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51 daltar6th Sep 2011 09:56:42 PM from the fantasy of green. Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
The Maid
And most of the people that expressed interest have made characters. Hmmm though I would like to get word from Aralyn and Shadowbell...
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Faceless stranger
You should probably PM them, then.

Or something.
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53 daltar7th Sep 2011 05:39:28 PM from the fantasy of green. Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
The Maid
RP has been started.
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Faceless stranger

Would you do the honor of setting us up a discussion thread as well, Daltar?
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55 daltar7th Sep 2011 07:26:47 PM from the fantasy of green. Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
The Maid
Fear not! For such a thing has already been taken care off!
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Faceless stranger
You're the bestest! -hugz!-
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Macinatrix Insana
Name: Sadako Urbanowicz

Age: 16

Sexuality: Openly lesbian

Appearance: Tall and thin with shoulder-length black hair. Average...endowment. Her facial features are unmistakeably half-western. When not in school, often wears a jacket with a small Lithuanian flag above the heart.

Personality: Sadako is the kind of girl who seldom gets bored. Whenever she has downtime she passes it by drawing. She doesn't go out of her way to get to know everybody, preferring to stick to a small group of close friends. Her father is fairly well-off, but she's by no means the richest girl in the school.

Skills: Skilled artist, decent at judo, fluent in Lithuanian, good student.

Biography: Sadako was born and raised in Toyko, daughter of a Lithuanian businessman and his Japanese wife. Her childhood was fairly normal, apart from the occasional family trip to Europe. From an early age, she's shown a talent for drawing, and her parents have encouraged her, always willing to buy her art supplies. Her father recently accepted a job offer in Kansai, and moved the Urbanowicz family there. This meant a new town, a new school, and new friends.
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58 daltar7th Sep 2011 09:10:50 PM from the fantasy of green. Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
The Maid
Approved, Shadowbell.

May she find a nice place in our Kansai city~
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Macinatrix Insana
Thanks. I'll try to make my first post tomorrow after classes. G'night.
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60 daltar7th Sep 2011 09:37:02 PM from the fantasy of green. Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
The Maid
Night Shadowbell.
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  • Name: Rebecca Schumacher
  • Age: 51
  • Sexuality: She doesn't think that's anyone's business.
  • Appearance: Long, curly black hair that's graying rapidly, small circular spectacles, pale white skin, 5'2", short and plump body.
  • Personality: Rebecca takes her job very seriously. She is no nonsense professionally, but has a good sense of humor, and is quite relaxed once she gets to know someone more. Though she may seem strict initially, she cares deeply for her students, and would give her left leg for any of them.
  • Skills: Rebecca is a school counselor, and is considered by many to be one of the best at her job. In her spare time, she plays the violin, and has a huge soft spot for bowling.
  • Biography: Rebecca grew up in San Francisco, California, where she had a fairly non-eventful, average life. During college, she decided to travel abroad to Japan for a couple of years. Upon seeing many of the social issues plaguing the country, she decided to settle there after getting her Master's in Psychology, so she could do her part to help. It was a long and grueling process, but eventually, she was able to find work as a counselor at a high school in Kansai City. She's resided there for about 20 years now, where she's lived a satisfied life helping students with their problems.

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62 KiriAme8th Sep 2011 03:25:31 AM Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Giving love a bad name
Thom Raiwhat?
Well, now that Bidoof's posted his, it's time for mine. ^_^

