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Aquarion Evol:

Wow. DAT MUSIC. Amazing how pretending to be dead can be so profound. Nice character development too.

Guys, I think I was legitimately touched by all that.

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That makes 2 of us.
Make that three. Shame that Mykage is probably going to ruin it all by sending Kagura there at the end.


Sazanka's Element power is 腐食力 (the power of corrosion)

Kagura - Used to live in the slums until he was found by Mykage. Apparently his power awakened when he met Mikono.

Mykage - He went to sleep because he had overexerted his power.

Jin - he was proud and conceited, and a 2D freak who had no interest in real women.

Izumo - His mom, Oriza Kamurogi was one of the proponents of Ianthe.(Ianthe = city capital of Altair)

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 255 Arilou, Tue, 10th Apr '12 2:45:02 AM from Quasispace
Taller than Zim
"You want me to lick you too?"

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Kagura is now my official favorite character. Its nice to finally have a lot of his personality confirmed.

But one thing worries me.

the nagging worry that the 12, 000 year love WONT be rekindled and Apollo and Sylvie actually never get back together

edited 10th Apr '12 11:33:41 AM by Midgetsnowman

Going Forth!
New episode out.


she finally told Amata she loved him. and the sheer power of her love activated SUPER DIMENSIONAL MUGEN PUNCH. Complete with the original Genesis of Aquarion theme

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Going Forth!
 258 Arilou, Mon, 16th Apr '12 2:18:56 AM from Quasispace
Taller than Zim
"Damnit Malloy! Holes are my thing!"

"No, the Singularity will not happen. Computation is hard." -Happy Ent
 259 Cassie, Mon, 16th Apr '12 3:00:36 AM from Malaysia, but where?
The armored raven
Sazanka, you are such a 'fujoshi'.... Talk about literal personality superpower

But dangit Fudoh, you are adding emphasis where it shouldn't....[lol]

edited 16th Apr '12 3:04:00 AM by Cassie

What profit is it to a man, when he gains his money, but loses his internet? Anonymous 16:26 I believe...
also it was amusing as hell seeing Shushu go "Tsuki?" along with everyone else. Fudo too, when he seemed to be all "JUST AS PLANNED >:D "

I also noticed something interesting in the new OP.

Near the end, theres a clip of Zessica and Amata and nobody else in the cockpit of Aquarion rearing up for an attack.

edited 16th Apr '12 2:06:24 PM by Midgetsnowman

Going Forth!
 261 Arilou, Mon, 16th Apr '12 3:48:24 PM from Quasispace
Taller than Zim
I'm still kind of thinking that Zessica is a reincarnation of Silvia somehow. (or part of her, or whatever)

Basically, I think everyone has been split up.

Also, I need gifs of Andy for use whenever someone mentions holes.
"No, the Singularity will not happen. Computation is hard." -Happy Ent
I still find it infinitely hilarious that Fudo has spent all this time banning Love, then when someone finally cracks the limit and declares her undying love for someone, Aquarion unleashes a much more similar to Solar Aquarion level of power, he's all grins as though he's insanely proud of Zessica.
Going Forth!
 263 Arilou, Mon, 16th Apr '12 4:24:33 PM from Quasispace
Taller than Zim
[up] Didn't he pretty much say that the reason he was banning love was in order to make it stronger?
"No, the Singularity will not happen. Computation is hard." -Happy Ent

No, his original reasoning was that people right on the cusp of love without actually getting that far would bring out Aquarion's potential without actually going berserk.

Though I'm not really sure if you can call what happens when love occurs in a pilot "going berserk"
Going Forth!

The only frustrating thing about this episode is that we STILL don't know who's who. Kagura COULD be the Apollo reincarnation, but that's based on him having similar personality characteristics as his predecessor, which wasn't really true in Genesis, except in the broadest sense. It's really starting to feel like everything setting him up as the Apollo reincarnation is a red herring, simply because they're throwing out so much evidence for it without actually explicitly confirming it.

Which of the girls is which is more uncertain. Zessica still gives me predominantly Reika vibes, but her overall personality is coming off more and more as being along the line of Celiene/Silvia.

Mikono's not really doing a good job of redeeming herself after last episode. Reincarnation business or not, she's going to have to pick a boy soon: even though both of the boys seem to be perfectly willing to wait.

Amata... The only thing that makes me seriously doubt his potential as the Apollonius/Apollo reincarnation is the fact that he's simply not decisive enough. He's NOT acting like a self-confident main character, he's acting like a lovestruck teenage boy. That's fine if that's what he is, but it's a rather large deviation from his predecessors.


