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326 Twentington15th Jul 2012 04:22:00 PM from Somewhere , Relationship Status: Desperate
[up]I dunno. The low score just makes me feel like I've barely made anything. Like I've made a cardboard cutout, not a character.

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Wierd. I was actually trying to knock my score down, because I'm working for a dark, anti-hero character and low and behold, the anti-hero is in the negative numbers on this test. Putting "Mary Sue" on the high end of the spectrum and "Anti-Hero" on the low end. Strangely, "Bland and boring" apparently is down at the 0 part of the scale, means implies the test is flawed.
328 nrjxll16th Jul 2012 02:22:19 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
I'm not sure I want to dignify that with a response... but by "anti-hero", it means Classical Anti-Hero, not '90s Anti-Hero - the kind of character who's a loser with few if any interesting/redeeming traits, not the kind who's an "edgy" over-the-top badass. The latter would likely score pretty high.
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Typin' strangely
I haven't written enough of the story to answer some of the questions definitively and many don't apply but so far my "author avatar immortal werewolf" has managed to rack up an impressive... 19 points. And may well lose a few as the story unfolds.

Section 1: Author Avatars

1. Does your character look a lot like you? 1

I've made my style of beard "fashionable" where he comes from, to the point that the style is associated with that culture - should I add extra points for that?

4. Does your character have a job or skill that you really wish you had? 1

He's damned good at sword fighting.

5. Does your character share strong opinions and beliefs with you? 1

Some of them. He also has strong opinions and beliefs that are opposite to my own.

5a. Does he or she often state these opinions, argue with other characters about them, or try to win them over? 1

He's a rather opinionated bastard and not afraid to make his opinions known.

Section 2: Woobies

15. Has your character lost a close friend, relative, or mentor (not counting parents)? 2

He's lived for over 200 years in a war-prone area, losses are inevitable.

15a. Was it your character's fault?

No. Nor does he believe it to be.

19. Does your character suffer no lasting mental or emotional consequences from any of this, not counting dramatic angst? Skip this question if your character has a truly happy backstory.

Naturally, he was deeply saddened but you get over the losses with time. He's not the kind to wangst.

Section 3: Awesomeness

20. Is your character part of a race/species that is not the most common for his or her location? 2

Even in his own culture, wolf warriors and immortals are in the minority. When travelling abroad, he's definitely uncommon.

23. Does your character have an unusual birthmark, scar, or similar mark? Score one point instead of two if this feature makes the character unattractive.

Part of the nature of his kind is that they don't scar (cannot be permanently tattooed, either). This, he acknowledges, is a bit of a mixed blessing - it has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation.

24. Does your character have a cool weapon?

Some here have suggested that tooth-and-claw is a "cool weapon", but one could argue that it can also just be plain gross.

26. Does your character wear all black, all leather, or another cool-looking outfit?

His clothing's rather distinctive in that he has an unusual-looking vest (for practical reasons explained in-story). Other than that, his clothing is appropriate to his culture at that time - which marks him as a foreigner when he's abroad.

27. Does your character have an important artifact, magic item, or other plot object?

I'd have to say "no". There is a "MacGuffin" - a piece of jewellery that must be delivered - that sets him on his quest. As the whole plot revolves around his narration of that quest, the item is "important" to the story (without it, he's got nothing to write about) but it's not intrinsically important/significant - no one's tearing the world apart looking for it or trying to acquire it.

28. Is your character royalty?

Not really. His uncle is current chieftain of his tribe but that's not a long-term situation.

29. Does your character have a title or cool nickname (not counting any one that is normal to his or her station)? 2

He rapidly gains one in-story by killing a far older and more experienced werewolf in single combat.

29a. One earned by some feat of great renown? 2

See 29 above. However, the "feat" has grown significantly in the retelling due to the very human propensity of people to exaggerate.

