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"There are powers beyond the mind, which your scientists could never have brought within its framework without shattering it entirely."

Arthur C. Clarke, Childhood’s End.

The multiverse. A realm of the strange and wondrous, where the unlikely can be likely and the possible can be impossible. Each universe gives birth to more every millisecond. Universes are born, reproduce, grow old, and die every minute. This is a fact known to many beings across the realms. What is not known to most, however, is that the barriers between universes, dividing what ‘’is’’ and what is ‘’not’’- are thinner and more easily breached than believed possible. Some individuals utilize crude and fleeting methods like sorcerous rituals or technological portals, but, for beings privileged with great powers, there are other ways to travel, ways that would easily confound lesser creatures- if not shatter their mind entirely.

One such race, the mysterious and enigmatic creatures known only as the Nomads, pioneered one such method of strange, seemingly miraculous transportation across space, time, and probability. For below and between the tenuous threads that bridge realities are what they called the Deeps- a misnomer, perhaps, for spacial geometry has little place when one takes all of space and time into account- but still, for their purposes, a fitting moniker. The Deeps, as they can be called, are a place of darkness and anarchy, where chaos reigns and malleability and shapelessness rule. The Nomads had learned to use this space for their own whims, sending people and things back and forth across it, sometimes in the name of science, but, more often, as entertainment, whiling away the centuries with their strange Challenges forced upon lesser creatures. The Nomads know that without the Deeps, there would be no multiverse at all. The bulwarks between universes would falter and merge, creating chaos. The multiversal barriers have occasionally warped, bent, and fused into new shapes and configurations, taking their hapless denizens with them for better or for worse. When universes collide, it can lead to brand new futures or eternal strife. But yet, somehow, such events do not take place regularly, even though the fickle laws of advanced quantum theory would say otherwise. In fact, what is believed by a select few- and known by even less- is that there is some kind of gestalt mind formed from the chaos. Such a complex and changing place would cease to be if not regulated and directed by a mind, albeit an utterly unfathomable and alien one.

The mind, if such a word can be applied, that lives in the Deeps is possessed of great power- for it holds together all that is, was, and will be. It knows peace, and creates stability between worlds. It has seen many threats to many universes, some grand and perilous and others small and insignificant. Rarely does it act, for when it does, the situation is dire indeed.

But not all good things can last forever.

Something had entered the Deeps- though in the timeless expanse of nothingness, one could not say whether it had hung there five seconds or five quadrillion years. The mind looked over it with something that could be called 'interest'- a shell of realspace, containing within it a creature that was a turmoil of emotions- a beacon of hate and madness. The thing- for the mind that was present had little notion of what such an item could be- hung in limbo, unchanging, strange pulsations of energy keeping it from being totally subsumed by interdimensional matter and being destroyed.

Like subtle, poisonous smog creeping through a forest, the mind did not even realize that something was wrong with its ancient and well-maintained balance- at least, not until it was too late to react. Pain, white hot, burning pain, made it writhe in fear and horror. And, even worse, it felt something entering its mind. A roiling psychic cry of pain echoed out across unreality, rippling through the multiverse, causing disturbances that reached across space and time…



A beautiful meadow, full of verdant, gently waving grass, dotted with flowers and the occasional young tree. Off in the distance was what appeared to be a building- or perhaps a cluster of buildings of some kind, their shapes were too indistinct from this vantage point to tell.

Perhaps incongruously, parked in the meadow was a car. This particular car was green and white, covered with the logos of various corporate sponsors, emblazoned with a bright red “88” on its chassis- a chassis that no doubt housed a powerful engine. But even the most cursory analysis would reveal that this was no ordinary race car. For one thing, no NASCAR racer was ever reinforced with steel armor, a hood-mounted Gatling gun, or missile bays slung just above the trunk. Secondly, no race car in existence would ever change, shift, transform, like it was doing now, pistons, gears, and panels moving and shifting around as what was formerly a car grew a head, arms, and legs, emerging as a humanoid robot. Two mechanical legs crouched slightly and arms went up in a defensive position as the enormous robot, surveyed its surroundings. “Damn…” it muttered to itself, with what appeared to be a faint Scottish accent. “And where would I be now?” Whatever this robot knew, he did realize that he was most definitely not with his two friends at the launchpad for the Autobot shuttle, the Xantium. Where he was, however, was a mystery to him. Whether the other people, creatures, and things that were also lying prone in the field knew was something that he would have to find out...

