Cleaning Audio Erotica from related pages.:

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1 helterskelter3rd Sep 2011 09:54:00 AM , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
For the most part, Audio Erotica is used as "I find this voice sexy", which isn't the trope. The trope is the character is supposed to sound sexy, by authorial intent. Generally it means someone in-universe acknowledging their voice, or Word of God.

I'm doing a large scale clean-up of 656 pages it's found in, working from the top-down.

EDIT: Finished punctuated titles and A-S and partially T. Currently found in 213 articles.

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I'll work up from the Zs.

EDIT: Got x-z and the bottom half of the Ws. Not sure what the YMMV.Yggdra Union example is trying to say, so left it for someone more familiar with the material.

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3 helterskelter7th Sep 2011 03:04:15 PM , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
I feel there are some unclear aspects about Audio Erotica. If a character suddenly dresses up sexy and uses a sexy Marilyn Monroe voice different from her own, I would argue that you clearly have a case of Audio Erotica. So I do leave those. But if a character always has a sexy Marilyn Monroe voice and no other character acknowledges it, I don't think it is. This is true, yes?

Also, singing. Singing should always sound good. It's supposed to, so I don't find it a valid example. But if you hear moaning and groaning and generally orgasmic singing, what then? This one I am undecided on.

I've been removing examples of Potholeing where I see a character listed as sexy voice, since that implies it's a personal thing.

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4 helterskelter12th Jan 2012 08:07:41 AM , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
DONE. Finally. Some of them mysteriously won't go away (like Cinema Snob's, despite using all of my known techniques for finding hidden potholes), but I'm done. Found currently in 115 entries. Meaning only 18% of them were actually examples. Still! I win. Calling for lock.

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5 shimaspawn12th Jan 2012 08:09:31 AM from Here and Now , Relationship Status: In your bunk
Nice work there. I'll lock this one since it's finished. Kudos for all your hard work.
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