30. Does the character have a wide-ranging reputation (not because of his or her station)?

Not as such at first, until the exaggerated tales start spreading further afield. His kind and culture have something of a reputation, however, and that sometimes affects the way he's viewed by outsiders (not always beneficially.) At the start of the story, his personal reputation is known only among his kin.

32. Is your character an expert at multiple unrelated skills? 2

Inhumanly good at sword fighting and extremely well-read - multi-lingual and multi-literate.

32a. Is there no good explanation for why he or she is good at them?

Over 200 years you get to pick up a few skills

33. Is your character the absolute best at something?

No. In a number of areas he's far better than any mortal due to the length of time he's had to learn but there are others way better than him at practically anything he can do.

34. Does your character master new skills exceptionally fast?

No. He has his strengths and can be a "quick study" in some areas but no more so than anyone with a "knack" for a field. His learning speed is what would be expected of anyone. Also has areas that he finds exceptionally difficult to learn.

35. Does your character accomplish something that no one has ever accomplished, or that no one has accomplished in ages? 2

The defeat of the older werewolf as per q.29.

Section 3a: Setting-Specific Uniqueness

37. Is your character a werewolf or vampire? 1

A werewolf. Werewolves are a minority but not uncommon. The same could be said for trolls, orcs, vampires, gnomes and dwarfs.

45. Does your character have a healing factor or healing powers? 1

Complete and rapid healing. Also immune to all diseases. In-story this is normal for werewolves and their immortal kin.

46. Is your character ageless or immortal? 1

Does not age or sicken but can die from other causes, including starvation, drowning etc.

Section 4: World Warping

53. Does your character defeat the main villain by him or herself?

There's no "main villain" or Big Bad in the story. There are likely to be a number of antagonists of various types and for different reasons, from common armed robbers to people with a grudge or an axe to grind.

53a. Does he or she defeat every antagonist by him or herself?

No. Others in his group defeat antagonists, too.

53b. Does your character defeat villains who are much more powerful than him or her?

Not regularly. The werewolf in q.29 was a notable exception.

53c. Does your character win easily without a struggle?

Only in easy conflicts. A decent adversary can be quite a struggle to defeat.

54. Does your character defeat whole groups of dangerous enemies at once?

Depends who they are. 3 or 4 armed robbers, yes; 2 or 3 seasoned soldiers/warriors, no.

54a. Does he or she defeat an entire army by him or herself?


55. Does your character accomplish everything he or she attempts on the first try?

I rather doubt it.

56. Does your character never lose a fight or competition, even a casual one?

He's lost fights in the past, I dare say it'd happen again.

57. Is every major plot point accomplished by your character alone?


58. Do usually-competent characters end up needing his or her help?

Only if it was something that a competent character would normally need help with.

60. Does the story treat your character's goals and problems as far more important than anyone else's?

The story is narrated in the first person, there is a natural bias towards the character's goals and problems.

60a. As far more important than larger threats?

A larger and/or imminent threat would take priority.

61. Does your character break any rules of your universe, such as the rules of magic, or do those rules work differently for him or her alone?

You cannae change the Laws of Magic, James.

Section 5: Reactions and Consequences

65. Does everyone automatically like your character?

No. Some automatically dislike him due to their own prejudices, others can be indifferent. That's fine - he's been known to automatically dislike some people based on his own prejudices.

66. If other people dislike your character, is it because they're jealous?

If it's instant dislike, it's more likely because of where he comes from or the fact that he's a werewolf or both. If they've had time to get to know him, it could be because he's said something that's pissed them off.

66a. Is it obsessive hate?

Not generally, unless the person's a frothing-at-the mouth bigot. Normally just dislike with a side order of "let's kill him and take his purse".

66c. Does something bad happen to people who dislike your character, especially ironically?

Only if they try to express their dislike in terms of physical violence - he generally makes sure something bad happens to them...

67a. Does your character get to have sex with lots of other characters?

He's from a society where polyamory is common and he has a number of romantic/sexual partners already.