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In the blasted, hellish wasteland of Cyrene. Lord Eliphas the Inheritor and his retinue of Chaos champions and slave-warriors wage war against Kyras the Ascendant's forces. And his right hand man, Neroth, Chaos Sorcerer Undivided was at the very forefront of the battle.

"Claim their Skulls for the Blood god!"

The Sorcerer calls upon the warp to fire a torrent of fireballs to burn his foes, whom scream in rapturous agony. To others, the screams would have been terrifying or demoralizing. But for the pyromanical sorcerer, It was music of the highest quality.

"Aaaaaahhh... Such a wondrous cacophony of pain."

As he was busy indirectly praising Slaanesh, one of Eliphas' other champions hits him over the head to get the Sorcerer back in the game.

"Yes, Yes. I'll keep the praises to the Prince of Pleasure to myself..."

He then fires swirling, undulating bolts of warp energy at an enemy Dreadnought, The chaotic energy burning through the armor as if it was made of paper. The walker explodes a few moments later.


As the Sorcerer was about to cook up another batch of fireballs, He suddenly gets a splitting headache and a warp portal opens up near him.

"No! I've been a good servant! Why now must you take me?!"

The Sorcerer futilely tries to stay in the material world by digging his staff into the volcanic earth, but the suction was too great and he and his staff was sucked into the warp.


As of now, Neroth, Sorcerer Of Chaos Undivided no longer exists in the universe of Warhammer 40000.
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Scorpion had been on a small platform in the Netherrealm, a rectangular rock surrounded by lava. He had just trapped his archnemesis, Quan Chi, the murderer of his family and clan, on that rock. His soul was finally about to rest in peace.

But when the two fought a duel to the death on that rock, ninjato in the hands of both kombatants, Quan Chi cheated the hellspawn. He had opened a portal to another realm and thrown Scorpion in while the ninja's back was turned. The ninja had tried to use his spear to take Quan Chi with him, but too late. The sorcerer was now able to walk away unscathed again.

Scorpion presently lay in the grass. Was he in Earthrealm? Edenia? Another realm? He had no idea. He sat up and spotted the robot.

"Who are you?" asked Scorpion. "Where am I?"
"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
The day had been a good one.

Kinoko Masha had escaped any kind of harm that day, she was quite happy about that. Incidents of something... anything coming to scare her had been getting more and more frequent, and that was upsetting. But today, that hadn't happened. The little mushroom yokai had been free of such frightening events, and was able to play with the other young yokai in the Forest of Magic at ease. They day had gotten even better when a friend of hers, the crow tengu reporter Shameimaru Aya, had arrived to speak with her.

It'd been several hours of speech. Masha looked up to Aya, and several other of the older people she knew. Well, technically, only Aya was much older then she was. While Masha looked, sounded, and acted like a ten-year-old girl, as a yokai she was in reality around twenty years old. She was older then, say, Kirisame Marisa, but looked and acted younger.

Of course, Masha didn't focus on these things at all. She didn't even really know about them. She was just happy to have friends, and a relatively safe place to sleep. That safe place was her mushroom patch.

She'd grown it shortly after coming into existence. It had been one of the first things she'd done. It was also her home, of sorts. At least it was where she slept.

And it was now, that Masha was going to sleep. She nestled against the larget mushroom in the patch, a large, red-capped fungus, and shut her eyes...

After only a few moments of slumber, she opened them again, jogged from her sleep by some unknown force... and she immedietely panicked when she realised she was not in her mushroom patch, but a vast, empty field.
"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."
The thing with the red gold crown.
It activated in a meadow. The war was long over, their forces defeated and hunted like dogs, yet here it was, active, alive. It looked at the car with half interest, what comic it was in it had no idea, but at least it was a peaceful place here. It might build the base again, maybe look for the Editor, but that was in the future.

It finally took notice of the gun in its black hands, and a gun on its back. How peculiar, it hadn't possessed two guns during its fights in the war.

