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Let's see. I have a lot of stories, and most of my stories do have recurring phrases in them. Hell, I even end up having some concepts and words going across several different stories.

DCA has "Ulysses," "unexpected developments," and "Growing the Beard." The former refers to an allegorical ongoing story behind the story, the second deals with the antagonists becoming even stronger, and the latter is.. well, Growing the Beard. Many characters focus on a motif of "If I want to be respected, I have to put forth the hard work for it."

Topography Genera has "No one runs faster than you eat," "Every move is recorded. Every breath is remembered," "Follow the straight line," and "How fast we grow, we must move on." Now, the many blogs of Topography Genera are all linked by the themes of progression: the rise and progression of eldritch abominations, and the fall and progression of research facilities. These four arc words basically focus on corruption of the facilities and the rising presence of the creatures.

Built For Two deals with paradoxes, so the word "paradox" is a sort of arc word in the story. "I am over there/He is over there" is a proper arc phrase, though, referring to a character who has made it to a land that should not exist. " "Pieces and Hands" come up a lot, too, referring to a proposed explanation as to how a paradox is possible, turning it into a game analogy. People are Pieces, and if a Hand comes along and moves Pieces around, to the Pieces it looks like a paradox.

Now, OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING has a lot of arc words! The story deals with the apocalypse, and the end coming nearer and nearer. So the most frequent arc phrase is "Rapture is coming." At one point in the story, the narrator is blackmailed into assassinating some people, and he starts hearing "El bufon blanco" wherever he goes. That turns out to be this thing about how he's considered to be a terrorist. The word "Indisen" comes up a lot, usually correlated with "Rapture is coming." The Indisen is considered to be this phenomenon that is either responsible for the oncoming Rapture or at least is "the key" to it. "Close one eye, step to the side" comes up with the presence of the antagonists known as The Musicians, who are known to obfuscate all in their path. "Planck level" is supposedly an area of fundamental physics in a universe that operates.. considerably different to ours. So this area, to us, is almost entirely incomprehensible, and it's often associated with "The Beast," who is called "the being of ultimate evil." So this arc phrase is basically saying the eldritch is always correlated with evil. Now, see, the word "eldritch" comes up very frequently in the story. It really is often correlated with evil, or at least with malevolence and danger. In a way, you could say the word "eldritch" is used in this to simply describe things we don't understand, so the story could be seen as a message about prejudice. ..but I mean, I can't even talk too much about this story, as it's not quite finished yet.

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The words "card game revolution" show up a lot in a story I'm writing. This is because there is going to be one later on.
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