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Welcome to the TVTROPES Create a TCG Project! This Project akin to the Giantitp’s Campaigns Setting program is to form a community based TCG operating from the ground up!!!! But first some background.

TCG's are some of the most complex and intuitive gameplay systems out there the closest thing to an analog videogame, TCG's are a varied as the winds ranging from the simple like Pokémon, to the ridiculously complex, such as Duel Masters. This project is an attempt of a community creation for a TCG. Rules, settings, artwork and mechanics will all be operated by the contributors here at TV Tropes in a joint setting.


The creation of the TCG will be operated in MODS these MODS ranging from a few days to several weeks, depending on the subject, are all based on a given aspect of a TCG, and detailed in the first post. Within the forum, we’ll debate analyze and come up with the best solution for the mod, and then, come mod's end we’ll vote. For example if we were to decide what colors the background of the cards would be the corner options would be: Black, Blue, and Swirly. We would then debate for the set time period on the merits of these options (and of course any writ-ins) and then we would come across a decision, afterwards we would move on.*


Setting is the key component of any TCG, as the setting is the basis for the story, the gameplay and the tone. The way the cards operate and the mechanics of the gameplay all must accurately “represent” what is actually happening with “the game world.” For example, Chaotic uses a large-scale magical war as its backdrop, and the wars between the tribes from the basis of its Pokemon-esque battle system,. Magic, on the other hand works off of a platform of powerful Planewalkers commanding armies against one another, thus the gameplay's reflection of a battlescape between armies of creatures. Other games such as Yugioh and Duel Masters, operate on a principle of the player summoning the creatures themselves to do battle for them, the “story” or plots of these characters left open to inquiry depending on how well developed the source material is. Overall the way the setting is controlled will determine the basis for all to follow.


Space Opera: It is a War for the ages! A myriad of various tribes, races, civilizations and commanders have come together under a variety of banners to fight for there interests! Operate a wide-telling command as you use the various interstellar combatants to battle for the glory of the universe!!!!

• War of the Scape: In a long lost world, inhabited by a myriad of amazing creatures and tribes, grand nations and species do battle against one another as the architects of long standing armies send each others to war!!! The grand mysteries of the powers will be YOURS to command.

• Modern Day: The world as we know it is not all there is, among us EVEN NOW! There live a vast cornucopia of strange and powerful beings that will do battle for your GLORY!!!!

• Custom: Recommend your own unique stetting that doesn't fir into the above.

RESOLVED! Winner: Space Opera


They key to any and all games is the ability to win at them, otherwise they'd be pointless. Several games have varying methods of wining though they can be boiled down into 3 forms.

Point Scoring

This is the most familiar form of the game and it owes itself to the Trope Codifier, Magic: The Gathering. Yugioh, Digimon, and countless others use it, and even games with other conditions tend to have a point measure in some shape or form. It's the classic, and it's well-done. In this form, players use combat units to score points by battling with their foes. Attacks on on other Units, or your foe, directly;lower their score (or raise yours in the case of Digimon) . Notable twists are the Weiss Schawrtz level system, in which boosting your foe up to lv 4 is the primary win condition.

Critical Destruction

This is a form of victory pioneered by Satoshi Nakamura, in which there are certain key structures that need to removed for a victory. In Duel Masters for example, these are the Shields while in Vanguard they are the Damage pool (in which case it's the inverse but the effect is the same). A similar example is the YGO spinof game Dungeon Dice Monsters. A notable; unique spin on this form is Net Runeer in which both players work with completely different types of cards and objectives; while both still centering on the destruction of critical cards (the plans of the Corp for the runner or the agendas for the corp) .

Resource Depletion

Similar to critical destruction, although in this game the cards are actually played with. In these type of games, at the start you have a certain number of a type of card, and your opponents object is to get that number to zero. Sometimes they'll be combat units (such as in Pokemon or Chaotic) other times they'll be certain special cards like the Doomed cards in the Game of Thrones CCG.

A Special Note: Deck Outs

A lot of cardgames have the default rule that if you run out of cards in a deck, you lose. However, this is VERY specific to the individual mechanics; a deck out rule would fail horribly in Chaotic or Game of Thrones, but its integral to Yugioh and Vanguard. Thus, rather than decide on if we'll keep this rule or not, after we work through the mechanics well enough, we'll see if it fits in properly to the game as built.

Now, I’ll do something that I encourage everyone to do. When voting, pleas post exactly why you want to use your choice (as far as you can explain) and tell how you want to see it implemented in the final result.

For example, I'm voting for Resource Depletion and here's how I see it:

My Idea(1)

The game will be dived into “Summon” cards and “Charge” cards. You lose the game when you run out of Charge cards. To play a summon it requires a minimum amount of “Charge” to be put into this, you accomplish this by putting charge cards underneath it. Their would be effects that use up charge, or work based on charge. But the idea is to battle and do damage (by some unknown means) and thus rather than a lifepoint counter, The damage would removed from the opposing creature and/or be milled from the deck (which, based on construction logic would be mostly charge). Charge cards could also be played if they had “effect” if which cast, you would get an effect done based on an arbitrary amount of charge given. Summons could even be charged extra to boost their power, or charge could be moved around for a swarm field!! Of course there are several problems. One being how to get enough charge in the game to work without ludicrous hands. (If we start the game with the Gold Standard (tm) of 5 cards then you'd pretty much open with a 3-Charged Summon and then either get duds or just charge it one at a time) but I think that can be solved if we integrate some more draw power into the game (like with Vanguard) or if cards inherently charge by themselves. Anyway that’s' the crux of my idea. Post yours!


