What a beautiful... steampunk series (Liarsoft):

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Holy fuck, what. Salem was a guy?! I thought there didn't seem to be anything weird with how she looked.

And yeah, Ati's pretty awesome.

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Ati is an awesome character. Personally speaking, I liked the side characters of Inganock more than the side characters of Sharnoth. At the same time though, I liked the protagonist and villain (?) of Sharnoth more than the ones in Inganock. I would say that I liked Inganock a little bit more because of the better atmosphere and because of that bro of a spirit robot thing (Kikai, I think), but I would rate them about the same.

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I felt that the side characters of Sharnoth weren't necessarily better, but that they had a better theme or whatever than the stuff in Inganock. Plus, Inganock was kinda lacking in tension.
Haha, Randolph Carter is a fox demon. This amuses me for some reason.

Just reached Chapter 2's Inner Voices segment. Guess I'll stop here for tonight.

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I wish somebody could patch the ful voiced versions of Inganock and Sharnoth...
These guys in the Spiral Staircase look interesting. I have no idea how they'll fit into the story, but I'm thinking that prince in the throne will be Gii's opponent, considering that the narration drew attention to the prince's left hand.

HNNNNG. Ati is adorable.
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Prince Astea is a lot of fun.
I guess not even Inganock can resist the power of STRING. Judging by Kia knowing cat's cradle and not knowing how Inganock's culture works, I'm guessing that she's actually from Seikyou. No idea how this'll tie into the plot though.
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Of course they know the power of STRING. Who doesn't?
I'm guessing that she's actually from Seikyou.

Now you're just thinking too hard. The power of STRING is known throughout the multiverse.
Just finished Chapter 3. That was... depressing. In other news, I think I like the repetition in Inganock more than in Sharnoth. I think it's probably because of the soundtrack.

I'm waiting to see how Prince Astea will figure into all this. He looks like an interesting enemy to Gii.

Oooh, the next creature is a Bandersnatch? Funny, I was reading Through the Looking-Glass recently. This'll be fun.

I've reached Chapter 5. Inganock definitely has the atmosphere and setting down. Right now I'm inclined to rate it as much as I did Sharnoth, which is pretty damn good.

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Well, finally done with Inganock. It didn't have as much pathos as Sharnoth did for me, but as for everything else, it was just about as great as Sharnoth was. I'm a little irked that we don't find out much about what happened to Ati, Kia and Gii after the end, though. The best parts of the novel are probably the setting and the soundtrack. And I've learned to appreciate Hikaru Sakurai's style of repetition; somehow I appreciated it more than I did with Sharnoth. I'll be writing a more detailed review at the usual place, I suppose.

Guess I can read the Inganock and Sharnoth webnovels now. Also, since I'm replaying Sharnoth, I think I know what causes the gaps in the sky in Seikyou: Inganock's sky having been cleared and the Infinite Mist being dispelled.

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Personally, I just didn't like Gii much, which hurt the story as a whole. Nor did I like Kia.
I like Gii. Kia... well, I guess she has Rino Kawashima for a VA, but eh. Kerkan and Ruaha was a pretty interesting dynamic though.

I like how the Inganock webnovel has a sequel hook to Sharnoth.
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I'm sorry but all I remember about Kerkan/Ruaha was that one totallynotsex scene.
Ruaha's pretty interesting. Someone who was not treated as human, then meets a girl who recognizes her as human, then meets a man who recognizes her as human, but is completely opposite the girl in every aspect.

Well, I think Inganock's strength is the setting, as opposed to Sharnoth's characters.
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Possibly. I like characters more than settings which could be why I rather like Sharnoth but Inganock was just sorta so so.
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Playing Shikkoku no Sharnoth. Quick question, is it clean?
Not entirely. It's fairly light stuff though. More fanservice than sex scenes.
Amaterasu has released a patch for the Full Voice versions of Inganock and Sharnoth(those were released last year,they feature,obviousle,full voiced dialogues and new C Gs)
Wow, that's convenient. I've been meaning to reread Sharnoth.
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