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This trope is supposed to be about how Japanese (and some other cultures) treat young girls in lesbian relationships as harmless because its just a "practice" relationship. Most of the examples are about lesbian schoolgirls.

What's to be done? I mean, if we have a "Lesbian Text" trope (to counter Lesbian Subtext), then its just misuse that needs to be moved. But I don't think we have that, which is why so many examples have been shoveled in here.
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This is really Class S, which is the official term for this form of relationship.

Examples need to be, if not actual schoolgirls, at least in that range and in some sort of similar setting, and actual out lesbians may not be this trope.


Edit: Actually, I don't think we need both Schoolgirl Lesbians and Romantic Two-Girl Friendship.

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Well, then that might be the solution. Reformat Schoolgirl Lesbians to be about lesbian schoolgirls, noting the fanservice-y implications (since that's how its used), and fold both the relevant examples and description into Romantic Two-Girl Friendship.
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Yeah Lesbian Schoolgirl doesnt exactly require them being a pair a majority of the times its actually one sided. IE Kaorin from Azumanga Daioh. Or well all the lesbians in Yuru-Yuri. It often appears as a School Girl Crush or just a Fangirl on a girl.

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These tropes are kind of a mess, but I don't support merging them into each other.

Romantic Two-Girl Friendship seems to be a Useful Note on Japan, even though it has accumulated lots of examples (many non-Japanese, too); it seems to be primarily being used for "close ambiguous friendship with Les Yay", probably under the influence of the title.

Schoolgirl Lesbians is "lesbian relationships among teens are Just A Phase and / or a sign of immaturity" - compare and contrast Experimented in College (for which I just made the redirect Lesbian Until Graduation).

I'd suggest:
  • Make Class S (currently a redirect for Romantic Two-Girl Friendship) into the Useful Notes page (becasue the title Romantic Two-Girl Friendship is begging for misuse), remove the examples (except for the actual Class S novels of the 1920's and their direct relatives).
  • Either rewrite Schoolgirl Lesbians to cover all cases of "girl-girl crushes, especially in a girl's school, seen as practice for a real heterosexual relationships" (which used to be a common attitude in the West; it's found in lots of older British works) (and maybe then rename it Romantic Two-Girl Friendship?) or fold it into Experimented in College (which would require a re-write and maybe a rename of the latter). I'd support the former more, because the context is rather different (LUG is frequently associated with feminism and/or a strong political stance, whereas the traditional "schoolgirl pash" is associated with innocence, inexperience and being sheltered - more "forward" girls go ahead and crush on boys).
  • Move the examples that don't fit whatever tropes survive to Les Yay or Heterosexual Life-Partners (and some are cannon Yuri Genre and should go there).

I'm not sure what to do with Romantic Two-Girl Friendship; I could see a trope for "series which exist to provide Ship Tease but where the relationship will never be confirmed", but I have a similar trope for BL on YKTTW here which could be rewritten to take those examples.

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I think part of the issue is that simply don't have a trope for "That person is a Lesbian, plan and simple" and if anyone were to try to create one it would be instantly derided as People Sit on Chairs, and anyone that claims otherwise would no doubt be branded a bigot. Therefore, lacking a "Lesbian" trope, people trying to find the nearest possible trope to indicate that someone is a lesbian without bothering themselves too much over whether it is the specific type of lesbian that the trope creator had in mind.

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Which is an issue because a character just being gay or a lesbian isn't really PSOC. It's always a deliberate choice and it effects the work and how the story is told because we as a society are not to the point where gays and lesbians aren't remarkable for showing up in media at all yet.
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And in this case, it's not just 'these two girls happen to be lesbians' anyway. It's frequently 'These two girls are lesbians, and we're writing the plot around that to some extent and using it for yuri fanservice, explicit or implied.'
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