TERA Online: Something incredibly nifty.:

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1 Recon56th Sep 2011 01:10:31 AM from Southeast Asia
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Fast forward to 05:40 of this video. Contains the most awesome 20 seconds I've ever seen in any MMO.

On another note, our old TERA thread has been pushed way down and now that the Korean retail version has been released I figure we need a new thread for this game.

There's a thriving Western community out there despite the fact that the international released has yet to be confirmed. So, let's get cracking.

The Leading Man
A bunch of guys walking in formation?
3 Recon56th Sep 2011 01:16:06 AM from Southeast Asia
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It's a monster marching drill, the first in-game one I've seen in any MMO. I just found it amazing for some reason.
It looked really MMO-y: all stiff and robotic and scripted.

Ryzom's monster AI would blow your mind if you found that impressive.
5 Recon56th Sep 2011 03:50:04 AM from Southeast Asia
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[up]I'm aware that it's not the best example of enemy AI even for the MMO genre- and it's not even an example of AI, but the fact that they actually took the trouble to script something like this instead of just having them stand and wait for the party archer to pull them is still quite rare. There are other instances with monsters chatting around fires and having sword drills when not being aggroed.

Good AI reactions may be more impressive from a technological standpoint but I feel that deliberately scripted filler sequences like these have an artistic touch that many current MM Os need to learn from. Too many games relegate small stuff like this to cutscenes.

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Jonah Falcon
May 1 release date.

I've played it - it is awesome.
Jonah Falcon
Gunpla is amazing!
Jonah Falcon
It was part of my job :p

E3 2011 preview.
Jonah Falcon
Gunpla is amazing!
Apparently there is a russian private server I'll take a peek at.
10 ShirowShirow17th Jan 2012 02:20:08 PM from Land of maple syrup , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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I'm kinda nervous about TERA for two reasons. One, the cost. Apparently it has a monthly fee and a cash shop. That's just mean. Also, the female armors. I'm certainly not averse to Fanservice but JESUS. On the other hand, an action-based MMO is a long time coming.
He'd want you do be doing something awesome right now.
Gunpla is amazing!
1) So does many Pay to Play MMORPGS

2) There are apparently underclothing you can wear.

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12 TamH7017th Jan 2012 05:17:51 PM , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
That marching was quite impressive. I'm no scripting snob so I haven't seen anything better than that ever. Would have been improved with the music the Klan gathering used in "O Brother Where Art Thou", just for the added humour value. And f"Łk you Opera Browser, I use British English because I am. Stop underlining perfectly good words in red.
Gunpla is amazing!
I played in the japanese free to play program.

The combat is great and dueling with my friends was great fun (Jumping over the lancers while they block and stabbing them with a giant ass sword is great)

The starting island doesn't have a lot going for it in terms of content. Every quest is more or less "kill stuff" but I suppose that can be forgiven due to it being more or less a tutorial. Lot more fun with friends though. And the combat makes it not feel dull. I get a certain satisfaction out of not taking any damage because I kept flipping over attacks and dodging.

Plus I know I missed out on things due to it being, you know, japanese.

I think the real meat of the game comes when you get further into the game (like the sandbox elements)

Also, this game is BEAUTIFUL. And it runs like a DREAM. Sadly I'm using a toaster so I can't see all the great detail but all my problems were due to playing on a japanese server.

No FPS problems running on low at all, unlike TOR which ran very sluggishly for whatever reason.

Also Norio Wakamoto waii

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I wonder how long the P 2 P model will hold up here.
Well, the makers of TERA are getting by the makers of Lineage on the grounds that TERA apparently consists of code and artwork originally made for Lineage 3, stolen when the people now at Bluehole left NC Soft.

So...it's uncertain whether this game will even be a thing.
Gunpla is amazing!
God I hope not. I would be so pissed.

And Guild Wars 2 would suffer due to the backlash against NC Soft.
Well, apparently they already won the case (but not damages, just an injunction) in Korea, though it's in appeals there, which would imply that yes, this actually is just a stolen version of Lineage 3.

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Gunpla is amazing!
As a gamer I really don't care.

I played the game it was a lot of fun. The gameplay was something else.

And I hated Lineage.

And now I'm going to possibly lose out on a good game because of this.

And it will come off as people thinking NC Soft is afraid of the competition and is relying on the law to win instead.

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I, though, would argue that it's Bluehole's fault for, you know, stealing the engine and art.

I mean, they made that stuff the first time when they were working on Lineage 3. Surely they can make something good again without stealing it.
20 FarseerLolotea26th Jan 2012 01:25:47 PM , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
The gameplay looks interesting; I'll give it that.

But I'm gonna have to agree with Shirow Shirow on finding the female character design (not just the armor, although that's certainly part of it) offputting. (And the lengths to which some fanlets will go to White Knight it are even more so...but that's another story.)
Gunpla is amazing!

Is Lineage 3 even being made though?

Maybe it is their fault but if I wont be able to play this game due to this I am going to be very upset...

I mean, why NOW? It feels like they waited until the game was near completion before making a fuss about it in America.
Lineage 3 is in production, but moving slowly, I think. A lot of people working on TERA worked on it.

As for timing...the Korean lawsuit was filed in 2010. Dunno why they waited in the US. Might have expected the damages in Korea to grind things to a halt before those got cancelled.
Gunpla is amazing!
Supposedly they had to wait for a release date to be announced.

I wonder if they can justify it by saying "We've changed the game from the original so much its not stolen"

I hear that has worked before.

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Jonah Falcon
They waited for a release date for the US version.
Jonah Falcon
25 Gamabunta19th Mar 2012 01:28:51 AM from The very end o the world
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Dear tropers, this game recently called my attention, but I haven't been able to play any of the betas yet.

How does the game look now, two months from its release? Do you think it will be worth it? I'm already thinking in having three chars: a tank (main, probably a baraka lancer), a healer (mystic, maybe? which class has better buffs?) and a ranged DPS (I think porin or maybe high elf, probably sorcerer instead of archer).

Shirow Shirow, I've seen the armor models for the game and, though I'm male and usually not prone to reaction in these matters, I must say I think what they are doing in that aspect of the game is nearly unacceptable. Just one example, heavy armor for male and for female human:

EDIT: Curses, the site doesn't allow image hotlinking. Here are the links to the female and male heavy armor gallery.



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