67c. Do people of the wrong sexual orientation fall in love with your character


72. When there are disagreements, is your character always right?


73. Does your character get listened to, followed, and respected more than his or her age, position, and experience would merit?

Quite the opposite. Due to looking no older than around 25 and unmarked, many people tend to think he's an inexperienced youth and discount him. Only those who know who/what he is give him the accord his age, position and experience deserve.

76. Does your character have modern views that are unusually progressive for that setting?

No. His views are in accordance with those for his time, place and culture, including his views on slavery.

80a. Are his or her only personality flaws stubbornness, impulsiveness, or a bad temper?

No. He's arrogant, bigotted and has other failings.

81. Does your character consider a cool trait to be a curse, even though it doesn't have any actual negative effects?

He's rather realistic about the benefits and shortcomings of all traits - e.g. his apparent unblemished youthfulness may cause some to discount his advice but it also causes others to underestimate him in combat. The benefits and the negatives are real and he accepts them.

82. If your character is injured, is he or she fine in the next scene?

Only due to the fact that, as a werewolf, healing is rapid and complete. A really serious wound may well take over a day to heal, though.

83. If your character has a vice like a drug addiction, does he or she never suffer any consequences from it?

He smokes but, due to his inate healing ability, does not suffer as a mortal would.

Section 6: De-Suifiers

This is where my character may well lose a few Sue Points as the story progresses.

86. Is your character middle-aged or older (40+ or the equivalent for his or her race)?

I thought long and hard about this but decided that at only 203, he's pretty young for his kind.

91. Does your character fail at something important?

It's entirely possible that he could.

91a. Are there significant negative consequences?

I'd expect there would be.

91b. Does he or she ever lose a fight against someone of the same or lesser skill level?

It's happened in the past, it could happen again.

91c. Does your character ever ignore a problem hoping it will go away (but it doesn't), or give up on something without trying?

This is entirely possible.

92. Does your character need another character's help with something important?

I dare say he will do.

93. Is your character ever wrong and admits that he or she is wrong?

He's not infallible and it's a matter of honour to own one's mistakes.

93a. Does a wrong choice ever lead to negative consequences?

It should do.

94. Does your character struggle with doubts about the morality of his or her actions, and are these doubts never fully resolved?

I'm setting the ground work for such a struggle and I have no plans for him to resolve it.

95. Does your character ever get ignored, snubbed, or overlooked by characters who aren't villains?

Potentially very frequently.

96. Does your character mistreat another person who isn't a villain?

It's possible.

97. If your character is not a villain, does he or she ever do something outright villainous, and not in a cool or romantic way?

Not sure yet. Will see how the character progresses.

98. Are there other characters who consistently outthink your character?

Not sure - haven't encountered them all yet.

99a. Alternatively, is your character in a committed relationship for the whole story with no significant romantic rivals?

He's in a number of committed relationships...

100. Does your character have other problems that don't go away by the end of the story?

I dare say there will be a few.

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Okay, let's see what Kojin-no-Mikaboshi, Void Inquisitor and Exalt, is on the test:

Author Avatar: 1

Does your character have a job or skill that you really wish you had?

He's a Mad Scientist, which is a character archetype I idolize.

Woobie: 4

'''Was your character's home destroyed? a. Was his or her entire town destroyed? b. Was his or her entire country or planet destroyed?'''

The third. It was infested by Gremlin Syndrome, and is now effectively gone, even if it is still habitable and the infection was sterilized.

Has your character lost a close friend, relative, or mentor (not counting parents)?

Wife and child, same event.

Awesomness: 12

Does your character have a cool weapon?

He flies a Hellstar starfigher. I'd say that counts.

Does your character have a cool vehicle?

Second verse, same as the the first verse.

'''Does your character wear all black, all leather, or another cool-looking outfit?

c. Do you wish you had your character's outfit?'''

Big ol' intimidating, Putting on the Reich cloak that makes him look something like a sorcerer (which he is, but besides that). It's standard for the Void Inquisition, but still, I designed them to look like something I'd want to wear if I wanted to spook people into compliance.

