptions.

Re Floating Head Syndrome: Just ax the complainy bits.
^^ The description describes nothing relevant about the trope. Still, need a complete restart. Maybe worth a YKTTW.
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Re Floating Head Syndrome: Just ax the complainy bits.

That'd be the entire description.
Well, the results from googling Floating Head Syndrome in regards to movie posters reveal that it is not regarded as a good technique. Almost all of them are complaining.
572 SeptimusHeap20th Feb 2013 07:02:43 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
It's not all of the description. I'll fix it as soon as I get home.
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I think I brought this up before, but no one did anything with it.

I wrote the description for Animalistic Abomination, but I feel like it's somewhat lacking, especially compared to the two other Abomination tropes.

Unfortunately, I don't see any way I can improve on it. What about you guys?
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I suspect this may be a TRS issue, but the description of Villainy Discretion Shot appears to be at odds with the quote, examples, and itself.
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[up][up] Humanoid Abomination is in TRS right now having its description fixed. Eldritch Abomination's description needs a drastic paring-down, and that's the least of its problems. other words, Animalistic Abomination is less problematic than either, so it is better by default.

(NB: There's actually a fourth Abomination trope.)

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