New Counter-Strike coming to XBLA, PSN, Steam?:

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76 thatother1dude13th Oct 2012 06:37:17 PM from Continuous State of Missouri , Relationship Status: Mu
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I love the new demolition map, Vertigo, but this is so stupid: if you're in classic competitive someone leaving and coming back requires a unanimous vote for continuing the game with bots, otherwise the entire game ends automatically. It said these matches can take up to 90 minutes, but I waited four minutes to play for six!

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77 thatother1dude16th Oct 2012 12:37:54 AM from Continuous State of Missouri , Relationship Status: Mu
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I'm really beginning to question if giving everyone armor and helmets in casual mode actually makes the game more accessible:

It makes everything besides rifles (and deagles) a lot less powerful, so new players will be wondering why so many weapons seems utterly pathetic and it further encourages sniper-camping. It also makes a gap in aiming skill even harder to make up for: the element of surprise would let pretty much any weapon kill an unarmored opponent with just body shots, but with armor often players have just enough time to flip around and get in a single shot that will one-hit kill even armored enemies.

It makes me think they should test how no one being able to buy armor would make things. That or just give casual mode it's own set of damages, though that might make going from one to the other too difficult.

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Well, is called CASUAL mode [lol]
79 thatother1dude16th Oct 2012 06:42:02 PM from Continuous State of Missouri , Relationship Status: Mu
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Did you make a joke? Because I don't see one.
The Five-seveN also deals full damage to armoured targets (not that the damage is all that high).

I'm not quite sure what the problem is here though?
81 Marioguy1287th Sep 2013 12:39:31 AM from various galaxies
Picked up Global Offensive recently. I found it frustrating at first since you're punished pretty harshly for making mistakes, unlike say TF2. But I got the hang of it, and got a bit better at the game. I still need to learn the maps, but I learned on what to do and what not to do. So, any go to weapons you guys tend to go for? I tend to go for an for rifles AK or a P90 for SMGs.
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Kevlar first, then whatever is left goes to guns. So probably PP-Bizon for a couple of rounds, then AK or M4.
83 thatother1dude22nd Oct 2014 11:56:19 PM from Continuous State of Missouri , Relationship Status: Mu
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Been trying some 5 vs. 5 ranked matches and it's been remarkably pleasant: My team mates have mostly been competent (regardless of skill) and communicative, with a few even providing valuable leadership. A lot of the matches were pretty close (I just came out of one 16-13 on Mirage) and the others are one-sided but never a total blowout. I feel satisfied even when I'm on the losing team.

The small teams also make things a lot more mobile and active. Areas of the map will be actually empty, so you can try to flank the other team without always being killed by one of the 2-4 guys who just camp corners until the end of the round. I mean it's always a possibility, especially if you come in through the obvious way, but not an inevitability.

I just wish my latency wasn't so inexplicably terrible on servers I'm sent through in matchmaking. I've set max ping acceptable to 50 (the lowest possible), yet my in-match usually hovers around 70-90 with lag even worse than that usually indicates. And casual matchmaking is even worse: my ping will be 300+ with utterly unplayable amounts of lag.
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