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I honestly like the idea of it being set modern day. Could a TCG work if the setting is entirely mundane?
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Wait, what is this?
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I'm not so sure how a mundane settling would work, a Military TCG?

Did you check the OP? Its a project to create a TCG on the TV Tropes forum.

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Thank you for simplifying things. On that note, I would LOVE to help!
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Personally, I thought it would be good to use a Space Opera setting because it wasn't done so much before. It also let's us take the classic "five tribes" style seen in DM and Vanguard and extend it to a wider scale.

So what did you have in mind for the Modern Times?
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Modern Times? No idea. Would Urban Fantasy work, maybe mixed with some high tech stuff?

As for Space Opera, I have an idea for a "Darkness" tribe... Some fish/squid/eel aliens with black, blue and green tech and a focus on control and stagnation rather than destruction. How's that sound?

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Getting ahead of ourselves here. Right now, we should probbaly keep a focus on the current mod, although that idea looks sweet. What I have in my head so far is a croos betwwen Vangaurd Duel Masters and Avatar The Last Airbender. But I like the Space Opera theme cuz I'm such a nerd.

Although, I'm curious on the lack of write-in themes. Strange,

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I know nothing about Vanguard... but Duel Masters was awesome, and Avatar was fine. Slight problem: Avatar has FOUR elements, what would we have for a fifth?

And again, I'm still not quite sure what we're doing. what "mod" are you referring to? All I know is, I've wanted to make a TCG of my own for YEARS now.

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Did you read the first post? We do the TCG step by step each step is called a MOD. The 1st MOD is on the subject of the Steeing, and then after we finish the vote on that one we move on. Number of elemenets, mechanics, and all the rest come later down the line.
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Okay. Sorry for being an idiot, I do that a lot.
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It's fine; your enthusiam is welcomed, so what rough idea do have in mind?

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Justice Man: I think it's worth not coming down too hard on getting slightly ahead. It's easier to make a decision if you have more of an idea of where things might go- the Modern Times idea didn't interest me at all, but an urban fantasy thing sounds more appealing than my original conception of what'd be going on there.
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I have several... One is basically a simplified version of Magic, the Urban Fantasy and Space Opera ideas aren't fleshed out well, and I have another odd one that involves a lot of coin tosses. In that last one, basically each card has 1 name but 2 sides (with a few exceptions). During the combat/battle phase, a coin is flipped for each card to see which side it uses for that round, and then the stats of the selected sides determine which card wins, and then it goes on like that until one player runs out of cards.
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[up]Like Naruto? Nice!

[up][up]I didn't mean to base so hard, I just wanted to show that we weren’t just going to freelance, having an idea of where we want to go is a good idea. The Urban Fantasy is a good choice for Modern Times, is that why you voted for it?

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I was actually the person who decided to Take a Third Option, not the Modern setting, but I can certainly work with it. I already have an idea for it. In addition to standard life points or something, there could be Cover points. Basically, their purpose is to preserve The Masquerade and if you run out, you instantly lose. They can be sacrificed to help you win, but doing so too much can put you at risk if your opponent tries to wipe them out.

Also: I've never actually played the Naruto RPG so I'm not sure how the card flips work in that one :l I have a few cards, but no instructions or anything. Yeah, sorry. For years I only played Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh, so I suck.
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[up]So like having two sets of Life Points? Interesting? And I've never played the Naruto TCG i just know it from Shoen Jump articles.
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Yeah, it's kind of interesting. Of course, I think we should avoid standard Life Points but we can have them if people want.

And, okay then. Well, I need to go for about an hour and a half, I'll be back when I can be.
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So more of a critical structure theory? Like in Vanguard and Duel Masters?
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Critical Structure, as in "something that has to be destroyed for someone to win"? Like Shields in Duel Masters? Yeah, that's a good idea. I think it'd work best for the Space Opera setting, being a Cosmic Keystone sort of thing.
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Yeah, or like Damage in Vangaurd or the Creatures in Chaotic.

I think I might close this mod early in fact, there seems to be a consensus of a sort...
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I say give it one more day, just to be sure.
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quidf scire vis?
Ahahaha I remember the last time we tried to make a TV Tropes TCG.

..It ended up not going over well.

Let me see if that old thread still exists.

Edit: Nope. Must have been archived.

..Man, if I actually remembered anything from that old thing I'd give you suggestions, but welp.

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Its not a TV Tropes TCG its a TCG made on TV Tropes. Did you read the OP?

You try a cache? [up]

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What exactly is the difference between a CCG and a TCG anyway? Aren't they basically the same?

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