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The Manor Is Not Enough - Maid RPG DISCUSSION:

The Maid RPG, set in a contemporary spy-thriller setting

Role Play thread:

Role Play signup:

Setting: Spyhold Manor, home of Dan Jobsem, agent for AHNN

Second floor: Five Maid Bedrooms, each bedroom featuring a bed, a dresser, and a small bathroom with toilet and sink.

A communal bathing area featuring two showers and a large hot-water tub, used by the maids.

A media room, featuring a large projection TV.

The Master's Suite: Large bedroom, closet, bathroom, jacuzzi, meeting lounge, dumb waiter leading to kitchen.

Helipad and Hanger for small personal helicopter, capable of carrying (maximum) four people.

Stairs leading to the first floor.

First Floor:

Entry Foyer, by the front door.

Coat Closet

Downstairs Bathroom

Dining Room

Garage (With parking areas for Lamborghini and Minivan)

Kitchen, with dumbwaiter to Master's Suite

Stairs to basement (leading off from Kitchen)

Freezer (attacked to Kitchen)

Stairs to Second Floor


Reading Lounge/ Study

Master's Office

Basement: (small)

Utility Room, with Clothes Washer, Dryer, Water Heater, and Furnace

Wine Cellar

Stairs to Kitchen on First Floor

(Please note, this is only the obvious areas. I have drawn up a set of floor plans, with several secret features added. )

The Master: Dan Jobsem, agent for AWNN (the Agency With No Name)

Back story: Dan Jobsem was the only child of James and Juliet Jobsem. Growing up, he was taught the family's long traditional suport to the government. Growing up, he studied Judo and Akido, developing his physical strength and skills. On graduation from a prestigious Ivy-League College, he was recruited for AWNN, the Agency With No Name. As an AWNN agent, he has handled many assignments. His latest assignment is to protect the MacGuffin papers until they can be delivered to the government's top secret documents vault. He is normally calm, cool, and controlled. However, when overly frustrated, he reverts to the behavior of his spoiled youth; fortunately, that rarely happens. For the last few months he has been living at his ancestorial manor, Spyhold, with a small group of recently hired maids. Until now, he has not told them about his work for the government.

Master Type: Aristocrat (born to be the master of the house, excelent self control) Age: 26 Weapon of choice: Grappling Martial Arts

Special Qualities: Hedonist, My Pace (Selected, not rolled for)

Power Source: Blood Ties (Position due to his family)

Favorite Maid Type: Boyish

Stress Explosion: Act like a spoiled child

Hair: Metalic Eyes: Gray

Athletics: 5

Affection: 2

Skill: 5

Cunning: 4

Luck: 1

Will: 8 (Spirit: 80)

edited 4th Sep '11 6:28:50 PM by Nodrog

Lord Cray Newube, Stress: 5 / 20
 2 Flash Of Sonic, Sun, 4th Sep '11 7:21:34 PM from Scarlet Devil Mansion Get RP Mod
Blade of Embrace
Is it really okay for the Master to have Butler stats?
Zero Law: The Game Master has the right to change the rules at any time.
Lord Cray Newube, Stress: 5 / 20
Makes sense to me.
F:41 S:0/30
 5 hotelkilo, Sun, 4th Sep '11 9:58:38 PM from The Plains of Mexico Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this here Shotgun
Board Certified Sorcerer
As the GM wills it.
As the size of an explosion increases, the number of problems it is incapable of solving quickly approaches zero!
Don't forget, there are secret areas inside the mansion. You can try to find them by searching a room. To search a room, roll a six sided dice (I usually use ) and then use the spoiler tag to post the dice you rolled and whether you want to use you luck or skill attribute to search with. Secret areas require a total of 7 or higher. If you get caught searching a room by Dan, you will loose favor points.

edited 5th Sep '11 6:56:02 AM by Nodrog

Lord Cray Newube, Stress: 5 / 20
Now that she's somewhat obstructed the light from the fire, might Hitsugi be able to catch a glimpse of what's outside the window with a roll of 9? (1d6*LUCK)=3*3=9[1]

edited 5th Sep '11 11:12:29 AM by Alhazred23


 8 Flash Of Sonic, Mon, 5th Sep '11 11:06:09 AM from Scarlet Devil Mansion Get RP Mod
Blade of Embrace
Now that you mention it, Kyla might also be able to catch a glimpse. Roll 5 x Luck 3 = 15.

