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Superego: Profiles in Self-Obsession:

 1 So Cal Toa, Wed, 7th Sep '11 11:59:38 AM from The Town With No Name
King of Pants
I really can't believe more people haven't heard of this group. To elaborate, Superego is a comedy-improv group who are primarily on podcast, but also do live shows. Run by reputed 'doctors' Jeremy Carter and Matt Gourley, and resident specialists Mark Mc Conville and Jeff Crocker, Superego focuses on psychological case studies and pokes fun at them (Better than it sounds, trust me).

Essentially, they either make up their own characters (such as anti-social country music star Schunt Mc Guppin, insane 'sportsball' coach Brian Helzevec, or clingy Imogene Kanouse) or even have celebrities portray celebrities (Paul F. Tompkins as Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber, for example.) All skits are improvised, and there are even moments where a joke goes over so well, it effectively ends the sketch in an explosion of laughter from the guys.

I just wanted to post this to let others know about it. If you have, share your favorite moments or characters, please.
 2 Troll Post, Wed, 19th Oct '11 12:23:39 PM from troll post crusher

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