Cookie Jar TV: Doomed?:

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I am tired of Cookie Jar's procrastinating attitude towards their CBS block, Cookie Jar TV!

They always refuse to give info on what they are airing in the Fall until only a few week til the premiere of the new seasons. Comparing it to how DIC released info on changes, and you will find out the laziness!

Also, Cookie Jar would shaft some shows while giving other shows TWO or even THREE showings per three-hour block! DIC, at least, was more competent during THEIR THREE SEASONS controlling CBS' Sat AM block (The KEW Lopolis era), insuring every 30-minute slot on the block to be devoted to a different program!

Lastly, in the most recent season (2010-2011), their block is 100% reruns. Compare it to NBC's Qubo, where at least it is offering new episodes that season, even if it is just for one show (Turbo Dogs).

This is the last season for Cookie Jar TV, so they better SHAPE UP OR GET OUT!

What do you guys think?


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3 RandomChaos16th Aug 2011 07:20:14 AM from My own little world
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What the dub are you talking about>
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Canada station?
Kyun: It is a Sat AM children's programming black of CBS.


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Actually, they a propensity to NOT RELEASE info on their CBS block until a few weeks before line-up changes start.

Cookie Jar needed to leak info on their fall line-up NOW!

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That's right, everyone!

Cookie Jar TV is actually discontinuing and will be replaced by another line-up called Team Toon.
Actually the name change was a lie, as the block is still called Cookie Jar TV!
When will they change to roster?
It is August 2012, and CBS has not released any info on any Saturday Morning line-up.

Given that the other networks offering blocks (ABC, NBC, and CW) has dumped their old blocks in favor of new deals, I am hoping that CBS would DUMP Cookie Jar, especially since the previous season was not only all-rerun, but it also shared some shows with This TV's Cookie Jar block!

What do you think?

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[up]As long as the people who gave us Dino Squad are hurt in some way, I am okay with this.
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Question: When will CBS release any info on the future of their Sat AM roster?

14 JMQwilleran19th Aug 2012 01:37:54 PM from Dayton, Ohio , Relationship Status: Singularity
I hear this. The only show I watch on there is Danger Rangers and that's only because I first saw the show a while back and didn't get to see most of the episodes. It's not like they're making new episodes or anything.
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I never really followed Cookie Jar's stuff much, but this is probably relevant to people who do:

They have been acquired by DHX Media (which owns the studio behind My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, among many other things), so it wouldn't appear to be dead quite yet. It has just changed hand.
16 Shota21st Aug 2012 04:34:29 PM , Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
Well there was a BIG chance they would be bought by somebody because they haven't been doing well.

I ALSO think the sheer fame of MLP:FIM made DHX successful enough to buy an entire company.
New roster debuts on September 22.

One new show is added it's roster: Liberty's Kids. It will be joined by the Doodlebops and Busytown Mysteries!

Cookie Jar is going to air two episodes of each series every week!

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