  • Name: Mallory Schumacher
  • Age: 16
  • Sexuality: The thought of sex or romance barely even crosses her mind.
  • Appearance: Quite tall for her age, with Asian features and smooth, pale skin. Clearly doesn't resemble her mother, Rebecca, in the slightest. Mallory is stunningly beautiful and highly aware of it, accentuating her beauty however possible. She wears a myriad of colourful contact lenses, and dyes streaks of red and bronze colour into her long, well-cared-for, jet-black hair. She also never goes out in public without a healthy layer of flawlessly-applied makeup.
  • Personality: Mallory is highly intelligent and brutally honest, often saying exactly what is on her mind without any sort of regard for people's feelings. This and her compulsive need to constantly gossip serve to make her come across as a complete bitch. Which she really is, in a lot of ways. She is aware of her own considerable talents and will flaunt them at any opportunity. Her greatest dream is to be a singer/songwriter in her own right. She does not like people in general very much, but she loves her mother and enjoys socialising in order to find out new pieces of gossip.
  • Skills: A student who gets straight A's for effort and straight C's for attitude, Mallory basks in the knowledge that she is one of those infuriating people who can get by with little or no effort. She is a reasonably good musician, with a generically good voice and command of piano, guitar and violin, and an excellent songwriter who can write genuinely moving music and lyrics.
  • Biography: Mallory is Rebecca's adopted daughter. Originally born in Korea, she was quickly adopted by the counsellor and shipped off to her new life in Japan, where she promptly began to carve a path in society as a raging bitch. Throughout her life, she has had everything she could have ever really wanted; her mother, while by no means rich, earned enough to keep her daughter happy.
Anyway here's Blackwall
63 daltar8th Sep 2011 06:15:10 AM from the fantasy of green. Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
The Maid
Approved the both them.

An interesting pair for sure... Hope to see what you two have planned for them.
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Does this apply any more? Or are we all normal people here?
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65 ckretaznman8th Sep 2011 06:31:35 PM from Everybody's Fantasies Get RP Mod
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Apparently it could apply when it happens.
Alright, I'll give this a shot, given that I can use a Robot Girl.

  • Name: Koruichi (Koru-1) Senkan
  • Age: 18 months since the day she was first worked on. 15 days since she left the factory.
  • Sexuality: She's a robot, people. Make that what you will tongue
  • Appearance: In the outside, Koru-1 looks like a standard Girls Love character, with silvery, shoulder-length hair, a pale complexion and an average, if not slender built. Her face was modeled after a particular teen idol, with dreamy eyes, slender yet long nose, leveled brows, thin lips and a generally cute expression, originally for the purpose of rousing the morale of soldiers in her squad.
  • Personality: Most of the time, she would act like a generic Girls Love eroge character, who manages to be ditzy, naive, innocent and cute in an endearing kind of way. Some of the time, though, her personality would change 180 degree, into a brutally calculating soldier who swears like a trooper, as trigger happy as humanly possible. At said times, her voice would become several octave lower as well as being infinitely more threatening...
  • Skills:

Koru-1 is supposedly armored to the teeth and armed with a number of devastating, next-gen weapons, including an experimental Gauss rail gun that fires an anti-materiel slug, an ear-mounted CIWS micro-flak cannons that fire antipersonnel needle rounds and a prototype adaptive forcefield capable of greatly reducing damage. In times of great duress, she can also stress her reactors and motor system to the limit, greatly increasing all her performance stats, an ability not-so-subtly dubbed "Finest Hour" by the lead engineer of TEC.

Or at least, that was what her creator advertised to the Japanese Defense Force. In truth, for the purpose of her altered mission, all of her deadly weapons had been taken away and replaced by joke versions of themselves. Her rail gun is replaced with a high-pressure water gun, her CIWS shooting condensed water vapor, and her adaptive forcefield so altered as to be able to block only punches and kicks in order to conserve energy. (Un)fortunately, her Finest Hour could not be removed, owing to it being built into her systems. Also, all of her heavy-duty composite armor had been removed, resulting in a relatively unprotected body not dissimilar to other human teenage girls.

  • Biography:

Koru-1 is a prototype combat robot made by the Tokyo Engineering Corporation (TEC) as part of its $34 billion bid to the Japanese Defense Force to supply them with humanoid combat machines. Unlike her predecessors, the Akkan, Marza, Sova and Dunov classes, which were modified from household robots, Koru is supposed to be the first dedicated combat robot ever made in the company's 70 years of history, armed with an array of heavy weapons. She was designed by the best of TEC's engineers and supposedly programmed with the personality of an ideal soldier and leader of men on the field of battle...

