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I Archive Binged this one youtube and I love it. Simon and Lewis are hilarious. I love how it went from a normal Let's Play of Minecraft into some epic adventure. I loved how the NP Cs were actually actors pretending to be NP Cs. Best ever. Everyone has to check them out.
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Yeah, they're Pretty Cool Guy.

Why they didn't have a forum topic until now is beyond me.
It's super effective.
New spooky adventure map. Didn't really think much of the It's Better Together thing, but this is pretty entertaining.

That Professor Grizwald gets everywhere doesn't he?
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Why is it always so long between Shadow of Israphel episodes?

Anyway, I was really liking It's Better Together, so I hope they didn't quit that entirely.
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Why is this thread dead!?

Well it doesn't matter...

It's super effective.
A couple of questions about the Tekkit videos from Yogscast members as a whole. How much do they overlap with other members' videos, and which video is the server destruction Rythian mentions in his series from?
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Did you know this section has a character limit?
Cameos of people and buildings, and the destruction was on the Tekkit server before the current one, in a battle between Sjin and Duncan.
They do have medals for almost, and they're called silver!
You can see it on duncan's series of tekkit vidjas.

I've really gotten into rythian and zoe's series recently. They've got great chemistry and somehow make being all powerful still work. I think it was smart to have the series more about the characters then any sort of progress since EE laughs at your ideas of "balance."
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[up][up] It was more like Sjin randomly flailing with every weapon Tekkit has while Duncan just sort of went about his business. And then he caused a reactor meltdown.

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In all seriousness, it's taken them quite a while to build the jaffa factory, I love the series, but really! Come on!
They're pretty terrible at the whole doing stuff thing.
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I'm fairly sure most of the people here have heard the parody song "Screw the Nether" by In the Littlewood (also known as Martin).

How many people heard this impromptu version that was made yesterday?

Skip to about 5:28:00 in the live-stream video for the full effect and to understand where that came from.
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The best and the worst.
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Me and my friend's collaborative webcomic:

Forged Men
Rythian's series got struck by Cerebus Syndrome recently. With the loss of Zoey, it looks like he's going to become a Dark Lord.
I heard about the Darkness in Rythians series, so I'm checking it out.
16 theLibrarian5th Dec 2012 08:44:23 PM from his own little world
That all you got?
I've only seen like two of their videos, both of them related to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.
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The best and the worst.
I tried to watch his prequel videos, but got bored.
Me and my friend's collaborative webcomic:

Forged Men
It picks up, I skipped the prequel vidoes, they weren't that important.
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[up][up][up]they just got a new website going (still has a lot of bugs) and their most popular videos are the Shadow of Israphel series. If you want to see their growth as Minecraft players from almost literally day 1, you should watch it. (This first day playthrough turns into the start of it)

For something recent, check out their Tekkit series and Herobrine's Mansion (VERY good).
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Live stream link. The following times have Sparkles, Martin, and Stripen singing with Parv on acoustic guitar (and sometimes joining in on the singing).

  • 2:36 for the start of the music (Area 11 song)
  • 2:51 for FAIL Screw the Neather
  • 2:52 for good StN (even if there are a couple mishaps)
  • 3:04 for another Area 11 song (the one that premiered the other night)
  • 3:13 for Imbruglia Natalie's Torn
  • 3:18 for FAIL Call Me Maybe
  • 3:20 for the AWESOME idea of doing a 4-cord song
  • 3:22 for the start of coolcoolcoolsad (the last one is Parv)
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I hope some people stop by just to see THIS (I'm sure it will go up on one of their channels, but this will do for now).

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Bumping for hilarity.

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Go read this

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^ That's probably one of THE most hilarious episodes in the entirety of the Yogscast production. Everyone could just stop making videos now, go home and play some World of Warcraft and it'd be a high note to end on.
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Yikes. So, Red Matter bombs are not more destructive than anything in the explosives+ mod, but if you don't know what to do with them... Yikes.

I'll be remembering that one for a while.
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25 avorne21st Feb 2013 04:39:20 PM from West Yorkshire
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Red matter explosives are only supposed to expand to a distance of 35 blocks then disappear, if I remember correctly, but they generally don't work like that in Voltz proper. The means of getting rid of them involves setting off an anti-matter explosive and letting it get sucked in to the red matter hole too - and if you manage to miss then you end up with a massive crater and a red matter hole that's still sucking everything in. Even if the anti-matter explosive hits the red matter hole properly then sometimes it just sends it burrowing off across the landscape forever.
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