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Hello, one and all. Folks call me Freezair. And I would like you welcome you all to The Suenyaverse.

The Suenyaverse (or, as it is "officially" titled, the Miracle Series) is a series of fantasy stories written by me. (As if the title didn't cue you in, this is a Shameless Self-Promotion topic.) Rather than a unified series, where each story directly continues from the next, the Suenyaverse series are instead loosely tied together by a couple of factors:

  1. They all take place within a Magical Land called Suenya, or the overall world the nation of Suenya is part of (hence Suenyaverse).
  2. All of them feature the character of Cora Dorado, AKA "Miracle."

As of this writing, there are two completed Suenyaverse stories: Always a Hero (Book 1) and Lit's Green Earth (Book 2). As well, I'm working on two short stories related to the Suenyaverse: "Cora and Lizzie" and "Cora and the Dreamers."'

If you would like to read these stories, be sure to download them from the links provided. They can be read from the links, but they are set to expire. If they've expired and I've forgotten to update them, don't hesitate to notify me so I can replace them.

Always a Hero
  • Begun: November 1, 2009
  • First Draft Completed: June 2010
  • Version: 2.0. This number will probably go up, as I'm currently in a state of trying to revise the slightly over-chunky intro. Also, I think the chapters are currently out of numbering whack, since one chapter got displaced and I forgot to alter the numbering to reflect this.
  • Place in Series: Book 1
  • Blurb: Cora Dorado considers herself a normal college student. For the most part, she is, and one night, when struggling with a particularly boring essay, she makes a late-night coffee run. In the process, however, she meets a talking light in the dark campus, who turns out to be a fairy! Calling himself Boysenberry, he claims that he knew her ten years ago—when she saved his kingdom, Suenya, from the grips of an evil sorcerer named Arabesque. Except that Cora was made to forget all this, so she could live a normal life!
    Now Arabesque has broken free from his magical imprisonment, and the people believe that Cora is the only one who can stop him. They even called her "Miracle!" Cora thinks it's all a dream, but when she wakes up in a bed fit for a king, she realizes she's gotten in over her head. Certain that she'll lose her memories again, she begins keeping a journal of her experiences in Suenya. Bitterly sarcastic, jaded, and distrustful, Cora isn't exactly the savior the Suenyans had hoped for. But Arabesque doesn't care if she's lost all her memories, and barely remembers her old magic. Cora's going to get a crash-course in heroism, whether she wants it or not!
  • Approx. word count: 95k
  • Read it here!:

Cora and Lizzie
  • Status: Incomplete
  • Blurb: Cora tries to introduce her friend Lizzie to Suenya. Hilarity Ensues.

Cora and the Dreamers
  • Status: Incomplete
  • Blurb: Cora meets one of Suenya's mysterious "dreamers," creatures who drift through dreams.

Lit's Green Earth
  • Begun: January 2011
  • First Draft Completed: August 2011
  • Version: 1.0. This is the first draft, pretty much. I haven't edited it too much becuase my beta readers have all been busy as heck and haven't had much time to read it, so feedback's been nill. However, I'm slowly reading over it myself. Just be warned.
  • Place in Series: Book 2. It can be read first, but some things in it will make more sense if you read Always a Hero first. Also, although I've tried to avoid major spoilers, there's still a few.
  • Blurb: There's a curse on the town of Clear Waters—and only Angeline can unravel it!
    It's hard being Angeline Eggertawn. For one thing, her parents proudly believe that she's a Green Witch that can make plants grow with a touch of a finger. For another, she's never actually made a plant grow; all she can do is enrich soil and see what nutrients plants need. And did we mention that she's also helping her next-door neighbor hide an adolescent dragon in his barn? Finally, a group of miners near the town have dug into something they shouldn't have, and unleashed a terrible curse on her village.
    All Angeline wants is to find out what her powers really are and make her parents happy. In the process, however, she discovers that the same ability that lets her enrich soil also lets her see the source of her town's curse. Soon, she winds up embroiled in a wild hunt to uncover the source of Clear Waters' curse and save her town. She'll need the help of all her friends—and even the legendary sorceress, Miracle—to break the curse and protect the people of Suenya!
  • Approx. word count: 110k
  • Read it here!:

To those of you who actually bother to sit down and read this junk... Hey, thanks. I appreciate you spending your time on me. Even if you hate it, or you grow quickly bored of it and never finish, the fact that you took the time to at least LOOK means a lot to me.

And if you actually sit and read through to the end, then you, my good person, are awesome.


Peppermint Wind
  • Begun: November 1, 2010
  • First Draft Completed: November 30th, 2010
  • Version: 1.0 (final). I've never revised this, and I don't plan on doing so, because it's not one of the better things I've ever written though some people might like it. I dunno.
  • Place in Series: Not a Suenyaverse story, technically, but it does take place in the same town Cora is from, and she cameos.
  • Blurb: Kane Peppermint is a successful candy-maker, who lives happily in a small town with his family. His colorful cast of employees works together to make the tastiest sweets in town. One day, however, he gets a call from his cousin: Long ago, he promised to host his cousin's children for a visit. And his cousin wants that visit to happen now!
    Reluctantly, Kane agrees, though he's currently in a muddle about who, theoretically, should take over his business if he were to suddenly die. So his cousin's children arrive: Argumentative twins Chaz and Bergy, and hyperactive Ercole. While that would be a problem enough on its own, things suddenly start going pear-shaped at the shop. It begins with a contaminated vat of chocolate. It spirals out of control, leading to sabotage, suspcion, and strange protests. Will Kane's shop survive the chaos?
  • Approx. word count: 65k
  • Read it here!:
  • Author's warning: It sort of stinks. But I'm throwing it out there because it's complete.

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It's pretty good. Good job cool
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Hey, thanks. ^_^ I'm surprised I got any takers at all, really, since I'm pretty sure those word counts are Archive Binge-scary.
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Yeah- I'm sorry. I feel the need to apologize because, while this looks interesting I simply don't have the time to go through them because of college.

SO yeah. Again, sorry sad
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I'm not far in, only midway through the first chapter, but I like what I'm reading so far. I don't really have any comments deeper than that yet, but that might change.

Oh, I do have one other comment: I think you used the prologue really well. It's not an infodump, it's not set a thousand years in the past or future, it's not setting up something that only becomes relevant eighty chapters in— it's just a page-long hook that prompts a ton of questions, gives a taste of the story to come, and moves on. Nice.
Thanks for the all fish!
So far, I read the Prologue and the first chapter, and I have to second the other people here. It's pretty good.

What I like is that you actually know how to use first-person perspective. Cora has a voice and a personality. It really comes through in the text.
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Hey pardon me Freezair But wih of them is you know... that story.I would like to begin there :D.

Also I still need to answerd the pm, sorry I have a lot of school stuff.

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Thanks, y'all! I do try.

@Fallen: No; I haven't started on "that" story yet. I won't until November. XD It's coming; don't worry!
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Update: On the off chance anyone sees this, I've uploaded a new version of Lit's Green Earth. This one just has some typo and odd grammar corrections in it; no major changes yet. Just nitpicks.
"Proto-Indo-European makes the damnedest words related. It's great. It's the Kevin Bacon of etymology." ~Madrugada
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