Thats honestly what drives me most insane about Amata. The only thing he's even vaguely decisive about is that he doesnt give a shit about fate and wants Mikono. Unfortunately it comes off more spoiled child than "ILL FIGHT FATE ROAR"

Maybe he and Mikono will be forced to be more decisive now that Mikono knows she has a serious rival who actually has already confessed her love.

edited 16th Apr '12 10:21:47 PM by Midgetsnowman

Going Forth!
 267 Arilou, Tue, 17th Apr '12 2:10:25 AM from Quasispace
Taller than Zim
Remember that due to the way reincarnation works we can have multiple reincarnations of the same people...
"No, the Singularity will not happen. Computation is hard." -Happy Ent
[up] Really? o_o

Great episode. Andy and Sazanka never fail to make me laugh. And an Aquarion vs Aquarion match was bound to be awesome, and it still exceeded my expectations by giving me a punch so powerful it rips through space-time and causes exposition.

Moderate Haruhiist

Yeah, in Sousei it was shown that one soul can actually reincarnate into TWO separate people if something traumatic happened in that person's past life. Celiane for example reincarnated into Sirius and Silvia, while Apollonius turned into Apollo and the Solar Wings.

Also there's that comment from Kawamori (posted some pages back) that one has to consider the Mind, Body, and Soul as separate-but-the-same things when reincarnation is concerned. This pretty much leads to the discussion that some of the people we're seeing now in EVOL are not direct reincarnations at all, but bits and pieces of characters we've met in Sousei.

edited 17th Apr '12 6:34:19 AM by MyssaRei

 270 Arilou, Tue, 17th Apr '12 7:32:50 AM from Quasispace
Taller than Zim
I'm fairly certain Amato is Solar Wings, for starters.
"No, the Singularity will not happen. Computation is hard." -Happy Ent

Not only that, but as far as I know, theres no such rule for reincarnation about the when you get reincarnate. Its perfectly possible that apollyon reincarnates as one of the two, then died in the future and reincarnated again.
Going Forth!
Gunpla is amazing!
Both O Ps show Kagura's and Amata's faces merging & switching places so theres some possibility to that.

I think Amata being the reincarnation of the wings make sense. Didn't Aquarion seek him out afterall?

Now why Love didn't just screw everything over this time is another question.

In any case, awesome episode. I loved the two new powers. I got a good laugh over Sazanka's power and her almost perverse pleasure in it. Those two were having WAY too much fun playing the villain.

edited 18th Apr '12 12:45:26 AM by Thorn14

 273 Gilphon, Wed, 18th Apr '12 4:51:44 AM from The Third Sound Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
The first ED also implied a strong connection between the two of them; was with the identical symbolism on them.
Welp, sig's different now.
Mr. Smiles
The latest episodes have been such a rollercoaster ride of emotions, and I've enjoyed every second of it. I was particularly happy about Zessica finally confessing her love to Amata... I was worried that they were going to make her too nervous to repeat the statement, but thankfully they subverted that magnificently when she said it twice. The emotion, character animation and voice acting in that heartfelt scene sold it all for me, and took away whatever doubts I had left about her. Even the shocked gasps from the others (culminating in Zen's wonderfully over the top climax) added to the scene without making it feel too narmy. The whole Genesis of Aquarion flashback immediately afterwards was a nice treat with some of the show's memorable moments really upping the ante.

I found it rather interesting that the music playing during Zessica's confession scene was quite a bit like the music used in the first series's scenes involving Otoha (a female angel of music who basically worshipped Toma). With all this reincarnation stuff going on, I wonder if some parts of Otoha's soul are within Zessica somehow, or perhaps the fitting music was just a coincidence (although with Kawamore one can never be too sure).

There are still many questions in the air: For instance, the whole bit about Kagura mentioning that Amata doesn't have a smell (and the fact that when he says "kill" to Amata when they fight, he apparently really means killing him instead of the reverse when he's talking to Mikono... unless that's a herring of some sort). This will have to play a big role at some point what with all the merging symbolism in the opening. Are Mikage and Toma connected (considering Zen's comment about his form being the same) even though some of Mikage's characteristics also verge on some of Otoha's quirks? Who's going to be Moroha's (the ax crazy angel) reincarnation? The bit with two images of Zessica (the sadder one within the mirror) in the first opening also implies that something's going to happen, perhaps a darker twist (unless it foreshadowed her unrequited love for Amata).

Whatever the answers end up being, I look forward to watching the next episodes. So far the show has delivered quite a few wonderful moments. I just hope we'll eventually hear an orchestral and choral rendition of the Kimi no Shinwa theme (perhaps at the end of the series like what happened with the Genesis of Aquarion theme in the first series).

 275 Arilou, Wed, 18th Apr '12 8:58:04 AM from Quasispace
Taller than Zim
For instance, the whole bit about Kagura mentioning that Amata doesn't have a smell (

My interpretation: He can't feel the Amata's smell because it's his own. If they're both reincarnations of Solar Wing (by whatever combos) it makes sense.
"No, the Singularity will not happen. Computation is hard." -Happy Ent
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