Worst case of Damn You Muscle Memory you've experienced?:

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This thread is for those time where you confuse the control scheme of two similar yet different games and do something that might work there, but not in this game, and it actually screws you over badly.

Describe your worst case of Damn You Muscle Memory here.
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2 Firebert4th Sep 2011 01:46:37 PM from Somewhere in Illinois
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I always hate switching between Halo and Modern Warfare. The jarring difference in the left trigger's function messes me up pretty badly.
3 Komodin4th Sep 2011 01:53:49 PM from Windy Hill Zone , Relationship Status: I like big bots and I can not lie
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The Homing Attack control scheme in the HD version of Sonic Unleashed vs.... pretty much every post-1998 Sonic title before and since. There have been a huge number of times I tried to do a Homing Attack, like I usually with a Sonic game, only to either fall flat on my face or boost-jettison myself a couple miles away into a bottomless pit when I finally remember that you have to, in the case of the 360 version, press X in the air instead of just A again in order to do it. Still love the game to bits, though, don't get me wrong, but that little change was rather... jarring.
4 Tarsen4th Sep 2011 01:55:09 PM from FC: 2165-5763-7629 , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
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going from Nocturne NTSC-U to PAL

they switch around the auto button, and change the way you cancel it. causing a lot of accidental game overs throughout the entire game.

now that my PAL version no longer works and ive had to switch back to NTSC-U, its just happening in reverse.

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5 RocketDude4th Sep 2011 02:07:24 PM from AZ, United States
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Bouncing around the control schemes for Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Spiral Knights gets a little confusing.
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6 Emperordaein4th Sep 2011 02:27:08 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Hugging my pillow
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I really want to know the genius at Bioware that thought making the X Button both skip and select dialogue options in Mass Effect was a good idea. And the worst part is that they did it TWICE!
7 Sabbo4th Sep 2011 02:28:46 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
Anything where the analog stick points in one direction and can't be changed compared to anything where it points in the other direction and can't be changed. My preference is for the Y-axis to always be inverted, and the X-axis to be inverted in third-person games.
8 Neo_Crimson4th Sep 2011 02:29:08 PM from behind your lines.
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Switching between DS models has cost me about 6 hours worth of playtime when I accidentally hit the power switch when playing Pokemon White.sad
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9 foodbattle4th Sep 2011 02:48:24 PM from Tahiti (it's a magical place)
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I've lost matches in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 because I was trying to block Mortal Kombat style.
10 Spirit4th Sep 2011 02:51:40 PM from America , Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
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I really want to know the genius at Bioware that thought making the X Button both skip and select dialogue options in Mass Effect was a good idea. And the worst part is that they did it TWICE!

That's not really a case of Damn You, Muscle Memory!, but it is a pain in the ass! At least give us a bigger window between skipping and interruption!

11 Schitzo4th Sep 2011 02:52:23 PM from Akumajou Dracula , Relationship Status: LA Woman, you're my woman
INB 4 switching to and fro between DevilMayCry 1 and 3. Fucking jump button.
In Oblivion use is [Space] and jump is [E]. In Gamebryo Fallouts this is reversed. This confused me a little when I was alternating between playing Oblivion and F3.

The only time this has happened to me, really.

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13 Tatsumar4th Sep 2011 04:27:54 PM from The Rift , Relationship Status: In season
They placed the power button right where the start button was on the 3DS. Just why? Why Nintendo?
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14 feotakahari4th Sep 2011 06:13:32 PM from Looking out at the city
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The original Splinter Cell uses left-mouse to fire lethal rounds and right-mouse to fire nonlethal rounds. Most missions give you only lethal rounds, and require you to kill, but some missions give you both lethal and nonlethal rounds, and require you not to kill (but let you use the lethal rounds to destroy parts of the environment.) It is very, very frustrating to line up a headshot, then immediately fail the level because I accidentally fired a lethal round instead of a nonlethal round.
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jumping from Marvel Versus Capcom 2 to Guilty Gear X2 felt like this. So much.

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16 Narmer4th Sep 2011 08:08:04 PM from some state in Mexico.
I got a really bad one when playing DMC 3 on my computer because it went like this: DMC 3 (1st install)> Chantelise (Similar controls)> DMC 3 (2nd install different configuration than the first time and different from Chantelise)

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17 MisterC4th Sep 2011 08:25:23 PM from roughly over there , Relationship Status: Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this here Shotgun
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Recently restarted playing to Demon's souls and just before that I was playing Bayonetta, so for the first 2 or 3 hours of De S, I kept pressing Triangle to attack. Not so bad against the individual enemies. On a boss like Tower Knight or against an invading player ? Might mess you up a bit.
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18 neobowman4th Sep 2011 09:05:29 PM from Unidentified Proxy , Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
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I've only played two FP Ses on PC so

I go to Halo 2 for the first time in a while after playing TF 2. I try to zoom my BR, I throw a grenade right at a rock in front of me. (That. Was the worst throw ever. Of all time.) Plus when I try to change weapons, it does nothing.
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Going to Star Fox 64 from any game that gives me an invert axis option.

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Going from Mario to Little Big Planet is a little jarring to say the least.
21 Signer4th Sep 2011 09:55:14 PM from Under your bed
Etrian Odyssey 3....

I was at a branching path. I wanted to see what the path I'm not planning to choose looks like(dialogues etc.), so I chose it with the intent to close the game and choose the right one after wards.

When I went to the inn(game save) to talk to the NPC there, I saved by accident due to constantly mashing the "a" button...so doesn't matter if the game asks if I'm sure I want to save, I never read that message to begin with.
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Oh yeah. Overwriting my sisters Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town save was bad. (Its not my fault that it's so darn easy to save over both slots!)
23 djmaca4th Sep 2011 10:09:13 PM from Philippines
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Rune Factory 3.... Got confused with the eat/keep/give buttons. I was to give my last flower of the season to Raven. Instead, I ACCIDENTALLY pushed the "eat" option.
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24 GiantRobots4th Sep 2011 10:36:40 PM from Victoria Harbour , Relationship Status: I like big bots and I can not lie
I died 5 times in DX:HR's tutorial level because I couldn't get used to the cover mechanics and confused the crouch key, and the first time I played Mass Effect 1, I accidentally threw a frag grenade inside the Normandy.

I usually have a standard control scheme for every shooter I play, "E" would always be crouch, "C" or "Q" would be the Use key, "F" for zooming or grenade throwing, and "Shift" or "Z" for sprinting.
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Going from Devil May Cry 4 to No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise was a pain. Mostly because X is kick in NMH and dodge in DMC, meaning I would end up standing still kicking at the air while a boss murdered me. Good thing NMH is a fairly easy game.

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