... that was, until the company realized all too late that the "soldierly" personality had been badly implemented several days before she was supposed to be handed over to the army, far too late for any last-minute adjustment. The company's higher-ups were mortified - giving a defect product to the army is a death sentence to their business for good reasons. They were largely unable to find a good solution to this problem, until a particular daring greenhorn engineer suggested another solution: Modifying Koru-1 into an experimental social robot to test the social interaction capability of the Koru-class combat robots. After all, the best combat robot should, as have been proven by many theories and fiction, be able to fight and not act like an emotionless asshole to her squadmates. To this purpose he suggested a radical move - send the robot into an all-girl's school in order to test her ability to adapt to a social background to further refine her personality.

The engineer's decision was approved with gusto from the higher-ups, and he spent the next three days reprogramming Koru-1's personality to fit her new purpose. Fortunately, the engineer was a closet Yuri Fanboy and lover of romance Visual Novel, so he tried to reprogram her exactly as a female lead in a Girls Love eroge he had played some time before. Unfortunately, his programming was incomplete, leading to a bizarre personality where, while Koru would mostly act like a naive, sweet and innocent cutie, at certain times she would revert to her standard soldierly personality. This is especially true whenever she activates her Finest Hour abiity, which completely and utterly overrides her normal personality.

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67 ckretaznman9th Sep 2011 08:39:32 AM from Everybody's Fantasies Get RP Mod
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Also, you're probably thinking about Robo Ship.

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68 BlixtySlycat9th Sep 2011 12:25:16 PM from Driving the Rad Hazard Get RP Mod
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what's this about yuri now.
go ahead and do every stupid thing you can imagine
69 deathpigeon9th Sep 2011 12:27:25 PM Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: One True Dodecahedron
You wanna join us?
70 ckretaznman9th Sep 2011 12:27:56 PM from Everybody's Fantasies Get RP Mod
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Yuri = Les Yay + Girls Love + Girl-on-Girl Is Hot

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71 AnnoR9th Sep 2011 09:10:23 PM from Honnouji Academy Get RP Mod
"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
  • Name: Hanabusa Momoko
  • Age: 16
  • Sexuality: Lesbian, and she's not even slightly in the closet. She's quite proud of it, really.
  • Appearance: Momoko is somewhat shorter then her classmates of the same age, and her black hair reaches to her lower back in sheer length. Her chest is fair sized but not particularly large, and she's got a somewhat slender in bodyshape. Her features could perhaps be labled moe by anyone who would be so inclined to call her that.
  • Personality: Momoko's favorite passtime is to troll. When trolling, she will put on a totally deadpan expression and tone and say the most completely bizarre things(sometimes in conjunction with strange objects) to induce confusion, surprise and whatever other emotions may crop up. When she's not being a merciless troll, she can prove to be a caring person who enjoys company. Along with this, she occasionally proves herself to be surprisingly perverse. When something emotionally distressing manages to break through to her, she generally becomes very upset, a sharp contrast to her normal attitude. One of the things liable to upset her is mention of her father, and very large vehicles tend to make her nervous.
  • Skills: Apart from being quite adept at running, Momoko doesn't have much in the way of unique skills.
  • Biography: Momoko's life was mostly normal, though she's been a troll since first grade. Her life was average until she hit eight years old. Her father was killed when struck by a semi truck driven by a reckless driver. The incident was greatly upsetting for her, as one would expect, but she has gotten over her father's death. She remains nervous around large vehicles due to the accident and sometimes misses her father, but she mostly retains her trolling ways. She discovered that she likes girls only a year after her father's death, and instantly accepted that fact(and nowadays puts some pride into it).

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72 daltar9th Sep 2011 09:15:34 PM from the fantasy of green. Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: All is for my lord
The Maid
Approved, Anno.

Argh, sorry for the late answer Argeus.

I would like to keep things normal for a little while... So no combat robot girls for now. I'm sorry.

