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1 Mort0812th Aug 2011 08:43:40 PM from Oklahoma , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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I've been looking for a site other than Fiction Press to post original stories and I recently heard about Wattpad. I looked around it and it seems okay, but can anyone tell me what having a story there is actually like?
Well, it's pretty neat to post stories, because you can create a cast, add pictures, add videos, add slideshows, and create a book cover. The one thing that I absolutely loathe about the site is that all the stories on the "what's hot" lists suck. They're so full of Mary-Sues and cliches and terrible grammar/spelling that it makes me want to barf. Seriously, people, bestfriend is not a word. There's a space. Go back to Pre-K.
3 Tre22nd Mar 2012 05:25:58 PM from inside your radio , Relationship Status: Singularity
I'm using it to get Stuck out to an audience besides my circle. I can only get so much Tumblr followers, and TVT is too ridiculously timesinking.

Check it!
4 TraRobins29th Sep 2014 05:39:36 PM from Los Angeles , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
I find it to be an interesting site. I use it for my story "Stars.", however it is very difficult to get noticed on that site.
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5 Webidolchiu944th Feb 2015 06:14:03 PM from Nowhere , Relationship Status: Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
It is difficult to get noticed on Wattpad, but I find that true of other sites as well. I mostly use Wattpad for copies of my fanfiction, or putting up free excerpts of my novels.

On Wattpad it is harder to get noticed than on figment, though.

EDIT: My Wattpad, btw.

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I recently saw a professionally-published book which the publisher praised as 'big on Wattpad' or somesuch. I guess if you do get noticed on Wattpad, it can really work out for you?
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I saw a novel with that same description in a bookstore just last week. Normally I would have ignored it (romance novels aren't my thing) but I got curious when I saw the Wattpad part.
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8 Tartra6th May 2015 04:07:39 PM , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
I wasn't able to get into the community. It just seemed very... 'Tee-hee, here's my OC self-insert!' I know it sounds like I'm bashing that, but I definitely had my share of that phase. The problem's that it's not my thing anymore in any sense of the word, so trying to sift through the hordes of people who were really into it killed my motivation.

I like Wattpad-the-idea. Wattpad-the-website, though...?

But then it's back to the 'Where do I go to get noticed' situation. :P Rock and a hard place!

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9 JJMarmite7th Aug 2015 05:15:17 PM from obscurity , Relationship Status: Giving love a bad name
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I put some nonsense onto Wattpad and I could count the people who gave a shit on a hoof. Then again, my idea of good self-publicity is hiding in a corner with a blanket draped over me, so who knows.

The super-popular stories do tend towards the hilariously...safe, mind. I'm reading this YA heap of dystopian hilarity called 'Flawed' and - I mean I know it's not aimed at me and such - it's just...I probably shouldn't be laughing as much as I am. Still, at least it's entertaining.

In conclusion I have no idea.
10 maria76517th Nov 2017 12:49:57 AM , Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady

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