Why so dead, Live Performance?:

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26 MorwenEdhelwen9th Jul 2012 04:59:09 PM from Sydney, Australia
Aussie Tolkien freak
I love The Desert Song.
The road goes ever on.
Dat Troper
Not sure if it counts as a full musical, but I've recently begun to appreciate Evening Primrose a lot more than I once did.
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28 Frogger517th Jul 2012 05:58:01 AM from The Whole Sort of General Mish Mash , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Currently doing two shows. Sweet Charity, and H.M.S Pinafore. Pinafore is awesome, but I hate sweet charity. (sorry)
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29 phoenixdaughterAM25th Jul 2012 12:52:41 PM from Cursed college , Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
Wiping All Out
I'm doing a Second Life performance of "No Exit" as the character Estelle. As a story, it handles conversations well, but it kinda fails in that factor when there is three people, leaving one person out some of the time. And only once is there a good reason for a person being out of it.
My favorite musicals are probably Jesus Christ Superstar, RENT, Spelling Bee, Legally Blonde, Avenue Q, Once on this Island, and Drowsy Chaperone. And a ton more.

My favorite play is Peter and the Starcatcher. Hands down. Saw it on Broadway, and it was amazing. Other favorites include Twelfth Night, Noises Off, and Jekyll and Hyde.

It's a shame that Live Performance isn't so active. I really love theater.
Recently got a chance to watch Company (the 2011 New York Philharmonic version) in the theater. As in the movies. It was pretty good, but at some times it really, really confused me.
Wait, they showed that again? Dang. I saw it when it was out a year ago, and I really wish they'd release a DVD of it.
I think they did release a DVD of it.

Anyway, finally watched Wicked, even if it was through... uhm... unusual means... and it's great!

Finally I get all these Wicked references!
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