EDIT: I forgot, Kyla's blind, sorry.

edited 5th Sep '11 11:07:33 AM by FlashOfSonic

The roll might still be valid, as long as she's listening and not looking; who or whatever is outside might have some audible reaction to the conversation going on in the room, especially since the 'McGuffin Papers' and 'Intruders' were brought up specifically.

Hitsugi can't (facing the fireplace), but she's got something at least as good. Kyla can hear the intruder (he's busy using his cellphone). The other two maids can see the intruder.

Oh, both the intruder and weapon cache are additions to the RP, but I've already updated my map to show the small weapon cache.

The window is designed so it can't be opened from the outside, but it can easily be opened from the inside. If Hitsugi decides to try shooting the intruder through the window, I'll need another luck roll.

edited 5th Sep '11 11:41:59 AM by Nodrog

Lord Cray Newube, Stress: 5 / 20
If someone doesn't stop him soon, at least one group of bad guys will know that the MacGuffin papers are in Spyhold Manor.

edited 5th Sep '11 2:24:31 PM by Nodrog

Lord Cray Newube, Stress: 5 / 20
Hmm... i guess i will make an athletics roll to see how Hitsugi does here. 1D6*ATHLETICS=5*3=15[1]

 13 Flash Of Sonic, Mon, 5th Sep '11 2:51:46 PM from Scarlet Devil Mansion Get RP Mod
Blade of Embrace
I believe damage is decided by dividing the attacker's result by the defender's stat, so the mook would have taken 6 damage.
Ok, corrected.
Lord Cray Newube, Stress: 5 / 20
Aaaaah - ninja-posting chaos! Perhaps the most recent post should just be revised to be a description of the man once they get him into the proper light of the study and begin tying him to a chair.

edited 5th Sep '11 3:07:03 PM by Alhazred23


Status: The man is unconscious, with the front of his shirt still burning and with a bleeding head wound. He has dropped his cell phone somewhere on the ground. The Master presumably does not know any of this, seeing as how he's already gone upstairs.
Lord Cray Newube, Stress: 5 / 20
 17 Flash Of Sonic, Mon, 5th Sep '11 3:11:43 PM from Scarlet Devil Mansion Get RP Mod
Blade of Embrace
you gotta love posting confusion.
Aye... alrighty; i will just... uh... put my old post back, and move the new one.

Alhazard, roll a dice times your skill.

0 - 2 (you won't roll this) - The man dies from his wounds. 3 - 6 (You roll a 1 or a 2) - You stop the bleeding but the man remains unconscious 7 - 18 (you roll 3 or higher) - The man comes to.
Lord Cray Newube, Stress: 5 / 20
1D6*SKILL=6*3=18[1] O_o;... i was actually about to use the Power of Friendship to bring him around, but this works too, i guess...

 21 Flash Of Sonic, Mon, 5th Sep '11 5:22:08 PM from Scarlet Devil Mansion Get RP Mod
Blade of Embrace
Usually, when someone has a Stress Explosion (in the mook's case, fainting) they lose Stress at a rate of 1 per minute of real time (or, as I've seen suggested in forum R Ps, 1 per post) until they get back down to 0 Stress, at which point the effects of the Stress Explosion wear off.
 22 Flash Of Sonic, Mon, 5th Sep '11 5:30:27 PM from Scarlet Devil Mansion Get RP Mod
Blade of Embrace
By the way, characters don't "lose" Spirit - they gain Stress.
Oops, sorry... I'm running this pretty freeform.

Anyway, OFFE is the Organization For Fragmenting Everything (OFFE), they believe in creating what they believe to be true anarchy, destroying any type of organization that is not OFFE. AWNE and OFFE are nemesi.

edited 5th Sep '11 5:42:39 PM by Nodrog

Lord Cray Newube, Stress: 5 / 20
For the record, Hitsugi currently has:
10 Favor
0 Stress

At 30 stress she will fly in to a paroxysm of religious fervor for... er... a very long time, at any rate. This is the disadvantage of having a high-ish WILL. If the Master ever breaks... well, he's probably going to be useless for the rest of the game. >_<;

edited 5th Sep '11 5:39:00 PM by Alhazred23


 25 Flash Of Sonic, Mon, 5th Sep '11 5:49:13 PM from Scarlet Devil Mansion Get RP Mod
Blade of Embrace
I know it sounds like Wario, but I'm roleplaying here.

Anyway, the Comforting rules can help reduce Stress faster.
Total posts: 2,326
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