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Here are some of the planned sequels!

2) Teen from the first book chases a living weapon made by angels, and in saving said weapon's little sister, expands his harem by well over 9000.

3) Teenage Hero battles his teachers for ownership of an Evil Weapon which turns into what appears to be an Evangelion when its satisfied with the fighting...oops!

4) Teenage Hero pursues an omnisexual pervert who wants to make a giant halo appear in the sky.

5) Breather Novel. The Teenage Hero, the above pervert and sister to a living weapon must stop a guy from waking up his Apocalypse Maiden sister.

6) The Teenage Hero must stop a monster from making all the urban legends in the world a reality by the consequence of its existence. Involves a lot of former background characters.
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My original works are both NaNoWriMo ongoing projects. (I wrote three, but I'm only continuing with two.)

The Eyes of Truth: A young man Aaron and his clone, Karlo join the army in order to save their father who was taken as a prisoner of war.

The Celestial Legend: A priest named Lucian and his three followers Ivan, Evelina, and Dylan are all searching for the Celestial Key, a holy relic that is said to bring peace to their declining world. Loosely based on Journey to the West.

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