What a beautiful... steampunk series (Liarsoft):

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This just game out and I just started to play it. The OP was really pretty and I liked the song as well.

Guy in the OP reminded me of Kerkan.

Protagonist voiced by Usami Haru? I like this already.

No page for her? Shame.

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It has CHIE'S seiyuu in it!? I must play!!!

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I wonder if the Metacreatures are the same thing as the Creatures from Sekien no Inganock? I found it surprising that the dragon was never confronted in that.

Sekien no Inganock spoilers: I'm not sure that would make sense considering the origins of the Creatures, though. The plant one's nature was in large part based on it having come into contact with the blood of a foreigner when it was still just a toy. Though possibly both Creature types are using anchors and come from somewhere else. Metacreatures use corpses, the Creatures used toys.

And now Winston Churchill shows up and I suppose M. is either Mycroft or Moriarty. This story is amusingly bizarre. I'm waiting for the queen to turn out to be a ninja, though it's more likely she's a zombie with ice powers.

Oh god, moe Agatha Christie.

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Wait, fuck, Usami and Chie have the same VA? O___O
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Yep, they do. She hasn't actually done very many roles, though I know she played a major character in Kara no Shoujo and had a minor role in one episode in Infinite Stratos.
I really do like her voice, I wish she had more roles.

Edit: You know, I find what I assume to be the main pairing in this game kind of creepy. In a good way... I think. M is scary.

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All finished. I have to say, this was quite a bit better than I was expecting consider my rather lukewarm opinion of Sekien no Inganock. I rather liked Mary even apart from her having one of my favorite VAs. Although, I must admit that I don't understand one of the last lines. It's a reference to a book I haven't read.

I'm going to go write an article for it now, I think.

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This game's OP is pretty. I'll get to it once I finish Sharin no Kuni.
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Okay, so I said I'll get to this once I finish Sharin no Kuni, but I can't seem to move forward that much on that VN. Anyway...

This VN's pretty cool. I love the noir-ish atmosphere of Britain. Mary and M are pretty awesome characters so far and the mystery is dragging me in. The minigames are pretty weird though. They're pretty much just Mary running away from the Metacreatures.

At this rate, I think I'll finish this one first before I finish Sharin no Kuni.
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I really like Mary for some reason, though I suspect that reason may in large part be her VA.

How far are you?

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I'm at Bram Stoker/Henry Irving's arc. Just about to play the minigame. And I just realized that I haven't put this thread on my watchlist yet -__-

Anyway, yeah, I like Mary, even if I didn't really recognize her VA.
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Usami's VA.

Apparently, most people prefer Sekien no Inganock to this. However, that VN was rather gray and didn't seem to be going anywhere. Plus Gii is boring but Mary is awesome.
I'm kinda hoping that Mary stops running around eventually...
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I found that oddly interesting. You will, of course, find out whether she does or not in the end.

The minigame was kind of odd but at least I really liked the BGM for the first part of the game. The 'Running with fear' track.

I think what I probably found best about the game was Mary/M. There were a surprising amount of, well, surprises for me in that relationship.
Dammit M, why are you telling me things that I've already figured out on my own? :|
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I would comment on that if I knew what part of the story you were talking about.
It's M's exposition on the metacreatures after the Redcap appears.
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Ah, that. The series in general is fond of really repetitive writing, as you may have noticed by the whole Metacreature setup and stuff. So in this case you figured out what is really obvious before they decided to explain it. Next to that their most fond of portraying innocent things in a highly sexual manner.

Redcap is still part of the Bram/Henrietta arc, right?

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Yup. I'm in part two, and Mary's confronting Henry Irving at the hotel.

Dammit, I was expecting a Deus Sex Machina when Sebastian said that she'll heal Mary. Thanks a lot, Nasu.
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You get as close as the series really gets to one.

Also, I was endlessly amused at all the random characters being people from Victorian Britain only... different. Even the fictional ones. Hello, genderflip Colonel Sebastian Moran.

Though I have no idea if Angie or her fiancee are supposed to be references to anyone. Those two and a character you haven't met yet are more or less the only ones I can't place.

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Moe Agatha Christie is still the best.

I am amused that they actually paired up August Derleth* and Lovecraft. [lol]

Yay, metacreature fight.

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I personally dismissed the idea of Angie being August Derleth when the idea occurred to me, but since I somehow missed the obvious in that Howard Phillips was HP Lovecraft since he's a really nice guy I guess she could be a lolified genderflip as well.

And yes, moe Agatha Christie is the best.
FINALLY. Sword of Plot Advancement, get ...or not. o__o

Why is M such a badass mofo?

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Well, Mary is too nice to want to actually kill people, you know? That's generally what happens when you kill a Metacreature.

Oh god, I feel bad for this guy in the webnovel that serves to wrap up some of the remaining plot points. Sent to eliminate M? You poor bastard, you remind me of Waver Velvet more than anyone. I suppose you may turn out to be surprisingly badass but seriously?

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Finished with Bram Stoker/Henry Irving's arc. Aww, Mary, don't cry! D: Dammit, Mary, why must you be so pure and angelic!

I'll probably continue this tomorrow. It's 2 AM already -__-
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