Words that you just can't spell right:

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51 Malph27th Jul 2012 09:32:50 AM from The middle of somewhere , Relationship Status: I want you to want me
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  • Necessary because I always end up doubling the C's.
  • Committing because of that 2nd T that decides to show up with the "ing". NO ONE INVITED YOU!
  • Connoisseur. It doesn't help that I misspell it so badly the spellchecker can't help me.

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53 Matues27th Jul 2012 09:41:48 AM from eye on the horizon , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
I always misspell Villian Vilian Villain too.
54 Kerrah27th Jul 2012 03:57:25 PM from Helsinki, Finland
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Words that end with -sy or -cy. I never remember which consonant it is, because it's pronounced the freaking same.


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55 phoenixdaughterAM27th Jul 2012 04:03:52 PM from Cursed college , Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
I usually 'mispell' misspell

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57 BearyScary27th Jul 2012 07:29:32 PM , Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
Embarass Embarrass (does it really need TWO Rs and Ses?!)

Immeadiate Immediate
58 LooseCannon27th Jul 2012 07:39:41 PM from Everywhere and Nowhere
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Necessary, villain, and Minnesota.
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Definitely used to be one for me.

I'd spell it definitly.

(This was also back when I didn't know the difference between than and then. It was a dark time.)
60 FurikoMaru27th Jul 2012 07:45:38 PM from The Arrogant Wasteland , Relationship Status: He makes me feel like I have a heart
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I don't give two shits what anyone says, exhasperated looks better with an h.

Parasol Star Memories
I have to actively remember how to spell rhapsody. Everyone around me prounounced it as "rasphody", so until I started playing SWR, that's how I spelled it until spellcheck righted me. Now it's lodged in my brain, but I still have to think about it.
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62 InverurieJones28th Jul 2012 11:57:59 AM from North of the Wall. , Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
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63 Trivialis5th Oct 2012 09:45:52 PM from contemplation
Beaurocrat. Wait, bureaucrat.
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Accidentally. Accommodation. Academy. Acknowledge. Apparently.

There's a bunch more that I can spell right but I mangle the pronunciation. Necessary has never given me trouble, since in year 5 my friend and I made a random memnonic (sp?) for it:

[down]Forgot about that one.

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65 TamH706th Oct 2012 02:05:40 AM , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Well this one, apparantly. tongue Apparently that is how it is speeled, I alwasy used to add that extru "a".
66 MrMallard6th Oct 2012 03:42:12 AM from Australia, mate
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I used to have so much trouble spelling extinguisher.

I still have trouble spelling restaurant sometimes.
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Definately definitely, resieve receive and ahhilation annihilation

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"Enviroment". I only recently discovered there's an "n" after "o" :/
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69 wuggles6th Oct 2012 10:56:36 AM from Miami, FL , Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
Tongue (I always say tounge or tonuge), exercise (I put excercise or sometimes even excersise), everything (I put evreything).
70 Haldo6th Oct 2012 11:00:23 AM from Never never land , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
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Definitely, tongue

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71 Trivialis6th Oct 2012 11:06:55 AM from contemplation
I wonder if there's anyone that misspells "Whensday". tongue
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72 KylerThatch6th Oct 2012 11:10:30 AM , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
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For me, it's "qutoeblock".
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73 Bananaquit6th Oct 2012 12:58:41 PM from The Darién Gap , Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
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74 KatanaCat6th Oct 2012 03:02:43 PM from a castle in the sky , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
I'm very typo-prone right now. Sometimes I end up typing en entirely different word. It's like my hands have (supid, stupid) minds of their own. I'm constantly going back and fixing them, usually. However, there is one word, which, ever since I gained an interest in a certain series, has been typo'd a bit more than all the rest.

Friendship. I keep accidentally typing it with the I and E mixed up. The problem seems to be clearing up, though. I also couldn't spell "since" until I was about 13.
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75 Inhopelessguy6th Oct 2012 03:04:13 PM from Birmingham Ctl, UK , Relationship Status: Wanna dance with somebody





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