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There's a decent number of romance games and visual novels available for mobile devices in English. And I'm sure there's quite a few available in Japanese. But generally speaking, mobile games don't get much press, and don't often inspire much discussion. So that's why I created this thread. It's for finding quality V Ns and games about relationships which are on mobile phones, and discussing them.

The Visual Novel Database does not yet have a specific category for mobile games. If you filter it by "Platform: other," the results include less prolific systems, Flash games, and so on. However, there is an iOS category here — — which has a mix of untranslated, translated, and western VNs.

If you know of a site, wiki, forum, or anything which has detailed information on Japanese mobile games, be sure to mention it.

As you may already know, many of Gameloft's mobile games are rather similar to popular and current console games. However, the company has released several games about fictional relationships. The following are currently mentioned on their site...

  • two Date or Ditch games (one also available on DSiWare)
  • two Miami Nights games (one also on Nintendo DS, one on DSiWare)
  • two New York Nights games (one also on iOS)
  • High School Hook-Ups
  • Paris Nights
  • Vampire Romance

A mobile game called Love Triangle: Dating Challenge was mentioned in IGN's list of Gameloft products, but I don't know if they still sell it. Instead, I saw it listed on Advanced Mobile Applications' website. Speaking of that British company, they created the following games for mobile devices:

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