STILL trying to find this Mac shareware game. (Fred Rogers: Terrorist):

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I've been on and off for the past few years trying to find anything on this game (Fred Rogers: Terrorist.. or Fred Rogers: Neighborhood Terrorist).

I can't find anything on it, let alone where I can play it. At this point, I'm asking if ANYONE knows about it or has pictures.. anything.

I found my way to this website through a link (which I cannot post since my thread won't show up?) It was something on, High Octane Nightmare Fuel: Video Games.. I didn't know what it was about, but the game I'm looking for is mentioned there.

Anything, please! Haha

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You got some dirt on you. Here's some more!
Hrm. Nothing is there for me to read... haha
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I tried searching for it nothing like a game came up, not even on the sites where even the most obscure of games is available to download.
Yea, the ONLY things that come up are other people asking about it.. and the website that took me to this discussion forum. It's a total mystery, but it drives me insane that I cannot find one picture of it
Sounds like a hoax to me.
Haha, I swear it isn't! Although.. it does kinda sound like one.
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Lifted from the D Wiki page:

  • The little-known Macintosh shareware game Fred Rogers, Terrorist has a part that always freaked me out. When you are playing in the Neighborhood of Make Believe (where you must KILL most if not all the puppet characters) and knock on X the Owl's door, you are met with a squawking vulture creature (aka "Mutated X") that fills the entire playing field.
    • To make matters worse, one time there was a glitch in the game where I defeated X, but without warning ANOTHER X popped up on the screen. Beat him, then... ANOTHER ONE. And so forth and so on until I just quit the game.

So either some troper encountered it or it's a hoax post.

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Ah yea, that's the bit that I came across that led to me to here, haha. So other people have come across it but that's the extent of it.
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I suggest we forget about this.
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So what is this? Candle Cove in video game form?
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Should we purge the example?
I'm trying to find it too.

I used to play this game a long time ago. It was available for the Mac II, in roughly late 1987. I don't know who created it, all I remember is that Daniel, the puppet in the Land of Make Believe was carrying an Uzi.

The actual name for it was "Fred Rogers: Neighborhood Terrorist"

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How funny. My cousin and I actually put this game together in the summer of 1987. I don't think it can be found anywhere on the internet right now — it may still live on a hard drive stored somewhere at my mom's house. If the old Mac Plus still works I can see if there's a way to make it available again.
OHMYGOD!! Are you saying we might actually get to play this game again?? Please get on that ASAP, I have been looking for this game for YEARS. It is one of my favorite childhood memories of using a Macintosh for the first time is playing F.R. Terrorist. I would gladly pay money to own a copy of that game. It would be one of the biggest thrills of my life to play it again.
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found it.

I remember coming across this thread at least two other times over the years looking for it,

finally did so I thought I'd share
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This game sounds like some Newgrounds reject.
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Not a bug!
Well, Mr. Rogers (in a bloodstained sweater) did win the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, so I'd guess this thing would be in the same general vein of parody.

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