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 1 Mort 08, Fri, 12th Aug '11 8:43:40 PM from Oklahoma Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Pirate AND writer!
I've been looking for a site other than Fiction Press to post original stories and I recently heard about Wattpad. I looked around it and it seems okay, but can anyone tell me what having a story there is actually like?
Well, it's pretty neat to post stories, because you can create a cast, add pictures, add videos, add slideshows, and create a book cover. The one thing that I absolutely loathe about the site is that all the stories on the "what's hot" lists suck. They're so full of Mary-Sues and cliches and terrible grammar/spelling that it makes me want to barf. Seriously, people, bestfriend is not a word. There's a space. Go back to Pre-K.
 3 Tre, Thu, 22nd Mar '12 5:25:58 PM from Greyson City
BRB Being Gendo Ikari
I'm using it to get Stuck out to an audience besides my circle. I can only get so much Tumblr followers, and TVT is too ridiculously timesinking.

Check it!
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