Does your character have a title or cool nickname (not counting any one that is normal to his or her station)?

The Kindly Demon, for how maniacal he can be while fighting. It's almost like a Super-Powered Evil Side.

Does your character master new skills exceptionally fast?

He's a "smart" Exalted, it comes with the territory.

Setting Specific Uniqueness: 7

'''Does your character have an unusual name? a. Does it have it contain apostrophes, hyphens, non-English (or whatever language you are writing in) letters, or is it otherwise near-unpronounceable?'''

Read it. I don't think the "no" counts as a name though, just a conjunction.

Does your character have cybernetic implants or other high-tech augmentation?

Crystalline, mechanical eye. Looking to have it upgraded to superhuman.

Does your character have a special magical or supernatural attack?

Does your character have a healing factor or healing powers?

Both of these come with Exaltation.

Does your character have magical ability not already mentioned?

Sorcerer. Pretty good one, too.

'''Does your character have a superpower not already mentioned? a. More than one?'''

Exalted. He has telekinesis and Mind Control, at the very least. He's also an expert with Genesis.

Anti-Suifiers: -4

Does your character need another character's help with something important?

He can't do everything. Ground combat, for one.

'''Is your character ever wrong and admits that he or she is wrong? a. Does a wrong choice ever lead to negative consequences?'''

Exalted is the game of consequences, and he's humble enough to realize that.

Does your character struggle with doubts about the morality of his or her actions, and are these doubts never fully resolved?

It also the game of moral greyness.

'Total: 20

Ah, perfect for Exalted. Kojin away!

I think it ought to be minus two points for each failure, rather than two points if they've ever failed. If they fail repeatedly due to a flaw that is an inherent character trait, that should be counted differently than a one-off screw-up.
332 nrjxll31st Jul 2012 06:13:47 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
Based off of what I've heard about Exalted, it almost sounds like a score of 20 would make for an overly bland character.
333 Night31st Jul 2012 07:15:07 PM from Jaburo , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
The future of warfare in UC.
Eh, this test is not calibrated for dealing with the madness that is a game of Exalted, so I think that it's not unreasonable that'll be a good character, played well.
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334 Pig_catapult29th Sep 2014 02:02:22 AM , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
Sometimes, I'm just not sure how to answer some of the questions on these tests. Other times, my characters just end up being weird/"special" in ways that Mary Sue litmus tests don't really check for, so I get "Your character might be too boring" range results on bizarre characters.

I'll run through Lucillia, a member of an all-female species of insectoid-to-humanoid shapeshifting faeries I made up who live in and eat human carrion as larvae, are brood parasites to humans as adults (they shapeshift to look like four-year-old girls, specifically), and mate with non-sapient male blowflies (I'm calling them flyfae, because screw coming up with fancy foreign-sounding species names).

(Spoilers: Almost all of Lucillia's points are from things that would apply to any flyfae, so the "Sue Species" thing is a valid concern. I hope it's made up for in this case by much of it being explicitly due to Glamouring people into acting in ways they normally wouldn't, and the Intended Audience Reaction is for them to come off as unnerving on the Adult Fear and Subverted Innocence fronts.)

6: Is your character an orphan? I don't know how to answer this question, because flyfae don't experience any of The Four Loves. Their parental investment ends after laying their eggs, and, while the children can be fairly certain their father is dead after a while because of mundane fly lifespans, they have neither reason to know nor care about the fate of their mother. If we're counting the humans they trick into caring for them as parents, they're a species of serial Self Made Orphans, because they kill their human caretakers within a few years as part of their reproductive cycle; their larvae don't develop properly unless the corpse they feed on is a human who suffered from chronic glamor exposure and Psychic-Assisted Suicide. As such, I'm not sure if this question is actually relevant in general, let alone as a Woobie mark, due to the utter lack of emotional impact on any character of this species.