The droid blinked and walked over towards the vehicle.
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Don't let it touch the tower lest all reality crumble.
As Neroth tumbles through the warp, He is suddenly and violently forced into the opposite direction he was tumbling through and into what seems to be a portal to a verdant meadow.

What is this?!

His body and staff shoots into the portal. And if any of the arrivals were to look up, They would see the form of a 9-foot tall man in armor falling towards the ground, screaming all the way.

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One of the figures climbed to his feet, and looked around with confusion. It was a tall man, dressed in a long black coat, black hat, with a cloth mask emblazoned with an eye symbol wrapped around most of his face.

What happened? Is this... the afterlife?

He noted the others.

"What is this place?"
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Scorpion walked over to Van Helsing and bowed. "I am Hanzo Hasashi of the Shirai Ryu. However, many know me as Scorpion. It is an honor to meet you. And who might you be?"

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The Screaming gets louder.

The thing with the red gold crown.
The EOU droid looked at the newcomers. Was it possible it had arrived in a webcomic that was forming and adding characters.

It decided to watch from the safety of the vehicle it spotted and increased its pace.
It comes. The corrupter comes.
Don't let it touch the tower lest all reality crumble.
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It had been a rough day for Cletus, Courier Six of the Mojave Express. Between getting The King's dog a new brain and sorting out the problems involving the Nightkin for that Super Mutant sheriff, he felt like he'd earned a rest. He headed into the Atomic Wrangler, where he currently resided, and passed out for the night- making sure to put his gear as near the bed as possible. He wasn't stupid though. His pistol- looted off Benny Gecko's exploded corpse- stayed under the other pillow, facing the other wall.

Soon enough, however, he was awakened by screaming. He rolled over, reaching for his Desert Ranger armor- only to find he was wearing it. And the area surrounding him was the green of Vault 22 or Zion, rather than the dingy gray of a bar that survived the Great War. Quickly, however, he stood up and pointed the gun skyward, seeking the source of the screaming.

...and that's terrible.
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Aww, son of a bitch
"I might be beaten, but I'll make you suffer!"

The madape's headgear clicked and whirred frantically before producing a bolt of red energy that sailed towards Inspector Fox.

"Not her!"

Sly Cooper, the last of the Cooper Clan, dove in front of the bolt's path. The projectile hit him square in the chest, knocking him into the air. Sly Cooper could have died that day. The bolt could have impacted his head and shattered his skull. It could have been faster, striking his chest and knocking him into the scafolding at great speed, slicing him in half.

But that wasn't how it went. Not in this itteration, at least.

Instead, he faded.

And he woke, slowly. The raccoon cracked open his eyes to stare at the clear blue sky. He sat up, leaning on his cane and surveying the beings that surrounded him.

A single word passed the master thief's lips. "What."

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The afterlife thing was a THOUGHT, TYM.

"I am Van Helsing, Knight of the Holy Order. What exactly is going on? The last thing I remember was fighting the Count and then-"

-he turned sharply towards the screaming and instantly his twin revolvers were drawn and pointing towards the nine-foot figure-

"What in God's name?!"

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The thing with the red gold crown.
The EOU droid face palmed. Furries, what next?

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It comes. The corrupter comes.
Don't let it touch the tower lest all reality crumble.
The Sorcerer hits the ground hard.