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73 deathpigeon9th Sep 2011 09:17:39 PM Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: One True Dodecahedron
[up][up] If you post about her getting to class now, I can make her interact with Yuki (read they accidentally run into each other.)
74 RainehDaze10th Sep 2011 03:33:23 PM from Scotland Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Mu
[up][up] Well, that's going to mesh oddly with this... XD

To be honest, I have no 'logical' ideas at the moment, so I'll just leave this here for posterity. ^^;

  • Name: Sakura Nekomi/Nekomi Sakura (Eastern/Western).
  • Age: 17
  • Sexuality: Lesbian and completely silent on the matter, though some of her actions tend to give it away... subtlety really isn't one of her strong points, though certain other things make it clear.
  • Appearance: Like so many others, Nekomi is tall. However, she's not content to merely stop at 'unusually tall for a Japanese schoolgirl' but instead reaches the slightly scary height of six foot three, which is tall for anyone. This combines with her flat chest to give Nekomi an extremely boyish figure... though to confuse the tall girl for a male would still take a considerable amount of effort. Her physique, for instance, is lithe rather than muscular, and her face is a textbook example of the word 'bishoujo', apart from the odd fangs and well-hidden scars that mar her flesh. Then, of course, there is her hair: it's a perfect Hime Cut, with perhaps one difference...

    A Hime Cut is rarely longer than the person is tall and electric purple* . The fringe and side-locks may be of normal length but the rest trails on the floor behind her. Apart from anything else, this suggests that Nekomi's hair has never been properly cut and she was a rather strange collection of genes. After all, it's not just anyone that can grow hair so long... though it's a wonder why anyone would want to or attempt to, or how they would keep it so bizarrely neat. It is very good at hiding something, however, when combined with clothing and enough white ribbons...

    Due to her rather unusual personality, Nekomi has a tendency to forget to get changed after kendo and often ends up ambling around minus exactly one piece of the armour—the helmet. This, naturally, is rather strange and has the other side effect that she tends to forget to put footwear on roughly half the time (exactly as often as she forgets to change back to normal clothes). As well as forgetting to put on her glasses, which causes even more problems.
  • Personality: As may have been gathered from her choice of clothing—and the way she maintains hair so ridiculously long—and tendency to stare at other girls at unfortunate times, Nekomi isn't entirely down to Earth. This constant absent-mindedness results in a certain level of Book Dumb, in contrast to her outward appearance. However, underneath the cheerily detached from reality façade, there's a cynic that at some point completely broke and went from outwardly aloof to genially insane. This, of course, was after a brief period involving lots of bloodshed on everyone's parts...
  • Skills: Cooking and absolutely anything and everything involving sharp objects. Maintenance, general knowledge, use... if it has a blade, Nekomi is the person to go to, for some reason. Her other skills resolve around considerable athletic talent—specifically, kendo (where, for some reason, she chose to use two weapons rather than one... though it is a perfectly valid school) and natural acrobatic ability. The latter seems to fail her a lot, though it might just be due to forgetting her glasses and not looking where she's going. Unsurprisingly, cats seem to like her.
  • Biography: Nekomi's parents (or were they creators? Who knows?) died at a young age, which really didn't help the large girl get off to a good start in life. People were, in general, rather nasty, which taught her to hide her unusual features as much as possible. Things ultimately continued in this vein until Junior High, when someone from another school expressed interest in the shy, athletic girl. Much to Nekomi's misfortune, she had ended up in a relationship with an abusive Yakuza Princess... and there was absolutely nothing she could say to stop it, not without risking her life. Eventually, the older girl tired of the relationship and Nekomi's submissiveness and broke it off—saying, specifically that she was 'bored with her pet'.

    It was the worst possible choice. Somehow, blood managed to coat every possible surface.

    Afterwards, the purple-haired girl somehow managed to evade retribution from any source—quite possibly because there was no way anyone could suspect the broken-seeming girl of having cut the older girl to ribbons. She did, however, opt to go to a school far, far away from where she lived... and her guardians were only too keen to get rid of her. Worryingly, the large girl managed to construct a cheerful outlook on things, despite living on her own in a run-down apartment full of feral cats. She's done a lot better at keeping her unusual features hidden here: the revealing of a selection of her scars was more than enough to convince the school to let her change away from the other students.

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75 desdendelle10th Sep 2011 05:25:28 PM from Drangleic Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: It's complicated
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-Shows up-
I show interest in this. However, I do not know if I will sign up - this is a bit outside my scope, and seven R Ps (albeit very slow ones) are quite a lot to juggle.
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