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I'm creating YTTW drafts here and here for the two tropes that have been proposed. At the moment I only have working titles and laconics because I need to start work soon.

I'm really wondering if anyone other than me is actually supporting the concept behind these two tropes. Feedback is necessary.
[up]Efforts are being made to revive the creation process for these final two tropes.

Please contribute so we can get this finished!

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[up][up]These trope drafts still need more examples and hats. Please contribute!

Also, if anyone has any objections or suggestions to make regarding the titles, description, definition, and over all trope-worthiness, now is your chance to make them!
The first looks okay, though I only gave it a cursory glance. The second does need more work though.
Bunnies for Cuteness has been launched.

Righteous Rabbit needs more feedback.
81 SeptimusHeap29th Jan 2013 11:09:30 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Bunnies for Cuteness needs crosswicking.
[up]Working on that.

Edit PS: The video game examples seem to be from multimedia franchises and don't specify exactly which page they should go on. Can someone track those down?

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They go on the main work page.
I'm taking a stab at fixing some of the wicks left over from Everything's Better With Bunnies. Whenever possible, I'm replacing it with one of the more specific tropes. Some of them still need to wait for Righteous Rabbit to be launched before they can be updated.

If it isn't clear which of the Bunny Tropes might apply to a given example, I'm moving the old Everything's Better With Bunnies entry to the Discussion page with a note requesting that the editors of the page look over Bunny Tropes index for a better trope.
85 SeptimusHeap29th Jan 2013 02:53:57 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
I will help a bit tomorrow, but now it's almost sleeptime.
I'm inclined to leave this on DarthWiki.Tropes That Will Never Happen in its current form, given that it is not intended to be a serious use of a trope, and given that the joke only works with the old name.

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[up]makes sense to me.
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Bumped Righteous Rabbit in YKTTW.
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Righteous Rabbit is launched and indexed, but there seems to be a wiki glitch preventing me from setting its page type.
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The edit suspension functionality was just changed so that it prevents suspended people from changing page types. There was a bug that disabled the tool for everyone, it was fixed, but the fix broke something else, apparently. I fixed it.

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Thanks everyone!

Tomorrow I'm going to try to whittle down the Everything's Better With Bunnies wicks some more.

If anyone else wants to help, please use this procedure:

If at all possible, please replace the wick with a more applicable trope.

If you can't tell which trope would work best, move the wick to the Discussion Page with a message along these lines.

"Everything's Better With Bunnies has been replaced with an entire index full of Bunny Tropes. Please look at the tropes on this index and pick any tropes that apply to this work's use of rabbits/hares."

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I'll help out tomorrow.
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And finished the wick cleanup.

I left the following pages:
Looks good. Any final suggestions, comments, complaints before I holler to get this closed?
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Page Action: Everthings Better With Bunnies
9th Dec '11 12:34:04 PM
What would be the best way to fix the page?
At issue:
We need a new name for the Rabbit and Hare Tropes Index that will replace Everythings Better With Bunnies.

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