Surprisingly, the 9-foot tall man was still alive. But it was hard to tell with all the armor.
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"A giant, maybe," said Scorpion. "Don't shoot at it."
"What th'hell's goin' on over there?!" roared the robot, wheeling as he heard first the scream and then the frenzied order for everyone to hit the deck (which would have been quite an acrobatic feat for one as large qand as heavily armored as he.) Turning around, he promptly unleashed a volley of missiles, streaking over and around his shoulders and detonating with the force of a thunderbolt against the soft turf. This was followed up by a fusillade of small-caliber arms fire, and one or two swings of an enormous chainsaw that jutted out from his elbow. "DOWN! DOWN!" he barked in his brogue, trying to both pinpoint the exact threat and kill it in one fell swoop.
The other night I dreamt of knives, continental drift divide. Mountains sit in a line, Leonard Bernstein.
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In his office, Shotaro sits on his chair. His black hat on his desk. "Philip, that idiot..." Shotaro said, feeling a bruise on his face that Philip left. "Just what should I do?" He said, putting his hand to his face. He then saw something. He shifted his head to see what it was. It was a figure in black armor, with silver highlights. The first two things he notices were the figure's hat and scarf. He then saw the helmet. It was shaped like a... "Skull?" Shotaro asked as he saw the rider standing before him. He stood up in excitement. "Boss!?" Shotaro asked again. Skull inched closer to him. "What is it? What are you telling me to do?" Shotaro asked again. Skull walked to his desk and took off a red buckle on his waist. He then placed the buckle on a table as his armor dissipates to a man in a white tuxedo and fedora. He soon walked away, disappearing into another world. "Hey, please wait! Boss! Boss!!" Shotaro shouted as he began to follow Skull. It was no use. He then looked back and saw the buckle. "This is..." Shotaro wondered. He held the buckle in his hand.


"Please take care of my beloved city. Kamen Rider Shotaro Hidari! From your partner."

"Thank you... Phillip... I'll cherish it. I will continue to protect the city as a Kamen Rider. I hope you're watching. Okay, Phillip?"


Those were the two thoughts in Shotaro's head as he was stabbed by an electrical bullet from the Energy Dopant. He fell as the Dopant cackled. He couldn't do anything but watch the horrified reactions from his friends as he fell in an almost death-like state.

However, fate had another plan for him...


Shotaro woke up in the middle of a grassy field. "I'm dead... Ain't I?" Shotaro asked.
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"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
Masha sat up, and hunkered her legs up to herself, looking around wildly. Where was she? What happened? Was this some other part of Gensokyo she'd never been to? It didn't look like it... especially with all the strange creatures that were filling the field. The mushroom yokai scooted back, away from the nearest creature. She was frightened, that was for sure. Scared of the other creatures. But... maybe, maybe, they were friendly...

"Um... um... h-hello?" she asked.
"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."
The thing with the red gold crown.
No, the vehicle was a lie. Maybe its optic sensors were malfunctioning.

It hit the ground and began to crawl away from the madness.

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It comes. The corrupter comes.
Don't let it touch the tower lest all reality crumble.
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"Wait right here, Mr. Helsing," said Scorpion. The ninja crouched, then jumped backwards into a fiery midair circle. He came flying out of another and landed behind Masha.

"Hello," said Scorpion. "I am Hanzo Hasashi of the Shirai Ryu. The Earthrealm knows me as Scorpion. And who might you be?"

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The man with the pistol kept it trained on the fallen gentlemen in armor. "Fantastic. Power armor comes in Super Mutant now. What's next, Deathclaws with machine guns?"

When the giant robot started firing, however, he looked at the impressive volley. It made him feel inadequate with his 9-mm pistol, engraving of a religious icon or no. Still, there was danger, and a little girl in harm's way with a man in colorful clothing nearby. "You in the technicolor getup! Get the kid somewhere safe!"

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...and that's terrible.
The Sorcerer gets up, shaking his head while doing so.

"Where am I?"

Upon seeing the Wrecker go wild, Neroth instantly assumes that it was some sort of Xeno walker.


The Sorcerer focuses his power and fires doombolts at the Wrecker. The spell was successful, But he instantly fell to his knees, clutching his arm in utter shock.

"Why?! Why has my power left me?!"

The Sorcerer continues to be in shock even as the others wanted to get a better look at him.

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Sly looked around. Nobody was looking at him. They all seemed to be preoccupied with the screaming man falling from the sky. The theif faded from view and skulked around the field, getting a better look at the others. Most of them seemed to be some kind of... hairless monkey? He'd ask later. An enormous robot stood, firing wildly into the air.

Sly approached Masha, who seemed the least capable of doing him harm out of them all, and made himself visible once more. "Umm.. hi. Sorry to have to ask but, can you tell me what's going on?"
"You have more than enough potential. So tell me what is the one wish that would make your soul gem shine." -Mitt Romney, probably
"Look out!"

-Van Helsing fired several shots at the robot, turned to Scorpion and yelled-

"Get that child out of here!"

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