7. Was your character raised in an abusive home? Implies they were raised by someone, as opposed to simply out-competing the other maggots noshing on the delicious human carcass that they grew up in.

8. Was your character disowned or abandoned by one or both parents? Technically yes?

Easy "No" on 9 and 10.

11. Was your character's home destroyed? Do I count a human body as a home, and, if so, do I count her eating it or other forms of decay as "destroying" that home?

Easy "No" on 12.

13. Does your character have a mysterious past that he or she conceals from other people? I wouldn't call it "mysterious", but I suppose maintaining the cover that she's totally a normal human child and not planning to exploit you for resources before feeding your corpse to her children still counts as concealing her past from other characters.

No on 14.

Gonna say "No" on 15 for What Is This Thing You Call "Love"? reasons. Flyfae have marks, not friends, and mostly rely on Genetic Memory for their mentoring needs.

No on 16. Lucillia only regrets negative consequences.

No on 17.

18. Is your character a member of a despised race, class, or culture? Insomuch as people are actually aware flyfae are a thing? Hell yes, and it's completely justified.

19. Does your character suffer no lasting mental or emotional consequences from any of this, not counting dramatic angst? Skip this question if your character has a truly happy backstory. I have no idea how to answer this one. Lucillia's had her rough patches in life like more difficult resource acquisition between marks, being on the wrong end of a territorial dispute (having more than one anomalously adorable unaccompanied minor with creepy orange eyes in town is just asking to raise dangerous levels of suspicion), and keeping under the radar of the cops and child services, but she really doesn't have much in the way of angst.

Yes on 20 and 20a.

Not sure on 21. There's the mundane fly father, for one, and they're born with an incomplete "human template" that needs to be filled in by the traits of the human they fed on as a larva in order for them to metamorphose into an adult by successfully making their first transformation, so technically they might count as a three-way hybrid.

22. Is your character unusually attractive? Gonna mark this one as a "yes", although it's not in the way the question normally means. Her glamor makes adult humans project the traits they'd most want to see in their own offspring onto her, even if they're blatantly contradictory. To use the infamously superficial Bella Swan (pre-Breaking Dawn, because the glamor only works on humans) as an example victim, Bella would still be able to perceive Lucillia's actual phenotype (black hair, orange eyes, peach-ish skintone), but at the same time would not be able to stop thinking of Lucillia as looking just like a little Edward, and of course those sticker-covered rainboots Lucillia probably got at Target or something are from a top designer brand.

22a. Do other characters comment on it? Yes, either our loud or in their internal narration.

No on 23-38.

Half marks on 39 because bright orange eyes are a species-wide Glamour Failure.

Not marking 40 because it's normal for both flies and fly-form flyfae to have wings.

No on 41-43.

Half-marks on 44 for the Psychic-Assisted Suicide thing.

No on 45.

Half-marks on 46 because she'll look like an adult fly or 4-year-old human for the entirety of her adult lifespan (she is currently eight years old out of a natural lifespan of 20-30 years, which is Really 700 Years Old territory to a fly.)

Half-marks on 47 for magical abilities.

Not sure if I should mark down the shapeshifting thing as a superpower for 48 or if it's lumped under 47 as faerie magic.

No on 49-64.

65. Does everyone automatically like your character? Everyone who's a Muggle human of parenting age and not a Child Hater gets glamored, so gonna count that as a "Yes".

65c. Even if your character is mean to them? Frequently.

No on 66-68.

Yes on 69, but she tries to be discreet about it.

Yes on 70 and 70b, but only if the glamor-ee is already predisposed to being swayed by Cuteness Proximity.

No on 71-73.

Yes on 73. Glamor again.

No on 74-76.

Yes on 77. Lucillia specifically seeks out marks who will furnish beer to her. She likes beer. Although I suppose that might count as being done in secret, since it's usually in the privacy of the mark's home?

No on 78-84.

Gets a total of -11 in Desuifiers.

Minimum total score: 28.

Lucillia's one of my more Litmus-Test-friendly ones.
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