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[up]@bottom of post: No, I'm not saying that.* I'm more concerned about the examples where by "fans" they meant "fansub downloaders which the creators care little about".*

With reception of fans that the creators have shown to care about, well, maybe it doesn't need to be in the intro section, but just the tropes that it affected? Like say, hypothetically:

Cerebus Syndrome: Season 3 onwards. Word of God from (source) says that this was due to viewers getting tired of the low level of drama season 2 had.
I wonder if this can work...

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Reception is the only reason for well

It's super effective.
As a lifelong non-fan of Star Wars (albeit with a soft spot for Tartakovsky's Star Wars: Clone Wars), I'm a little peeved by this bit on A New Hope.

So famous is the film, in fact, that this page isn't even going to bother summarizing the plot. In fact, that plot itself is in some ways irrelevant. It's all about how it's presented.

Now, it undeniably has an influence on sci-fi tropes and numerous filmmakers and writers, but that statement seems too...what's the word...self-congratulatory?
I cut it. Just like a review for any other movie. They go in Reviews.
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Should someone add a plot summary to replace it, then?
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I honestly think that "the plot is irrelevant" part was not intended as saying the film is too well known to bother talking about it, but rather that the plot is of little interest compared to, say, visuals, setting concepts or action sequences.

Still doesn't belong, though. Clichéd and thin as it is, it is more important than in true ExcusePlots like many videogames, or shows with nonsensical plots like Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt or Nyarko-san.
It's super effective.
But that's exactly what the first sentence I quoted SAYS. "So famous is the film, that this page isn't even going to bother summarizing the plot."
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Thumped for switching the discussion from the topic to a person. Doesn't take many of this kind of thump to bring a suspension. Stay on the topic, not the people in the discussion.

It's super effective.
The "memorable moments" or similar bullet point bits on From Russia with Love, The Spy Who Loved Me, For Your Eyes Only and The World Is Not Enough, would that count as gushing?
They look like trivia, really.
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I'm a bit curious about this page, because apparently the author started up the page and stuff, and I kinda want to know if there's anything that can be cleaned up in the way of gushing and YMMV things? surprised
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The second paragraph of the description for Yaoi Tales is really just a very positive review of it.

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Yeah, that paragraph can be ditched without losing anything useful.
How about a major cleanup of Doing It for the Art? That's been turned into trivia, but there's still a lot of gushing worthy of Sugar Wiki. Since it's trivia, I suggest turning into a Word of God-only thing, but it's everyone's call.
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I think Jericho is the first work article I've seen so overloaded with gushing in its description that made me want to stop reading it. For example:

"[...] plus it's highly quotable, as can be seen from the quotes on This Very Wiki."

Bullcrap. I checked every related article and not a single one has a quote. And even if it did, that's no reason to shove this into the description.
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Please help with Woolseyism: it has a lot of gushing/misuse, where people simply list (in great verbitude) translations that they appreciate but don't add any bonus value, or even translations that weren't botched (for example: see what I previously cut from the entry for Dragon Ball Z)...
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Dead Fic is not only full of gushing, but has a description that seems to encourage it.
It's super effective.
I feel uneasy at approaching Elisabeth Sladen. Maybe it's a Dead Artists Are Better or Never Speak Ill of the Dead thing, even though she's been gone for two and a half years. Can someone without a connection to Doctor Who or The Sarah Jane Adventures take a stab at it?
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Bit of a project here:

So... So Cool, It's Awesome is pretty much just gushing about a work you like. It's also supposed to be Sugar Wiki, and according to Ask The Tropers, shouldn't be on a work's YMMV, but the majority of its 568 wicks are.

I'm going to begin going through and cutting the ones that are an entry on a YMMV page and just gushing. I'm currently doing a few other projects as well, so any help would be appreciated.

Related pages:
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Also just came across this: Doctor Steel.

I don't know if it's a joke I'm missing, or if it's been done by overrabid fans, but it's sort of weird.
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Eliezer Yudkowsky is as gush-heavy as one might expect.
What's precedent ever done for us?
I did some heavy cleaning on Eliezer Yudkowsky.
Let's just say and leave it at that.
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Pendleton Ward needs some heavy de-gushing. It's also mentioned on the discussion tab.
I think I de-gushed it but now it's one sentence because there was so little to salvage. If someone wants to pick out some actual information related to him and not his shows or his awesomeness then please do, rather cut too much than too little.

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The page for Ralph Bakshi is full of gushing, especially in the description and some of the examples.

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