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Is this considered "too far" in a dark (PG-13/TV-14 rated) comedy?:

Wannabe Comedian
I've been working on this script where a kid who's around the age of 15-17 dies at his desk at school. Most of main characters (who are all ages 14-15) try to think of ways to honor his memory, even though they hated him when he was alive, and his cousin continues to mock him after death. Would that type of thing be allowed in a TV-14 rated comedy, or will that kind of thing only pass if it's a drama? (If it's the latter, then I may need to rewrite the plot)
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Yeah, I think it's acceptable. May squick some viewers, but I don't think it would merit an R, by itself.
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In times like this, I ask myself: What Would Family Guy Do?

slice of lice
It's acceptable, but I find it very hard to see how this would fit in any non-parodic comedy.
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 5 Mr AHR, Wed, 7th Sep '11 10:43:49 AM from ಠ_ಠ Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
It doesn't do anything to merit a change in rating.

It might merit a change in quality or fanbase but nothing in the rating.
With AHR here. If the kid doesn't die horribly on-screen, there is really nothing of concern at all.
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 7 USAF713, Wed, 7th Sep '11 2:19:34 PM from the United States
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Unless this will be animated/in comic book-form as well, Family Guy or South Park are poor yard sticks.

If they were live action, they'd barely get away with half the shit they do now. Animation Age Ghetto for the loss...
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Why did they hate him? Was he a jerkass or are they the jerkasses? If it's the former, then I'd think it work fine. There was an episode of Daria that had a similar plot.

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