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1 JTheGreat24th Aug 2011 10:24:24 PM from Everywhere and Nowhere
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Any judokas out there? I've been doing judo for about a year now, and I'm about to be promoted to yellow-belt. How did you get introduced to judo? What do you like about it? What rank are you? Discuss!
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Yes, through the YMCA, green belt, just going back to new classes at college.

It's fun! grin
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3 JTheGreat1st Sep 2011 06:03:29 AM from Everywhere and Nowhere
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I do judo through the Y, too :D. It's pretty well-priced compared to private dojos, since I only have to pay for quarterly Y membership and yearly USJF membership :).
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6'2, 235lbs. Doing Judo since Sept. 2011. I'd lost a lot of weight and a friend recommended Judo to me help keep it off. Obtained my green belt in March 2012. I'm very fond of Yoko Otoshi, Tai Otoshi, Hikikomi Gaeshi, Uchi Mata and Osotogari (even if Sensei says it's a low percentage throw). I'm not that fond of the simple throws like footsweeps and Seoi Nages, though I use 'em sometimes. I have good grip, good endurance and I'm quicker than I look. I need to attack more and need to learn more combinations.

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5 Ghost556th Dec 2014 07:21:47 AM from Munich , Relationship Status: She's holding a very large knife
Another Judo troper checking in. Harai Goshi and drop knee seoi nage are my favorite throws.
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