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Yes, like the board game. No, I'm not making this up.

I...honestly don't know what to say about this. It's certainly unique, guess is it'll be filled to the brim with Narm.

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This may be the worst example of In-Name-Only in quite a while. Had they stuck to the game, it could have been like The Hunt for Red October.
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I was expecting a traditional fight between two naval fleets, but this seems okay.

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4 EgregiousEric27th Jul 2011 02:08:34 PM from space (I am from space)
I got to 1:20 and what is this
[up][up][up]Surprisingly, it isn't In-Name-Only.

The aliens put up a shield that prevents both fleets from leaving. Radar's busted, so they have to aim manually with their cannons. Finally, the aliens fire peg-shaped shells.

It's probably gonna be terrible...but it'll be unique and hilariously terrible. I'm gonna watch the shit out of this movie.

Damn it, the video's been taken down. There's an article on The Escapist that shows the trailer, though. Watch it there.

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6 Fusionman27th Jul 2011 02:21:11 PM from In a snow-covered wasteland , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
Normally I'd ask why. But my mad laughs answer that.
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7 GethKnight27th Jul 2011 02:58:36 PM from St.Charles, Missouri , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Found another version.

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8 cutewithoutthe27th Jul 2011 03:19:04 PM , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
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I read on Bleeding Cool that is written by the same guys who adapted RED. Which makes me a bit uneasy because I really, really, liked the film and thought it was a really good In-Name-Only adaption of the comic.
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But the director's last film was Hancock, which was filled with many a Flat Character and Ass Pull.

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11 MarkVonLewis27th Jul 2011 03:47:16 PM from Somewhere in Time , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
Eh, movie might be "high art cinema" but it looks like it'll at least be worth a few laughs.

I'm hoping to see Liam Neeson say "you sank my battleship!"
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[up]Oh god yes.

This to be the worst example of Money Dear Boy in a LONG time.
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[up][up] Yes, I will watch the clip of Liam shouting "You sunk my battleship!" on a loop for hours if it's in in the movie. On Youtube. I'm not wasting time on this film.

This is one of those trailers that, if I saw it squeeze between two of those fake trailers in front of Tropic Thunder, I would not bat an eye. That Hugh Jackman rock 'em sock 'em robot film is the same way.
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And possibly the least surprising studio decision of the year: Rihanna doesn't appear in any of the trailer.
15 nomuru2d27th Jul 2011 05:07:55 PM from Port Saint Lucie, FL , Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea
... I'm sorry. I couldn't hear anyone over the sound of my brain breaking down horribly. What were we talking about?
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16 RobbieRotten27th Jul 2011 05:10:12 PM from Texas , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
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[up][up] I'm afraid it's true. Rihanna is attempting to act.
18 Fusionman27th Jul 2011 05:22:28 PM from In a snow-covered wasteland , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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The first poster has been released. Looks way too much like the teaser poster for Titanic.

Battleship: [1] Titanic: [2]
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They're really going through with this. They're really making this happen.
21 Fusionman27th Jul 2011 11:18:45 PM from In a snow-covered wasteland , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
Again. All we need is Liam Neeson to say "You sunk my battleship."

I will pay to see that movie.
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it's... HIM



your turn
Oh look I mispeled somethink.
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Possible idea for a cameo:

The villain calls for B7, which prompts Ethan Suplee to shout "Oh no they didn't!".
Are we sure that Liam is doing this for Money, Dear Boy and not for the lulz?
25 lordGacek28th Jul 2011 02:47:36 PM from Kansas of Europe
It is for real?

Not like these Real Trailer, Fake Movie trailers of Minesweeper or Tetris?
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